Thursday, June 30, 2011

latter June musings

It's not a brain malformation
It's about the hate
Encultured information
shouts, whispers, insists
to capture, ensorcel,  the growing mind
Turn hand to fist, shake explosive arms
"It's weak to be kind"

We are killing our children (and setting up bad habits for a lifetime of illness) by insisting they sit in schools for hours on end. I have often proposed (and am not alone) dance breaks between classes.
You know what I don't see in the Dutch turning the mj shops into private clubs for their own adult citizens? I don't see a problem with drugs. I see a perceived annoyance with narco-tourists (who no doubt can be obnoxious). I see a solution created by a government for their people. I say: Let's have private mj clubs in every municipality around the world. No more war.

You know what keeps people from striving to get ahead?  Complete frustration.  So they smoke some soothing plant to help them deal with an impossible situation -- and you oh so superior stand above and sneer.
Uprooted from this verdant valley of despair; uplifted to exhilaration of peak air
That God has not clearly and loudly condemned those who do dreadful deeds in His name seems to me adequate proof of His nonexistence.
I know it well overstimulation ohmygodthelightsandheavymetalrushing what could have been a thrill, the rush of being alive
a piece of quiet longing
motions set into story
captures of grace and metaphor
may every creature fly home
simplest charms, self-expressions
hold dear arms, happy notions
into formation for flinging
like merry seeds to feasting eyes
The truth will set you free ... of your political position.
You tell a tale of private familiarity simple, trivial, self-contained
Profound sincerity eternal poetry
Superb crafting Cinematic effect Camera pulls in, pulls out The story lingers
Invocation of a potent protection spell remember who you are empowered
I choke on sawdust filler trying to fool my throat into translating it with MacDonald's tv sizzle
The Almighty gave us farts so we wouldn't take ourselves too seriously.  Let go, and laugh!
Everyone says: "Medicaid and Medicare are not the problem. They are part of the bigger problem of skyrocketing health care costs. " This is, of course, true. So, what is being done or proposed to solve the actual problem?
Ron Paul is only considered "fringe" because the major media outlets insist on so labeling him. He is a libertarian, which is certainly a respectable branch of the Republican ethos. He is also highly practical, and has a definite crowd-pleasing charisma. He is certainly less "fringey" than Kucinich (whom many support). He is a great deal less "fringey" than many of the Republican "mainstream" candidates.
I am thinking we need to push for Ron Paul's candidacy -- bring the war issue to the fore.
I am thinking we need to push for Ron Paul's candidacy -- if only to obviate Bachmann's tea party creds.
I am thinking we need to push for Ron Paul's candidacy as a ballast of sanity.
People hate taxes because taxation is often unfair, coercive and annoying, but most especially it is because people are told that taxes are unfair, coercive and somehow unAmerican by people who are trying to make profit from controversy. If we wanted to be sane and figure out what programs we think our society would benefit from, realize money is not a thing of value but only a means of valuation and the real value is what beneficial outcome of these programs, we would all be better off and less annoyed.
Perhaps it would help if we stopped and thought about what it is that we as a nation want from educating our children. Now, is it really what we are doing? Most of our children (native or immigrant) are ill-educated.
The problem is not the government. It is the people who elect and "serve".
Apparently the Supremes believe they have more in common with the psychotic corporate people than we meat people.
Why not teach nutritional science both to the school kids and the admins.?
Ingenuity, not divisive anger, is what will get us where we need to go.
It's not so much that we need to raise tax percentages, as we need to raise revenue. That might better be achieved, in terms of overall value to the country, as changing attitudes toward taxation and how it is used to influence economic activity.
Where have all our freedoms gone, long time passing?
Where have all our freedoms gone, taken like tolls?
Where have all our freedoms gone, gone to lawyers every one
or is that "liars," anti-freedom pols.

