Tuesday, June 21, 2011

truthy days of June

unwinding carnival music sad evening blooms, cast out into summer wind mad tales of starlight and small births hidden by weeds a sudden sweetness lights upon my cheek cotton candy kiss

Ever crucified in service to our maker Of all the pain and indignities, the worst the shame of being unequal to the task
I would like people in general to understand that we all have differences, difficulties, bad days (weeks, months), confusions about how to behave or whom to trust or what to believe. I would like these differences to be honored as such, not condemned as disease. I would like a world in which it would be normal to discuss our perceived inadequacies as such, and address actual, practical and compassionate (for self and others) responses.
Because I am of no concern to them, they would happily casually destroy me for no reason.
My gut reaction says that it doesn't matter about the genetics.  People are as we find them.  The problem is not in possibly aggressive tendencies, but in behaviors manifested.  If we had the time and resources to adequately address every child's potential to promote the positive manifestations of their genetic dispositions, there would be no issue.  The knowledge of the tendencies might be useful in helping the child to find those positive outcomes rather than becoming a stigma.  However, our social imperatives don't seem to be in that direction.
Perhaps we constrain ourselves by our definitions of "poetry" whatever they may be for each of us, or collectively. Perhaps we would better serve the honoring of our deeper, more carefully observed, more cherished, more reflective, more emotionally evoked or thoughtfully worded communications by freeing our critique from "poetry"?
When we call "poem" expectations climb aboard Is this one of those silly word games or a test of my ability to please teacher or take teasing for being studious or wrong or rhymes herding phrases out of clarity over-ardent attempts at sincerity What if I just want to explain beyond the everyday chatter What if I want to say how and why feelings matter or work out ways to scatter bits of meaning on a page to save visions, ahas! glimpses of horror or wonder as I gaze at nature's seas and stars or the grace of deciphering commonalities that could lead to human conviviality
It's not about whether we rhyme or not, per se, but how well we use that tool.  It is practically fingernails on the chalkboard for me (and many) when we see/hear the torture of language to complete a rhyme.
For the most part people seem to have kids for reasons that ought to be examined. If we could really look at family planning as more psychological than merely physical, and have a trend toward making rationale decisions in this regard, I think population pressures could be usefully addressed without restrictive legislation or violence.
Of course reality, the universe, or any aspect of the whole, is not dual. It is complex. If we try to analyze or simplify the complexity, taking it to a system of dualism does not do that, but merely distorts our ability to reason.
Perhaps here at the start of the 21st century we are striving past post-modern into a pre-futuristic sensibility?
When the Republicans of 2010 promised to laser focus on jobs, they neglected to tell us that focus would be on destroying the jobs they could (those of government workers), not creating more.

If we go with the free marketers, it will work itself out as fewer resources lead to fewer people to use resources -- or brilliant entrepreneurs creating resource expanding businesses. If you go with the Revelationists we will face Judgment of Armageddon and have it all sorted out by God. Personally, I like the idea of promoting enlightened self-interest and cooperative ventures to bring sanity into the human world.

The problem is that for the wealthy it is a game, while for the rest of us it is real life. Perhaps we need a different currency for investment than that used for everyday commodities.

The wages of hate is waste (and then hunger)

Eureka! It all makes sense. No abortion or birth control or gayness so we build the population pressure as quickly as possible. No serious controls on pollutants or nuclear reactors or fossil fuel output (in fact let's dig up whatever fossil fuels are left as quickly as we can -- don't worry about the consequences) because --
We are heading for Armageddon
When we will no longer live on the dirt
Sentenced to Hell or Heaven
for Eternity -- can't be any worse
than how we've mucked up
God's Green Earth!!!
It occurs to me that with the kneejerk anti-Obama no matter what he says it's wrong attitude so prevalent among the apparent ruling legislators and constituents, our President's best course to improve our governing would be to propose programs and legislation at complete opposition to what he actually believes will work.

You know, since back in the 1600s and flowing forward, people have been going to another country to find freedom of and/or from religion. We call ourselves Americans.

People don't seem to want to understand that freedom requires responsibility.

It still amazes me when people are shocked, shocked that there are politicians in government.

In a world where symbology outweighs reality, compromise can come in word choice.

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