Monday, May 7, 2018

cross quarter thots

race is a myth I don’t believe in
racists, religious zealots, do.
Give up on partisan politics
The Parties are not about us but only
their own agenda.
Support people, regardless of
party affiliation,
who prove they will effectively
work for you.
Probably for reasons of childhood training, people have this idea of what they deserve.
It’s all about dessert, right?  The reward for playing by what you believe are the rules.
But you don’t always get your dessert – and sometimes precious little dinner.
And, look, people getting your dessert that they don’t deserve.
show us how we're all the same
we all get blamed
we all feel shame

and a need to block the pain

Monday, April 30, 2018

Wesak Moon ideation

end of April, post Wesak Moon

Postulation:  so-called trolls, internet bullies, those who rudely rip without due consideration for their targets’ humanity
are people with such poor communication skills that they do their best to provoke to be “seen”.
It then seems to me a good approach:  do not “see” them; do model polite communication, meaningful conversation.

Too independent to fit in expected boxes – not sin, sincerity of purpose to expose the problems with boxes.

People, we like to feel safe within our cliques and discount the rest. 
Discounting becomes shunning, degrading, believed to be less,
less human.
Dehumanizing makes it ok to defend against with deadly force in any interaction.
But what is there to do?
How can it be the responsibility of the shunned to make an atmosphere comfortable
for the shunners to engage in dialog, accept commonality in humanity?
Of course it cannot be the perceived lesser’s responsibility --
how could they convince those who deny their equality?
And those shunners have no impetus to make an effort
toward engagement.

no need for measurement,
I succeed by being, feeling, thinking, perceiving
enjoying the ride

pre-Wesak Moon

walking, aimlessly, open to serendipity, feeling in place in the moving air and scenery, this is where the truth you seek reveals

having no goal, how can I succeed?


Friday, April 27, 2018

April idling

Of course we want to have a positive impact.
Of course we need to be somebody to somebody,
to belong.
Our world is a world within worlds --
a tiny synecdoche
a moment in oceanic time.
Struggling into a too bright, too loud,
terrifying existence;
instinct to adhere, to embed with a swarm
for safety.
We need to cling for life within this circle.
Sweet Alice, icon of Wonderland
a world of inconsistencies to ponder
questioning is the key
Interesting trajectory of my memory
signifying nothing
the ping of exquisite warmth
happiness if love
Wars of numerous kinds
War, luminescence sublime
all fury and fire
burning desire
ruinous passion for glory
Belief in unknown unknowns
quests for meaning
background condition
I have no use for your stupid little
stories, your pathetic wounds
no excuse for your petty cruelties,
empathy for abuse,
savage self-infected rules.


Sunday, April 15, 2018


do you know what love is?
if so, can you please explain?
we seem to conflate all manner of
hopes, dreams, conditions, wishes

into that poor little word.

Friday, April 6, 2018

politics and frolic mix

Humanity’s fatal flaws:
disorganized and lazy
Old, eroding
rock to sand
more easily blown into waves,
carried to oblivion
Everyone has their stories,
and they are fascinating.
So much more fun, entertaining
than spewing hate or scorn
The strategy of trolls/bots to engage emotions
drains energy from positive engagement with politics
why give them what they expect to evoke
go to a place of good humor, or best response:
We do disservice to science by thinking it as a noun
Science is a verb (and isn’t that the functional difference
between Science verb and Religion noun
Science is not a thing but a series of movements
explore, observe, think, theorize, analyze – always moving
while religions are about sticking to traditions,
remembering with rituals, being bounded by our past
The 2nd Amendment says nothing about loading,
shooting, using arms for any kind of violence
We have every right to figure out and form appropriate
regulations that address everyone’s rights to live
Remember, regulations are not some random gasps
of power from on high.  We as a community develop
regulations in response to complaints, perceived
problems we want to solve.  We can all take part,
with thoughtfulness and mutual respect, in
self-governance that we can all live within.
-- in response to March for Our Lives
Speak, disagree,
disrespect totally, with malice,
disvaluement of what I know
I will think you ignorant and mean,
not worth my time or thought
Speak, even disagreeing, respectfully
as someone explaining what you know,
I want to hear you, to consider your
differing experience,
to  learn from you a bigger world
Innovative inspiration
new views
unusual travel suggestions
turning, moving to changing tunes
becoming new words, new worlds
Democratic Socialists
government needs to be
the people’s employee,
not our god
When the legitimate expressing of emotional
energy are sex and war,
we feel entitled to explode.
What if we truly valued kindness, creative
resilience, mutual care
so idealized humanity
what if
passionate imagining
who could we be
but why would we bother
we prove daily what we are
to hate we must be superior --
worthy of such judgment
love feels vulnerable --
dependence on another’s fate.


Posted by: "Laurie"


Tuesday, March 27, 2018

the loneliness of family

Claims of love, but if you truly care
don’t incarcerate to get help for their pain
don’t shove them less than ready from your sight
be help, be care, be there for the people in your life
 -- oh, right, we don’t have time


Saturday, March 17, 2018

'18 ides

Humanity’s fatal flaws: disorganized and lazy
Old, eroding
rock to sand
more easily blown into waves,
carried to oblivion
soclib sem 2 (the School
Everyone has their stories,
and they are fascinating
mused with imagination
would we not rather share, engage with
daring quests, brave romance, laughs of surprise  
so much more fun, entertaining, even wise
than hiding behind barriers of hateful cruelty,
isolated, lonely, in despair with no stories
but our boring old self-deprecation?
Please, release these wonders you could become
to everyone.