This is an issue too serious and bound up in deeply felt emotion to be sorted out by legislation. We need real dialog -- not just snipes and spite and soundbites.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Joy to the Season

The Moon is adrift in the wind above
our sheltering craft in the sea
and all the world of Summer is ours
to ride the heat, toast to the stars
dance a languid beat, open our hearts
create a Summer of Love
Celebrate waves in the streets, with drums,
lucid bells call folk to play
Carnival cheer returns heat to fire
Chants blend to song, burning desire
into a chance to expand ever higher
fueled by smiling Sun
June 2011

truthy days of June

unwinding carnival music sad evening blooms, cast out into summer wind mad tales of starlight and small births hidden by weeds a sudden sweetness lights upon my cheek cotton candy kiss

Ever crucified in service to our maker Of all the pain and indignities, the worst the shame of being unequal to the task
I would like people in general to understand that we all have differences, difficulties, bad days (weeks, months), confusions about how to behave or whom to trust or what to believe. I would like these differences to be honored as such, not condemned as disease. I would like a world in which it would be normal to discuss our perceived inadequacies as such, and address actual, practical and compassionate (for self and others) responses.
Because I am of no concern to them, they would happily casually destroy me for no reason.
My gut reaction says that it doesn't matter about the genetics.  People are as we find them.  The problem is not in possibly aggressive tendencies, but in behaviors manifested.  If we had the time and resources to adequately address every child's potential to promote the positive manifestations of their genetic dispositions, there would be no issue.  The knowledge of the tendencies might be useful in helping the child to find those positive outcomes rather than becoming a stigma.  However, our social imperatives don't seem to be in that direction.
Perhaps we constrain ourselves by our definitions of "poetry" whatever they may be for each of us, or collectively. Perhaps we would better serve the honoring of our deeper, more carefully observed, more cherished, more reflective, more emotionally evoked or thoughtfully worded communications by freeing our critique from "poetry"?
When we call "poem" expectations climb aboard Is this one of those silly word games or a test of my ability to please teacher or take teasing for being studious or wrong or rhymes herding phrases out of clarity over-ardent attempts at sincerity What if I just want to explain beyond the everyday chatter What if I want to say how and why feelings matter or work out ways to scatter bits of meaning on a page to save visions, ahas! glimpses of horror or wonder as I gaze at nature's seas and stars or the grace of deciphering commonalities that could lead to human conviviality
It's not about whether we rhyme or not, per se, but how well we use that tool.  It is practically fingernails on the chalkboard for me (and many) when we see/hear the torture of language to complete a rhyme.
For the most part people seem to have kids for reasons that ought to be examined. If we could really look at family planning as more psychological than merely physical, and have a trend toward making rationale decisions in this regard, I think population pressures could be usefully addressed without restrictive legislation or violence.
Of course reality, the universe, or any aspect of the whole, is not dual. It is complex. If we try to analyze or simplify the complexity, taking it to a system of dualism does not do that, but merely distorts our ability to reason.
Perhaps here at the start of the 21st century we are striving past post-modern into a pre-futuristic sensibility?
When the Republicans of 2010 promised to laser focus on jobs, they neglected to tell us that focus would be on destroying the jobs they could (those of government workers), not creating more.

If we go with the free marketers, it will work itself out as fewer resources lead to fewer people to use resources -- or brilliant entrepreneurs creating resource expanding businesses. If you go with the Revelationists we will face Judgment of Armageddon and have it all sorted out by God. Personally, I like the idea of promoting enlightened self-interest and cooperative ventures to bring sanity into the human world.

The problem is that for the wealthy it is a game, while for the rest of us it is real life. Perhaps we need a different currency for investment than that used for everyday commodities.

The wages of hate is waste (and then hunger)

Eureka! It all makes sense. No abortion or birth control or gayness so we build the population pressure as quickly as possible. No serious controls on pollutants or nuclear reactors or fossil fuel output (in fact let's dig up whatever fossil fuels are left as quickly as we can -- don't worry about the consequences) because --
We are heading for Armageddon
When we will no longer live on the dirt
Sentenced to Hell or Heaven
for Eternity -- can't be any worse
than how we've mucked up
God's Green Earth!!!
It occurs to me that with the kneejerk anti-Obama no matter what he says it's wrong attitude so prevalent among the apparent ruling legislators and constituents, our President's best course to improve our governing would be to propose programs and legislation at complete opposition to what he actually believes will work.

You know, since back in the 1600s and flowing forward, people have been going to another country to find freedom of and/or from religion. We call ourselves Americans.

People don't seem to want to understand that freedom requires responsibility.

It still amazes me when people are shocked, shocked that there are politicians in government.

In a world where symbology outweighs reality, compromise can come in word choice.

