Saturday, October 13, 2018

into October

moving meditation because life is movement
People react (often horribly) to pain,
rage, loneliness, feeling we don’t matter,
have no power to automatically understand
how to defend against unknown unknowns
that stab us from behind.
My private little life is
mine, it’s fine, it’s me.
This tribe of belonging we crave
makes us create that subconscious
magic of translation
denial of the truth of connection
It’s not about identity divisions
(we each and all have identities – a multitude)
it’s about power, what we don’t have when it
counts economically
we’re talking about the slavery of held down poor.
And the real possibility to overrule powerlessness,
each our own, is to gather together around
our common oppressors, those who try to keep
our fight among ourselves.
Call me Cassandra – no matter how loudly
I scream, all anyone hears is madness.
socialization on screen
dramatic programming
intimate plays we engage
with these people our script
made up to be old friends
Minor supporting roles dismissed
with ease.
She’s not one of ours, so her horrible
fate but a plot device to move along.
We do disservice,
in fact cause dissolution of our
necessary unity to succeed in our
social projects, to label what are
metaphorically fan clubs
as tribes.
We can each be loyal and active
fans of many different teams, ideas,
places, people, passions – intersecting or not.
These false tribes are not identities.
Our identities are multiple, some say “legion”
-- and completely individual.
People who see “woman” rather than
perceiving me are wrong.
Why encourage such blindness by
allowing their shrinking of my identity?
Poor, ignorant because ignored children
band together, throw slings and arrows 
to be heard.
Feeling self-worth is not about awards,
force praise, but a model of respect, appreciation.
You know nothing about me, nor I about you
other than our assumptions based on what we
believe we see each other say.
The question:  Do we wish to learn where we each
find context, or prefer to live within what we
I hate intimately.
Not for some difference in perceived idenity
-- for hurt you do to me of your own free will.


Sunday, September 23, 2018

what we might well do and be

NGO projects supplying alternatives to government services for innovation/research
Political demonstrations that are important to be part of as groups working together on
ongoing projects during transportation and interacting with others at the event to
spread ideas/information
It’s not so much what we love – such a tricky verb
It’s that question we need to explore,
experiments that intrigue us,
that essential project calling for our attentive exercise,
work to improve our lives that feels real,
that gives us shining dreams, appreciation
for who we can be


Thursday, September 20, 2018


mythical creatures
like faeries and sprites
call me from bed to adventure
those nights I give leave
Impossible possibilities
bubble high through wide sky
Always crying for aid
while there’s no one to listen
Why would I want to trade my wonders
for society’s lies?
Invisible beneath worth of social gaze,
running free neither sin nor disability
Rights cannot be given --
they are naturally ours as creature of reason.
Rights can be taken away, by violence.
in my codes, beliefs
knowing politics as the science of order.
All human acts are corruptible.
Needs, desires, self-fulfilling fantasies
outrun codes, beliefs.


Monday, September 17, 2018


Strung to a key so angrily controlled,
unlike my questing music
Like a movie – record all the emergent images
then edit to tell the story revealed
Mourning memories steeped in beauty
of deep emotion no other mind will see
It must be wonderful (even in terrible conditions)
to have camaraderie of community
Playing into this culture of divisiveness
as if spitting into the face of President Obama’s
often stated hope that we are not Left/Right America
-- we are a people composed of multitudes
What if our culture of hate is manifestation
of free-floating anxiety in epidemic
and overwhelming degree
Plenty of suffering to go around
-- it’s not a zero sum game
divisiveness is a tactic of fascism
Once noticed we are hated
and hat breaks obstructing rules


Sunday, September 16, 2018

Mercury trine Venus approaching

share and create information
energy balance

Quietly doing what’s right – as best that I

Not because it’s right – because that’s

who I am

We need, seek, greater entertainment,
distraction from miseries of every day.
Desperate, we hide.
Traumatic minds escape into play
at fantasy, more engaging worlds.

No need to denigrate listeners with
different experience – teach and learn
what each brings.

No longer interested in competition.
Fleeting energies expand with
surprising synergies.


beautiful dreaming, sliding through drifts

of images
holding/not holding/dissolving
runningLeaping splat into waving fields,

finding the kinds
of meaning when we don't mean, but

accept and create


Saturday, September 15, 2018

working it out

we tend to move through the world with blinders and coded boundaries, not seeing what we see, but what we have told ourselves or been told so long questioning is never sought
we, caught in our dramas and regrets and pain, recoil from compassionate connection that is our one true hope for humane community of mutual repair

we cry into our pillows or outward to The Universe of our loneliness, then shun those we see as not who we want to be
we decry inhumanity writ large or small seen on our screens or streets or halls, but softly or to agree -- and just what is humanity?


Thursday, September 13, 2018

10 days past

if you are crying due to shoelessnes
most likely your feet feel pain upon unkind pavement
to see on your path a footless man does nothing for your pain
perhaps, rather than cry as you pass by,
sit awhile with this new found neighbor and converse, commiserate, philosophize
no need for feet
to feel and speak together