Saturday, June 4, 2011

Decrim Reason

A voluntary collaborative project
in which no one gets paid
in intangibles like money
Decrim Reason
It's not like the docs 'n' pharms
who decree symptoms
like daily newspaper horoscopes
to insist you NEED --
more than food or friends or life itself
(look at the fine print where death is
a minor possible side effect) --
their potions, pills, remedies
that only promise relief
while unleashing vast armies
intent on destroying
in unanticipated sorties.
No, not like legal dependence,
when all the right people
with license, degrees that buy
belief -- but of course, your say is paramount;
how could I ever doubt. 
You've assured me that my mind lies --
undermining natural order defense and supply.
Reason demands responsible choice,
to not let the preachers drown out your own voice.
Reason demands self-education, alert valuation,
an end to the crying shame.

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