Saturday, June 22, 2013

Super Moon of 13's June

Silver bracelet of Moonlight
shines in night's prism of serene
casting breath, luminescent desire
emboldened in reflection.
Blush peek of coyly veiled Moon
in seafoam giant arms.
Striated cloud forms velvet meadow.
Majestic fields cloak the sky.
Shine, Moon.
Don't be shy.
Bathe my dreams in wishes.
exploratory vistas.
Through orange Summer Moon
dream leaf glides idyllic wind
reinventing light.
The many faces of the Moon
reflecting starlight in her many moods
Entrance the sky
My mortal eyes want to believe
adventures of myth and mind
Tell me, hoary elders,
rejuvenated for your fling
in sacred moonlight
Dancing from your castles
to mystic mountain
legendary glades
Tell me why I should believe
in magic, in codes and
spells and sacrifice
Is the wisdom of the wise
so constrained?
My species may be blind to
true eternity
but we mutate,
find and define
new ways to see
Belief is far too limiting
for me
Dear Sister Moon, separate entity
from birth, entwined
still with Mother Earth
Patterns re-cycling reveal
what we regard to be real
is but reflection
Face to face to face, fluid
to change
accept my prayer, o Luna fair
accept my sins as payment
you know I only live to serve
I offer up my truest worth
my humble feet still scraping dirt
but luxurious my raiment
as I dance and strum my mandolin
laugh and shimmy again and again
work up my mojo limb by limb
it's all for your entertainment
to laugh and howl by the light of the Moon
break the chain to sunlight's ruin
of madness fine, my holy boon
as fine as Luna's hair, as stark as Luna's stare;
beatifically embrace entrainment
a’swirl as gleaming moonbeams
overwhelm the air
Ritual gives form to meaning
(every wiseman's son doth know).
Every act from which we're gleaning,
Every sack that we must sow
Gives rise to tides that make us wise;
Gives humor chance for binding wounds.
Does good these ancient weary eyes
To dance abandoned round the moon.
Scrying on the Moon
~twilight of the goddess, call to song to aery dancing, lady fair your fiery trance rewinds our souls; enjoy these offerings of fancy: all art is yours ~
By sibylline light
images I recognize,
creviced captures of my life.
I know her judgment to be my own.
"Nourished by Moon rivers
mythical cavern blooms
unseen by sunlight
glow green." 
Thus she sets the scene;
becomes the prophecy.
"Purest white simplicity
curved to suggest fragility
faith fed maiden ready for
given in bondage to womanly woes,
hard rows to hoe
for that human hug through 
crying of night.
Fate of mortal soldiers, sacrificed to lust.
Seeking relief, beg for the boon of drama
high adventure
sneaking into sad hotels
for a fix or a tumble.
deadly play,
danger, a real chance.
Barefoot in the snow
icy roads
winds so strong
I could not make you hear.
I thought you were my destiny.
Crazy thoughts, far from clear;
but I believed
song lyrics from Saturnine deities
would not lie, leave me
dying, fading into winter's grey
drifting clouds,
endless sorrow endured for naught.
Lost on this careless corner,
dreaming of oblivion, intent on visions
like rain
tapping against eternity's
vast windowpane.
Scenic serenity.
Nature's gradations of green
soothe tired eyes,
trembling nerves, throbbing  veins.
Slivers of moonlight reflect
in withered refrains, unearth secrets
embedded in song
effervescing through cool pure air
cleansing the uprising nestling
set aflame
tempered mettle,
pure, wise, tested
engorged with the will

to rise"