Friday, June 10, 2011

eclipsed conversation

If we are all going to live in a fantasy, why not one in which we are all wealthy and kind? You know, dream the change we want to see ...
I think we do a disservice to the human spirit if we consider greed some kind of personal evil or meanness. It is rather a rational even when unconscious resonance with a societal philosophy of materialism and hierarchy. It is not even greed as we tend to view it, but a general rapaciousness, a reaction to desires that are not reflected upon or understood that just demands with existential ache. If the best we can achieve is material success, and the more we can acquire the better we have shown ourselves to be, it would be foolish to not aspire to greed. When we can become convinced that our best efforts can aspire to more powerful, deeply meaningful, goals, greed will not longer be an issue.
The glass is exactly as full as it is.  It is we who are dissatisfied.
Stop depending on (or wasting energy complaining about) government and entrenched interests. Workers (or those who want to work) get together and form cooperative ventures to address local needs and desires.
Every wave of immigrants to the US gets castigated, put down as dirty evil job stealers. (Well, maybe except for that first wave back in the creation of the colonies where the immigrants did attempt to annihilate the natives -- maybe that's why we have this deep psychological fear of immigrants?)
Terrorists by definition commit acts of terror. The point is to make terrorism condemned and rare by making mutual respect the norm.
soft, wet eating sounds
mastication, assimilation
Modern Israel was not given to the Jews by God, but by the post-WWII Western Allies, who were the colonial overlords of those lands.  I guess they figured heathens were heathens, and gave no concern to the people already living there for generations.  In any case, the Israelis, Palestinians, and generally the working class and poor of the world, are victims of that emperial arrogance.
I say do away with knives.  They are so lethal.  People cut up vegetables and get serious lacerations when they are not careful.  And what about the children?  They can so easily poke out their eyes.
Heaven on a cloud of jazz sweeping syncopation endearing melody of sweet, sweet love that embraces, passionately turns out into twirling intoxication well past limits of inebriation pure sound all around lifting and blessing, gently caressing, carried above that mess on the ground If Heaven could be my home or barroom of my own devising at peace in low light on a strong wooden floor dancing at one with the souls I adore while a band of the grandest of jazz troubadours plays on
People act like children are some kind of subspecies or preparatory phase.  Children are living their lives, right now, every minute -- not waiting until they grow up.  The point of growing up is to learn how to live successfully within the given environment (our world), not to be pets or otherwise accessories.  Families are meant to be supportive structures within which to grow, to learn how to interact and relate with others.
People hate their children for not meeting (perhaps unconscious) expectations. Isn't it about time we spread the word that children are individual human beings, not symbolic images or second chances or even work product to show off parental value. Children are people with whom we can enjoy deep and meaningful relationship, if we so choose.
Lost because it fulfills
inner prophecy
professed by confluence of interface
negating necessities of

If these wealthy patriots want to be taxed, why are they not forming nonprofit ventures that hire the currently unemployed to do the work to improve poorer communities?
Two wings flying in opp. directions is not going to get you anywhere good.
The problem is not government, nor really politics. It is lack of public will, initiative, and respect for the individual, those lofty ideals we say this country is all about. People seem to find it so much more fulfilling and entertaining to snipe and wage buffoon battle, crying about "the government does too much" "the government doesn't take care of me like they promised" "the government spends too much of my money" "the government gives in to special interests" when the government is merely a fiction of our devising. To we who want government out of our lives: let's solve the problems on the micro level, in our neighborhoods, so we don't need or invite outside interference. To we who want the benefits of a sound societal structure within which to do our jobs: voting is only the beginning of social involvement, not the pinnacle. Expand understanding of our jobs to include our responsibilities to keeping the social structure sound and adaptable.
Of course we must use all these carcinogenic products (not to mention the passive pollution); otherwise how do we maintain and grow our healthcare crisis?
It is ever amazing how those who claim to live by faith insist on corralling and superseding God.
It disturbs me that we have become a society in which locking 'em up is the kneejerk response to any who dare to act differently from our expectations.
Human decency, it is well proven in everyday life, cannot be enforced or created by religion. If humans are decent, it is their own damned fault.
O' won't you
come with me
to a place down by the sea
where we could ride between the surf
and sand
How lovely it would be
snug up by the sea
if we could merge into another land
where what we were resembled
what we planned
every moment underneath
the sky
by twinkling eyes
There is no way to save ourselves out of debt. However, a booming economy would create the necessary wealth to bring us to the other side. The problem, though, isn't so much creating jobs as educating the workforce. We put so much into college, when that isn't usually the best method of educating most of the people for the work they would do. Basically, we can have low or no debt and a well-paid, industrious workforce only by energizing a different paradigm based on sensible realism.
Anyone remember the early 90's Clinton campaign mantra: "It's the economy, stupid!" And how did we go from bust to boom back then?
Sleepiness causes a great many more accidents than drunkenness -- and nobody seems to know or care.
Silly people, destroying ourselves over self-deluding fictions while the real problems get ignored.
What is with the Christian taliban taking over the US?

