Thursday, June 30, 2011

latter June musings

It's not a brain malformation
It's about the hate
Encultured information
shouts, whispers, insists
to capture, ensorcel,  the growing mind
Turn hand to fist, shake explosive arms
"It's weak to be kind"

We are killing our children (and setting up bad habits for a lifetime of illness) by insisting they sit in schools for hours on end. I have often proposed (and am not alone) dance breaks between classes.
You know what I don't see in the Dutch turning the mj shops into private clubs for their own adult citizens? I don't see a problem with drugs. I see a perceived annoyance with narco-tourists (who no doubt can be obnoxious). I see a solution created by a government for their people. I say: Let's have private mj clubs in every municipality around the world. No more war.

You know what keeps people from striving to get ahead?  Complete frustration.  So they smoke some soothing plant to help them deal with an impossible situation -- and you oh so superior stand above and sneer.
Uprooted from this verdant valley of despair; uplifted to exhilaration of peak air
That God has not clearly and loudly condemned those who do dreadful deeds in His name seems to me adequate proof of His nonexistence.
I know it well overstimulation ohmygodthelightsandheavymetalrushing what could have been a thrill, the rush of being alive
a piece of quiet longing
motions set into story
captures of grace and metaphor
may every creature fly home
simplest charms, self-expressions
hold dear arms, happy notions
into formation for flinging
like merry seeds to feasting eyes
The truth will set you free ... of your political position.
You tell a tale of private familiarity simple, trivial, self-contained
Profound sincerity eternal poetry
Superb crafting Cinematic effect Camera pulls in, pulls out The story lingers
Invocation of a potent protection spell remember who you are empowered
I choke on sawdust filler trying to fool my throat into translating it with MacDonald's tv sizzle
The Almighty gave us farts so we wouldn't take ourselves too seriously.  Let go, and laugh!
Everyone says: "Medicaid and Medicare are not the problem. They are part of the bigger problem of skyrocketing health care costs. " This is, of course, true. So, what is being done or proposed to solve the actual problem?
Ron Paul is only considered "fringe" because the major media outlets insist on so labeling him. He is a libertarian, which is certainly a respectable branch of the Republican ethos. He is also highly practical, and has a definite crowd-pleasing charisma. He is certainly less "fringey" than Kucinich (whom many support). He is a great deal less "fringey" than many of the Republican "mainstream" candidates.
I am thinking we need to push for Ron Paul's candidacy -- bring the war issue to the fore.
I am thinking we need to push for Ron Paul's candidacy -- if only to obviate Bachmann's tea party creds.
I am thinking we need to push for Ron Paul's candidacy as a ballast of sanity.
People hate taxes because taxation is often unfair, coercive and annoying, but most especially it is because people are told that taxes are unfair, coercive and somehow unAmerican by people who are trying to make profit from controversy. If we wanted to be sane and figure out what programs we think our society would benefit from, realize money is not a thing of value but only a means of valuation and the real value is what beneficial outcome of these programs, we would all be better off and less annoyed.
Perhaps it would help if we stopped and thought about what it is that we as a nation want from educating our children. Now, is it really what we are doing? Most of our children (native or immigrant) are ill-educated.
The problem is not the government. It is the people who elect and "serve".
Apparently the Supremes believe they have more in common with the psychotic corporate people than we meat people.
Why not teach nutritional science both to the school kids and the admins.?
Ingenuity, not divisive anger, is what will get us where we need to go.
It's not so much that we need to raise tax percentages, as we need to raise revenue. That might better be achieved, in terms of overall value to the country, as changing attitudes toward taxation and how it is used to influence economic activity.
Where have all our freedoms gone, long time passing?
Where have all our freedoms gone, taken like tolls?
Where have all our freedoms gone, gone to lawyers every one
or is that "liars," anti-freedom pols.

This is an issue too serious and bound up in deeply felt emotion to be sorted out by legislation. We need real dialog -- not just snipes and spite and soundbites.

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