Thursday, June 20, 2013


Enter Dancing
That liminal space
Between my body and vibrant air
Creates a dance.
There is fluid form
There is salvation,
Thunder from the heavens,
Tears and lightening,
A host, a feast, a conflagration.
There is laughter.
The dance takes me up
In motherly embrace,
Holds me softly,
Listens closely,
Lifts out all my sorrow,
Lets me fly.
Summer Again
movin' into summer
wind into cloud formation
drifting into deep emotion
sun rise
blossoming into a
rhythmic peak
sending out, sending out, sending out
reflecting in summer sky
I need to tell a tale
of fantasy and languid
leaning into tall grass,
fruited trees, lustrous leaves,
brilliant sunshine warm
melting lilting drifts of reverie
the tale unwinds in brightly
colored ribbons
careens through gypsy comedies
of sinuous, dappled romance
bathed in silken perfumes
sweet and scandalous
deigning to smile
happy laughter bubbles out
bursts into raucous music
bouncing summer eve
a’glisten in firefly light
tell a rollicking tale,
we demand of the piper
we have paid all the long
seasons of darkness
it is time to reap an early harvest,
carousing dusk to dawn
June 21, 2006
Joy to the Season
The Moon is adrift in the wind above
our sheltering craft in the sea
and all the world of Summer is ours
to ride the fire, toast to the stars
sway with warm desire, open our hearts
create a Summer of Love
Celebration waves the streets, with drums,
lucid bells, a call to play
Carnival cheer brings heat to flame
Chants blend to sing with drinks and games
Grand gestures expand, to applaud such a day
fueled by smiling Sun
June 2011
Welcome to Summer
Dream-laced lunar light
Infuse our summer days
With magic and romance
A’glee in joyous play
Enraptured in the dance
Where fantasy takes flight
Above the rule-bound maze
To wild impassioned life
            Wild and windblown flowers blooming
            Scent enlivens sense to peak
            Warm, warm breeze and rivers flowing
            Endless days of running free
            Let summer magick build and steam,
            simmer into thrills supreme
        A season of playful reformation
        So play on ...
Of course you come to listen.
My tales tell your secrets,
scryed from vivid ancient crystal
You must remember
Spring day walking
along a rocky roadside,
sandy hair, gritty eyes
in silent reverie.
Song singing hallelujahs,
brilliant paranoias.
Sprinting across,
small images.
Listless children wonder:
"Why does no one let us play?"
A world of sullen children
overdue for naps and coddling.
It can't be a secret
if nobody's listening.
Blueberry jam at teatime.
Places in your mind
will answer.
Midsummer Evening
Float of cool jazz
Pop of sparkling wine
My own little garden party
'midst the blossoms of my mind.
Back from the rabbit hole.
Back from New York City, Boston,
Detroit, LA ...
from every day uploading another
Finding time to play, haunted
by lazy memories
exhorting starlight.
Midsummer twilight,
fairytales brought back from sleep.
No longer keeper of my brethren's terrors,
I don mischievous costume,
step out as power, glory,
love gently, like a summer evening's rain
lays boon to countryside,
dandelions and clover.
Generous prophets whisper
bounty of cyclical stories,
delectable, potent, wise
in the ways of demons,
oracles, gypsy Queens.
Escape, they say, into sacred muse-ways.
Every day a new day
stands ground against a grind
ever more distant.
Inciting sound, opening vistas
City Summer
Let the games begin.
Let the long luxurious summer days begin.
Let us harken back to when
Our schooldays' end
Would send our thoughts adrift through 
    dazzling fields
    of daisies and daffodils;
    sandlot games & swimming holes and
    endless flights for fantasy's fulfillment.
And let us not forget the nights,
The hot & sticky summer city nights
That send us to the streets in colorful array
    like firefly lights
Joking & drinking and starting sudden fights
'Til the thunder rumbles through and blessed
cooling rain relieves hot-headed strife.
As the heat-soaked summer skies once more descend,
Let us drift down sleepy sun-drenched streams
till summer ends . . . .
The Longest Day
Earth of sea and land and air
Lit into opportunistic life
by her mother star
Energy for you and me to
burst into bloom
flit fly in
busy devious thievery
cacophonous ramble.
Surging through veils,
storms breathe ice, sand,
the fire of prophecy,
the flood of melting.
Glacial migration
bequeaths rage, rampage,
rapacious gratuities
boiling beneath.
It's not winter here, nuclear quiet,
all's right for the longest of nights.
Not yet.
The eternal balance:
rocks, stars, dark
inconsistencies with
metaphors of the righteous,
long ceased bowing to scriptures.
Tomorrow, the Sun will rise.
The Earth will revolve.
Life will adjust, compromise.
After the workday, we celebrate
potent evening light.
You can have your equinoxes,
or cross-quarters’ fetes.
Lead me with Solsti, delineation of extremes.
Sun to Earth,
charged Cardinal points, sturdy in stubborn worth.
Symbolic enchaining
rock to sea.
Kinetic energy
defining space in relation to time.
Ecstatic Saturn
and brother Moon, sublime,
secreted in esoteric lore,
heroic stories,
everyday glories,
exotic songs
evoking prescient memories.
I dream a shining fountain of fame
upon a sparkling hill.
If wisdom can save us from
the illness of slavedom,
so bend the common will.
Winter Solstice
The darkness descends.
As we cry out for warmth and light
Our voices turn to spirit-imbued song
Our frantic movements against the cold
turn to ecstatic dancing.
We take comfort from each other's warmth
and celebrate the life within
struggling to survive.
'Tis the season to relearn the magic
As we share our heavy burdens
of fear and despair.
Joining hands, dancing 'round the fire,
we raise our sight to the sky
and each day,
the days get lighter.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Timothy McVeigh Is Still Dead