between the eclipses of 11's June

with necessities of success
lost, adrift in prophecy
A confluence of ripples
scoops up objects of prophetic reclamation
(seen smaller in the glass-eye of science)
readies to set off more forceful expression
Elemental reaction
Metamagick metamorphoses
any body's guess
Smooth glide out of cavernous hiding
into buoyant seas
Gala release to navigate (no hesitation) past history's
sunken shore
-- to explore, forward
-- captivated, not captured
Fleet from soul to feet, swim enraptured
immersed in the only delightfully lighted path
Form flows with function
at last, riding unprismed waves
gracefully, recreated
as dance
June 12, 2011

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Decrim Reason

A voluntary collaborative project
in which no one gets paid
in intangibles like money
Decrim Reason
It's not like the docs 'n' pharms
who decree symptoms
like daily newspaper horoscopes
to insist you NEED --
more than food or friends or life itself
(look at the fine print where death is
a minor possible side effect) --
their potions, pills, remedies
that only promise relief
while unleashing vast armies
intent on destroying
in unanticipated sorties.
No, not like legal dependence,
when all the right people
with license, degrees that buy
belief -- but of course, your say is paramount;
how could I ever doubt. 
You've assured me that my mind lies --
undermining natural order defense and supply.
Reason demands responsible choice,
to not let the preachers drown out your own voice.
Reason demands self-education, alert valuation,
an end to the crying shame.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

May Days (raos)

