Thursday, July 14, 2011

July in truth

I love that time when dream and real merge for a hazy conversation.  I get many ideas for writing from out of dreams and near dreams.  Even if the idea is loose or "far-fetched" it is a jumping off point for getting into the swim where it can be manipulated into fully formed imagery.
What sweetly dangling words to break my fast What deeply caressed hope to meet my eyes Awake, seeking, scanning upon chance and Behold! Such happy surprise!
oh so voluptuous
this gorgeous rendering
I bow beneath such radiance
and kiss the Earth
Poetry is about meaning and wonder
Poetry can say:  "Yes, we feel the same"
and "Yes, we can go further, together."
It's not the rhyme or word or name
that creates this form we ponder
to say what we've seen, how we came
to be who we are, how another's
ways of making sense have made us
more ...
knives, bombs, banana peel pies -- as each arena signifies
People don't seem to even take into consideration that much alcohol/other drug "addictive" use is self-medication for pain (physical and emotional), fear, and social abuse that one needs to distance oneself from.
the American way. Here we teach total irresponsibility until total responsibility and wonder why things get so screwed up.
failure is only an option in bilateral thought -- otherwise, there are only varieties of success
World religions, like any large unwieldy group splintered into factions with differing interpretations of their cause or core beliefs, are kind of strange meme syndromes, projections of everyone seeking salvation in all the wrong places.
Cooperation makes better products. Enlightened self-interest makes better people. Competition, though, can make for better pricing.
Honesty is about more than raw truthfulness. Perhaps it is ultimately about impeccable authenticity.
Nothing buys happiness. It's not for sale.
"Gayness" is not a disease or illness to be cured. What might need some medicating is our general attitudes about sex. Sex is not evil, sinful, bad, or deviant. It is a simple biological necessity. When we accept ourselves as biological entities we might be better able to accept our sexualities and act accordingly.
why include inert (as far as protection) harmful chemistry in the vaccines and suppose they do no harm (even if "autism" isn't that harm)?
People seem to think that exercise is a specific set of activities for which they have no time. Walking, dancing (even by oneself in front of the mirror or not for a few moments here and there), stretching oh so luxuriously for a moment now and then -- these are healthy exercise that anyone can do anywhere, any time.

Far from "socialism" the bailout was promoted by uber-capitalists in charge of many members of Congress and cronies of the neocons in power at the time. The fear of armageddon was thrown into us so that very few in government or out could muster opposition. As to "success," that would depend on how we are defining that word.
If the concern was really financial stability, it would have been far better to buy out the mortgage debt and give the administration of getting houses and owners together to a responsible agency. Then, encourage monied interests to invest in worthwhile businesses through special considerations as determined through negotiation. In other words, invest taxpayer money responsibly.
If they are TRUE reps they vote for what the people want because they want the people to think well of them, vote for them, get out the vote for them. If they are true reps of the monied classes that pay for their elections, then it is up to the people to become more relevant, or more educated, and more organized.
I blame the education "system" wherein useful information is not conveyed.
We may well need airport security, but in a completely different concept. Get rid of the screeners and molesters. Train people to observe behaviors and check out those who seem suspicious with polite conversation. There is no way the system we have now can find any threat, and instead it alienates the traveling public who should be each an agent of observance just because it is what people do. For actual security on the plane, it would be ever so much more effective to have actual trained security on each flight as part of the crew.
Riding the gentle glide, the whirling wind
Inside this grave bubble of in and out
Surrounded by gift and giving
Essential to we, the living

Obviously Libyan rebels are good, socially aware and active folk, deserving of all the aid and reinforcement we could offer them instead of deadly "support".
While it is the job of the President to take into account all the varied interests within the nation, it is very much the job of the activist to promote their cause as THE cause.
Come on, this wasn't the work of one man. We have all contributed to this change. Want better change? Really: Be the change YOU want to live.
I'd say Kansans who don't want to live under the control of Christian taliban really need to organize and throw the bums out.
Is that what the anti-Planned Parenthood campaign is about (not to mention the hideous "drug war"), feeding big pharm?
It was my understanding that when a woman suffers a miscarriage the civilized thing to do is offer condolences and any practical aid during their time of grief.
It seems reasonable that people who would base their creeds on indisputable documents of forefatherly lore would fail to understand cultural relativism over time.
This is an issue people from the left and right can come together on. If we don't demand the freedoms we expect as Americans, how are we to continue to expect them?
These pols who insist they are laser-focused on jobs seem to only cut the jobs they have direct control over. Everyone complaining and blaming could be using that energy to come up with effective non-partisan solutions; but what fun is that?
Unfortunately for the American people, this kind of obvious game-playing is devaluing the actual good ideas and important principles of the Republican viewpoint
If anyone in DC were serious about deficit reduction, debt payment, they would insist that funding for alternative energy research, start-ups and education be in the mix.
We have had debt. We have paid debt. We have incurred debt that needs to be paid. Yes, we do need to look at what government spending is and make it more in line with what outcomes we actually want. These are separate issues.
Posturing indeed. These jerks in DC, rather then do the work they are outrageously paid for, insist on raging dramatics (what? to make themselves seem relevant?)
Social Security is not causing any part of our economic problems, and is in fact ameliorating many of them.
Of course the real fix on the revenue end would be to totally revise the tax code to a streamlined, clear, concise, user friendly set of instructions for giving our social structure its cut. Not a job that can be done in under a month, though.
If people want services they can get together and charge each member of the community to create a pool from which to pay contractors to provide said services. Wait a minute: we already do that -- we call it taxes.

