Saturday, March 17, 2018

'18 ides

Humanity’s fatal flaws: disorganized and lazy
Old, eroding
rock to sand
more easily blown into waves,
carried to oblivion
soclib sem 2 (the School
Everyone has their stories,
and they are fascinating
mused with imagination
would we not rather share, engage with
daring quests, brave romance, laughs of surprise  
so much more fun, entertaining, even wise
than hiding behind barriers of hateful cruelty,
isolated, lonely, in despair with no stories
but our boring old self-deprecation?
Please, release these wonders you could become
to everyone.


Friday, March 9, 2018

[soclib seminar (the School)

enjoyment, not judgment
The world I want to rule is my own.
This is how our world ends -
not with a bang,
but with endless slings and arrows.
This is a nation in pain
Why do we not embrace and share,
live to feel committed and valued
better to listen than snipe and die
against in helpless rage
holding our selves apart, alone,
in agony, instead of a part of our cure
Need I proclaim grudge – what ought that mean?
You who deny me not from malice but ignorance.
[soclib seminar (the School)
Someone convinced us that economics was the point
of society – development and distribution of resources
is what we believe we are about.
This obviously lead to misuse of resources and devaluation
of actual life.
Bodies, beings
plucked from life
to please your grandiose
dream of destiny,
Some kind of ghost,
taking in the sights, the sounds,
the sewer smell, the harsh cold wind;
but with no solid, discernible, existence 
People aren’t sheep
-- we’re wolves
Enjoying me
in all moods and activities
an artist at heart,

my driving interest the human condition

Wednesday, January 17, 2018


Where were you
while I was murdered by degrees
too weak, bleeding, to escape
in need of cradling aid that
never happened?
I learn to hide deep inside my mind
sleep to heal if only brokenly, grabbing
hope which ever lurks away and back.
I seem to lack;  where were you when
it mattered?


Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Capricorn New Moon intuition

Accept in grace
Enjoy each breath
expanding boundaries,
teaching greater stories
more intensely feel
far beyond gratitude’s

burden of expectation

Friday, January 12, 2018


Private mythologies
archetypes accrete
layering from earliest impressions
magic incantations
ever whispering
twist, evolve, reorganize to fit
ghostly swarm through amniotic dreams
enter worlds in play

Nobody famous
or of note
Yet, we all are stories

There were folks
Homegrown homily gals and blokes
Ready for ever another round
of hugs or chokes

Round and round this spiraling wing
Up here the air is clear, exhilarating
Spy, scry, dust, dinge, smog on down
Smudge, decipher, sinking ground
to map, to remember, to codify what’s done;
to see that journey made while on the run and
where it’s taken, what it’s written, how it spun
a tale of destiny


There were cats
running, jumping, climbing little acrobats
no less vile, childlike, kind than their
primate familiars who tried to set their scenes,
keep them fed and clean,
let them yowl and preen and rumble
for dominance


relax into the grief, the pain, the panic
feel emotive energy swish and cleanse,
be free
to dance into the magic,
to be the friend who holds your dream


song to cry by

my friends have moved on
my dreams have all died
I believe I could bear it
with you warm by my side
but these days I wander
cold and alone
with no place to stop in
no where to go


Don't engage
Let go of Rage

not so much racist misogynists
as lying cheats --
based on the traits admired


Remember, remember the 1st of December’s
betrayal by Congressional props.
The People have reason to charge them
with Treason,
but the Oligarchs own the cops.


Saturday, November 11, 2017


Dark, distant images
indistinct, not a sign.
Or a sign of indecision,
others’ visions, or mine?
Silent, stagnant river
won’t reply to my tears.
Cold blood, frozen limbs

no longer carry on from here.  

Friday, November 10, 2017


Desperate to feel delightful, levity.
Weight of desolation keeps inner space,
outer demarcation, oppressive, deadly dark.
In sunless depths, shadows can not be seen for reasoning.
Icy breath, unable to penetrate, offer calm effects.
Longing reach for elation, elevation, spell of illumination

-- loving touch of smiling stars.