Don't undervalue opportunities to be inclusive.
The Gods do muck about in my life -- for which, when I am in my sane mind, I am ebulliently grateful. Mucking about, they turn all that shit into fertile soil.
Almost like a Lao Tzu tautology
We demarcate community to commerce
In the promised land
we breathe oxygenated cycles
care and are cared for
create, learn, communicate
to mutual delight
Yet here,
where we must lie and lay and
worship by fiat
the cries arise
demand healing
denigrate health
The fact that the giving feels good ascertains its goodness. It is a confusion to believe that pain or self-sacrifice through taking on pain is a good.
Jesus died for somebody's sins, but not mine Jesus cried, and somebody grinned -- don't whine Jesus smiled his love on the least, scattered his manna that the lowly might feast All you remember is that slavering Beast so remind me why you find less than fine daring to share a peace of mind more about kindness than Divine
People see Jonestown and such as flukes or charlatan hypnotics. Really, so many people are so over/under/whelmed with their lives, they welcome mass suicide. Many religions are all about a true life only after death. One would think (if one were a thinking being) that all this energy, angst and propheteering might be better spent on better living on this plane.
It's not depression that causes pain, but pain that cause depression. Docs getting this simple situation wrong (probably because they don't know what is causing the pain) exacerbate the whole painful process.
Yeah, yeah, the masses are up in arms over very low possibility nonlethal reactions to a much maligned medicine while people DIE everyday from the sanctioned use of prescription pharms.
If you want a better life for all, for you and yours,
put an end to bullying in all its vile forms
 It seems to me that what are labeled "mental" or "emotional" illnesses are really educational issues. Due to stresses, confusions, social agreements about "reality" and other influences, people mislearn how to behave appropriately. Resultant behaviors considered inappropriate to mainstream society leads to labeling, bullying, and generally exacerbating the situation.
Why speak of blame -- genetic or otherwise? Infants, young children, older children, are learning to be who they are by interacting with the environment in which they find themselves. That some are more resilient, more self-dependent or self-aware than others is part of the continuum. Perhaps if we stopped blaming and placed our concentration on respect for individual differences, we could all find ourselves in a more nurturing environment.
Do people honestly think that calling an opponent awful names will somehow move them toward the name caller's way of thinking? In my world we call that paranoid schizophrenia.
The only thing necessary for idiots to take over our world is sensible people saying nothing.
It is all very well for business lobbyists and capitalist sympathizers to market their narrative against government intervention in their business.  The thing is, there is no free marketplace in the US, largely because business lobbyists and the general government/industrial complex initiate and maintain policies of government regulation, financing (corporate welfare), spending and other government market activities, that skew the field to benefit entrenched interests.
You want a solution?
Develop an education system (underground if  necessary) to promote individual skill proficiencies and cooperative efforts to address community (any way to be defined) needs and desires.  Break out of the corporate mindset, the predefinitions, and labels.  Figure out what you can do; and do it.
When will the scaredoftheirownshadows pols figure out that what the people really want is someone who is strong enough to stick to their convictions, practical enough to explain those convictions clearly, and experienced enough to show how it can be done.
We decry government programs; but those who traditionally took care of those areas of public concern outside of government don't. Everyone wants someone to take care of them as they want to be taken care of; they just don't want their money to take care of anyone else. Voodoo economics indeed.
The GDP is well above any reasonable valuation of gold.  Value is not based on gold, or currency, but transactions -- goods and services traded.  With modern tech, it ought not be difficult to arrange a monetary system based directly on trade.  Thus, we would be dealing in fiscal reality and not some ponzi scheme or other scam to enhance the wealth of a few financiers and keep the system fractured.
The budget doesn't need fixing. It needs to be actually, seriously, gone through, made clear, concise, open to public debate, and then worked out by accountants behind closed doors to be voted up or down. Then, next year, it needs to be done again, in light of what has been learned (which there will be people watching, analyzing, and reporting upon).
When will the blooming catastrophizers stop insisting: "We NEED these humiliating, unhealthy, combative measures to be SAFE from the nasty TERRORIST incompetent plane bombers."
Obviously it is too late for Texas to give back their land to Mexico. However, I do think it is churlish and bad form for Texans to deny Mexicans who do live on these lands full status.
I think we ought not be putting our health into anyone's hands. What is needed is doc/patient alliances rather than hierarchies.
We don't need MORE regulation.  We need better -- clearer, conciser, rational, focused, minimal and enforceable -- regulation.
A truly useful and engaging project would be do have a system for going through all the laws and regulations that have accumulated over centuries and pare them down based on utility and actual national values.
With the ever more available data and information organizing capabilities of our internet age, it does seem more possible to develop better methods of cooperative project accommodation. Simplifying and Sun Setting legislation is a project that needs to be taken on.
I would hope the goal is, not government coercion and intrusion into private life, but abortion as a rare procedure used primarily when a pregnancy endangers the mother -- because no other reasons exist.
Considering the current manic anti-abortion laws, all of our adolescent women need to be on birth control in case of rape.
Yes, denying the reality of sexuality is bound to make us all act better, right??

The world is in flux. The rules are changing. I say: be the change you want to see
All empires are not doomed to failure. They just all do fail because they don't properly learn the lessons of history, and psychology

The problem with this canard about college education being the path to better jobs is that the small bit of truth it is based upon is now outdated.
a college degree is no guarantee of a job, just of huge debt
You want a job? Learn to do something useful well -- no college necessary for most useful skills.
Children are done no favor when they are treated as pets or princes only to get a reality sock in the mouth for which they were never prepared. Learning useful skills to be able to take care of themselves is what childhood is meant to be about.
I hear people say (as if, of course) that parents ought not be their children's friends (as opposed, I suppose to authority figures). This to me seems to misunderstand true friendship. Of course we ought be true friends to those we love.
you speak to me without even being aware that I speak -- perhaps to you

eyes opening ever more deeply water from your touch

The memory of emotions The crystal lens, holding deep visions for tomorrows
Clouds converse with Earth
loud, tinkly, somber, lilting
Grass grows so high to see
Gives sanctuary
itchy temporary skin flexes to readiness for birth
airy, unfettered, ready to fly
tip toe out of chrysalis what a marvelous day to die
My heart is full with tears
crystal gaze of starlight
incandescent waves
carried over timeless glories
to shine
Dance! The exercise that acts like fun.

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JUNE 2011

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devastating consequences for individuals
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