Timothy McVeigh Is Still Dead
It's morning in America
The morning of June 11, 2001
A warm and beautiful Spring day
And in Terre Haute, Indiana -- a little after 7:00 am
--Timothy McVeigh is dead.
What more is there to say?
We all know the score:
Murder: 169, Mercy: 0
The antihero "bloody, but unbowed"
Silenced, but still proud
Ashes to scattered ashes

Death to death.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Dark Moon

Astronomy Lesson
Darkening into heavier impression,
molten heat compresses.
Density increases toward
event horizon.
on the apocalyptic battlefield.
Inside the box
are we dying
or transforming?
Starlight peeks in.
Do we suckle cosmic energy,
grow strong and wise?
Or demand incineration?
Phoenix or dove, or cawing raven
beating mortal wings
against the emerging stars.
June 8, 2006
Dark Moon
So pretty the crescent moon
fading into dark.
Quiet of night
merges with memory.
I can not face,
can not see.
Soul tired, beyond aching bones,
beyond any place called home.
Not a child of misery,
no one to blame, none to profit.
Flying after fantasy,
treetop to treetop,
laughing at clouds
in their droll
picture play.
It takes a toll, years in.
Naysayers chant "We reject
you, not of the body."
Inject powerful medications
to prove their point,
their divinity.
Bliss-filled moments
carry me hither and yon
upon some apocalyptic
Far short of any paradise, I surrender.
Soul tired, yearning for the Moon.
June 8, 2008
astral vision
Mystery mists of history, holy crescent lighted sky.
Calm anticipation early pinks ascendant from eerie violets.
Thunderous Jupiter twinkles like a happy kitten;
tummy extends for adoration.
Omens, prophecy, hope for endless happy returns,
quests into/out of space/mind
(without gravity, how can we fall ... or love?)
Aching for stars, planets, eternity.
Silent assent that means all is promised.
I touch a cosmic peak,
breathless at such altitude.

June 8, 2010

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Celebrate Laziness

Celebrate Laziness!
Mentor of Invention
this benevolent first cousin to Peace
Proclaim, reclaim, claim
such lovely virtue
calmly, with gentle humor,
in your own good time.

[I’m filled with evangelical glee ~]

Saturday, June 1, 2013


Pink Pancake Place
A shanty of a place
surprise upon a side city street
painted sweet pink
serving pancakes steeped in sticky syrup
fruits, nuts, chocolate chunks
create your own ambrosia
June, a sweet, gangly girl named
June, in the bright, breezy month named
June -- sharing secret bliss

taste of Sun-kissed cloud and honey