Many ordinary women do the practical work of budgeting for families, and learn to keep the creditors paid and the kids fed, clothed and otherwise provided for.
There is a derogatory term for people who don't pay their debts -- I think it might soon be replaced by "republican".
The idea that no regulation or no government can be useful to the social good, especially when promulgated by those on the public trough as government representatives, is a prime obstruction to actually doing the work to make government and regulation work for us.
an excellent method of stopping bad behavior is to call it out loudly and cause the bad actor to be publicly scathed -- this then is a warning against future bad behavior, that it will not be ignored
Regulation is, when done right, the forewarning to those who are in the public arena that the public is watching.
To that end, regulation is best made very clear, concise, sensible and limited to areas of actual public concern.
Prices, obviously in this case, are not based on the cost to the companies. They are based on what people will pay. Take away the oil subsidies; spend some of the savings on tax breaks for start-up alt energy companies and research. The competition will bring down the prices. There is no need to pay the oil companies twice.
Oh, right, the country is in economic crisis so of course what we need from Congress is that they waste our time and resources on a dog and pony show. I guess if you can't give the people bread, give 'em a circus.
This whole debt/deficit thing is all smoke and mirrors. Next boom and with even the slightest sensible management we're back. With all the world changes -- physical, political, every which way, the markets and new technologies are ready to rock and roll. It is only idiocy or old power desperately striving to hang on that gives rise to this whole "share the pain" mantra, when instead we ought to be reaping the benefit.
The only sacrifice to be shared is a manufactured fabrication of the media fog. Rather, it is an abundance of possibility for shared success that we could be working toward, if only we would.
I, and many others, keep saying: There is no way to save ourselves out of the deficit/debt. The only way out is up. Big new industries with excitement and job growth are on their way every day. The route is not shared pain, but shared endeavor. We need to be educated and open to the new.
If you want an alcoholic to stop drinking, they need a better obsession. If a strongly organized section of humanity is hell bent on self-destruction, perhaps they need a better method that doesn't force everyone else down with them.
science writers like to jump on theories -- we do well to remember our profound ignorance
 lumping people into a heap and saying they have no convictions (while you, oh so convicted, stand above) is not fair, honest, or helpful.
Freedom of Speech is not freedom of bad taste
Freedom requires responsibility
Better to serve the sacred cow than the golden goose.
Because Willie Nelson is so obviously a dangerous criminal without redeeming social value?
They wouldn't have put all that effort in without purpose. I believe the original purpose was to keep jobs for all those folks who had worked in alcohol prohibition. Then, there was the old (and still prevalent) "kill the Mexicans" sentiment -- needed reason to round up the undesirables of any kind like jazz musicians ("not good musicians") and unruly young folk. Oh, and then Nixon wanted to be strong on crime and worked on the theory that crime was caused by drugs (when in fact, without prohibition prices, addicts could have easily afforded their drugs and been able to work jobs to do so). So, plans and purposes -- both political.
Is there a community garden near you, or a vacant space that could become one?

Prison time ought to be confined to those who have acted violently or who are flight risks during investigation. It ought to, for those who are confined to protect others from their uncontrolled violence, be a place where rehabilitative programs flourish. Nonviolent crimes deserve payment as actual payment -- whether cash, service, a combination, or some other method of extraction.
I must be living in a fantasy world where businesses are actually required to perform their services well, or face total lack of public support. Or maybe this is the fantasy world where businesses become our greedy robot overlords, squeezing out our blood and guts and leaving the excrement for our sustenance.
Those magical entrepreneurs of the market's potent hand really need to get cracking on instant water.
August month of lion and maiden
cast fiery pure as heat dries lust
for action
yet in summery dreams redemption
shimmers, force carried forward
May gusto of august dreams
inspire trust
for harvests heavy laden
Under the shadow
Happy homecoming dancing
Free toe to smile
for just this capture
I wait for you.

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