Friday, June 10, 2011

eclipsed conversation

If we are all going to live in a fantasy, why not one in which we are all wealthy and kind? You know, dream the change we want to see ...
I think we do a disservice to the human spirit if we consider greed some kind of personal evil or meanness. It is rather a rational even when unconscious resonance with a societal philosophy of materialism and hierarchy. It is not even greed as we tend to view it, but a general rapaciousness, a reaction to desires that are not reflected upon or understood that just demands with existential ache. If the best we can achieve is material success, and the more we can acquire the better we have shown ourselves to be, it would be foolish to not aspire to greed. When we can become convinced that our best efforts can aspire to more powerful, deeply meaningful, goals, greed will not longer be an issue.
The glass is exactly as full as it is.  It is we who are dissatisfied.
Stop depending on (or wasting energy complaining about) government and entrenched interests. Workers (or those who want to work) get together and form cooperative ventures to address local needs and desires.
Every wave of immigrants to the US gets castigated, put down as dirty evil job stealers. (Well, maybe except for that first wave back in the creation of the colonies where the immigrants did attempt to annihilate the natives -- maybe that's why we have this deep psychological fear of immigrants?)
Terrorists by definition commit acts of terror. The point is to make terrorism condemned and rare by making mutual respect the norm.
soft, wet eating sounds
mastication, assimilation
Modern Israel was not given to the Jews by God, but by the post-WWII Western Allies, who were the colonial overlords of those lands.  I guess they figured heathens were heathens, and gave no concern to the people already living there for generations.  In any case, the Israelis, Palestinians, and generally the working class and poor of the world, are victims of that emperial arrogance.
I say do away with knives.  They are so lethal.  People cut up vegetables and get serious lacerations when they are not careful.  And what about the children?  They can so easily poke out their eyes.
Heaven on a cloud of jazz sweeping syncopation endearing melody of sweet, sweet love that embraces, passionately turns out into twirling intoxication well past limits of inebriation pure sound all around lifting and blessing, gently caressing, carried above that mess on the ground If Heaven could be my home or barroom of my own devising at peace in low light on a strong wooden floor dancing at one with the souls I adore while a band of the grandest of jazz troubadours plays on
People act like children are some kind of subspecies or preparatory phase.  Children are living their lives, right now, every minute -- not waiting until they grow up.  The point of growing up is to learn how to live successfully within the given environment (our world), not to be pets or otherwise accessories.  Families are meant to be supportive structures within which to grow, to learn how to interact and relate with others.
People hate their children for not meeting (perhaps unconscious) expectations. Isn't it about time we spread the word that children are individual human beings, not symbolic images or second chances or even work product to show off parental value. Children are people with whom we can enjoy deep and meaningful relationship, if we so choose.
Lost because it fulfills
inner prophecy
professed by confluence of interface
negating necessities of

If these wealthy patriots want to be taxed, why are they not forming nonprofit ventures that hire the currently unemployed to do the work to improve poorer communities?
Two wings flying in opp. directions is not going to get you anywhere good.
The problem is not government, nor really politics. It is lack of public will, initiative, and respect for the individual, those lofty ideals we say this country is all about. People seem to find it so much more fulfilling and entertaining to snipe and wage buffoon battle, crying about "the government does too much" "the government doesn't take care of me like they promised" "the government spends too much of my money" "the government gives in to special interests" when the government is merely a fiction of our devising. To we who want government out of our lives: let's solve the problems on the micro level, in our neighborhoods, so we don't need or invite outside interference. To we who want the benefits of a sound societal structure within which to do our jobs: voting is only the beginning of social involvement, not the pinnacle. Expand understanding of our jobs to include our responsibilities to keeping the social structure sound and adaptable.
Of course we must use all these carcinogenic products (not to mention the passive pollution); otherwise how do we maintain and grow our healthcare crisis?
It is ever amazing how those who claim to live by faith insist on corralling and superseding God.
It disturbs me that we have become a society in which locking 'em up is the kneejerk response to any who dare to act differently from our expectations.
Human decency, it is well proven in everyday life, cannot be enforced or created by religion. If humans are decent, it is their own damned fault.
O' won't you
come with me
to a place down by the sea
where we could ride between the surf
and sand
How lovely it would be
snug up by the sea
if we could merge into another land
where what we were resembled
what we planned
every moment underneath
the sky
by twinkling eyes
There is no way to save ourselves out of debt. However, a booming economy would create the necessary wealth to bring us to the other side. The problem, though, isn't so much creating jobs as educating the workforce. We put so much into college, when that isn't usually the best method of educating most of the people for the work they would do. Basically, we can have low or no debt and a well-paid, industrious workforce only by energizing a different paradigm based on sensible realism.
Anyone remember the early 90's Clinton campaign mantra: "It's the economy, stupid!" And how did we go from bust to boom back then?
Sleepiness causes a great many more accidents than drunkenness -- and nobody seems to know or care.
Silly people, destroying ourselves over self-deluding fictions while the real problems get ignored.
What is with the Christian taliban taking over the US?

between the eclipses of 11's June

with necessities of success
lost, adrift in prophecy
A confluence of ripples
scoops up objects of prophetic reclamation
(seen smaller in the glass-eye of science)
readies to set off more forceful expression
Elemental reaction
Metamagick metamorphoses
any body's guess
Smooth glide out of cavernous hiding
into buoyant seas
Gala release to navigate (no hesitation) past history's
sunken shore
-- to explore, forward
-- captivated, not captured
Fleet from soul to feet, swim enraptured
immersed in the only delightfully lighted path
Form flows with function
at last, riding unprismed waves
gracefully, recreated
as dance
June 12, 2011

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