Thursday, July 12, 2018

Moon wane

Reality has no natural kindness for humanity.
Yes, we survive
some even thrive
for a time
But look at all this destruction, unnecessary terrors
flung upon each other and all the rest that Earth provides.
Vicious activity to resist fetid memories
layers of misery repeat, rhyme, become unrelenting din
of damaged children and their kin.


We need to know our friends
and our enemies
how to make more friends
and no more enemies


Can't afford lying veils
down here in the real man-made world
shocking scenes too everyday
for surprise


I feel quite certain in my calm,
grace of acceptance, untangled
moving free through my silk-washed dreams
while the puppets play their roles below, so droll
(until, we know, as always pain works through; I turn
as if to say:  "No more" while falling beyond control or
desire for control, or desire at all)
(no Buddhist smile; unbalanced, just tired)


Friday, July 6, 2018

sifting water ways

promoting divisionary hate
is not the province of the heart,
or the mind, or of the skin,
but of the asshole
All these lonely people,
dying of suffocation in empty space --
why do we not connect,
create the vital oxygen of interplay?
why cry within and strike outward to defend,
excluding friendship by category or default?
Admit!  We want to be alone
(left to our own devices)
not required to compromise or deal with
their annoying tics, or mellow mine.
Everybody knows that love, touch, commitment
to community is our primal responsibility,
to promise health, wealth, social vitality.
Better to blame – Oh, I’m so lonely,
so bereft of soulful understanding I sit here crying
for all eternity ...
What do you do?
It’s not tribal – it’s brainwashed in propaganda from
elites with an agenda to control.
Real tribes arise naturally
constellations of family, close community based on
familiarity, commonalities called roles, relationships,
dance rhythms of daily life.
Take your hate
turn it around into
love for you
no need to waste
that emotive energy
stomping others down
for you to rise
into your own
highest place of view
You need a plan:
Where you want to be and where you are
now standing
small, incremental, beautifully illustrated steps
easy enough to reach and celebrate each success,
then on to the next;
flexible enough to accommodate shifting conditions,
focused and strong enough to carry you along.


Monday, July 2, 2018

mid-June-July 1, 2018

beauty, in all its delicious and deep-

probing manifestations
expressions of true friendship, soul-deep

smiles and strong encouraging arms, and

little gifts of shared amazement
aha over-arching understandings!
trance dancing into ecstatic visions
those tingly, invigorating, special surprise

eternal moments of serendipity
your engaging mind as you express with


Those magical times
we take a break from
our oh so important war
(of all against all)
to invest in humanities,
philosophy, worship of beauty,
practical caring for the poor,
for future prosperity,
for awesome imagining



plenty good money to be made
selling migrant children
(lost in "the system")
 to be sex slaves
pre-speech babies worth even more
can't complain or
explain who they were

and America/Christianity/humanity
slips further into shame
and murder of what was believed
to be our soul


Be a noun
a being, not a doing
the world's too loud
to hear what silence sings


no blame, no shame
it's just a game
like gold and fame
for real wealth
enjoy your self


The evil people cheat --
of course they cheat, they're evil!

they feed on outrage
what are you really ready to do?

I don't want to be a monster
(and believe few really do)
I want to be a master, an artist with a view
that marvels and delights, to the streets

dance with glee
happy, sharing goods and rights and their

I seem to have gone sane
a lifelong process but the change came
after I realized that common rules don't
work for me, and started to figure out
what does.


my strength is impenetrable because I'm

self assured

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

early June Gemini Musings

no longer intrigued with healing
rather being, and seeing
where that leads
Inspiring art that speaks to me
(when I eschew jealousy)
irritation (like a pearl)
feels poisonous, compels
creative response
act as buffers between
individual freedom of thought
what everybody knows
that we never forget
that tension
is our only hope
Twas foolishness got me through
places I ought never dared
Many lives – many parts to this
shriveled, starved, but those scars
made of stories, made of realities
always reverberating,
laughing, playing
me and I
dying by degrees
or awestruck with wonder
Oblivious how to behave
in all those subtle ways
as expected
to be accepted
Not so much withdrawn as internalized,
quiet, but when it is clear what needs expression
forthright, self-possessed
Fidget, stare too long seeing
mystic magic filter
feeling, absorbing
People disdain magical thinking
as if magic were easy, free
Magic takes energy, attention, focus, discipline,
learning – magic is work
to achieve your goal
What if we didn’t hide,
rather celebrate our differences
and find how much we are alike


Sunday, May 27, 2018

tribal (in progress)

granfalloon is "a false karass, [...] a seeming team that [is] meaningless in terms of the ways God gets things done." Examples of granfalloons are "the Communist party, the Daughters of the American Revolution, the General Electric Company, the International Order of Odd Fellows -- and any nation, anytime, anywhere." [ 42 ]
Naturally, we seek our tribes
People who get us
Those we feel comfortably at home among
In this mobile time, tribes no longer defined
by place, ancestry, designated race, shape or size
more self-assembled based on
shared lies we agree to,
share as our credo.
Entranced with power ideologies,
sad sects, splinters from the Mother tribe,
shun kin traditions
Simple stories
Me, You, We, Family
(words like hate and glory come later
-- but why?)
Is humanity evolving?  dying?
Nation-states, regimes, wars of opportunity
Genocide (not just cruelty – more for me
when less of you)
Denoted You – someone not us
But so many ways to do that:
How many need be deleted for Our happiness?

Where make that cut?

here in our haven
looking out to the chaos beyond our door
mean foreign eyes, so we surmise, ready to
pounce, destroy what we have saved for, worked for,
yearned for, made monstrous sacrifice to defend
they can't understand what it's like, just want to steal
our lives are not real
to them


It’s not tribal – it’s brainwashed in propaganda from
elites with an agenda to control.
Real tribes arise naturally
constellations of family, close community based on
familiarity, commonalities called roles, relationships,
dance rhythms of daily life.

Monday, May 7, 2018

cross quarter thots

race is a myth I don’t believe in
racists, religious zealots, do.
Give up on partisan politics
The Parties are not about us but only
their own agenda.
Support people, regardless of
party affiliation,
who prove they will effectively
work for you.
Probably for reasons of childhood training, people have this idea of what they deserve.
It’s all about dessert, right?  The reward for playing by what you believe are the rules.
But you don’t always get your dessert – and sometimes precious little dinner.
And, look, people getting your dessert that they don’t deserve.
show us how we're all the same
we all get blamed
we all feel shame

and a need to block the pain

Monday, April 30, 2018

Wesak Moon ideation

end of April, post Wesak Moon

Postulation:  so-called trolls, internet bullies, those who rudely rip without due consideration for their targets’ humanity
are people with such poor communication skills that they do their best to provoke to be “seen”.
It then seems to me a good approach:  do not “see” them; do model polite communication, meaningful conversation.

Too independent to fit in expected boxes – not sin, sincerity of purpose to expose the problems with boxes.

People, we like to feel safe within our cliques and discount the rest. 
Discounting becomes shunning, degrading, believed to be less,
less human.
Dehumanizing makes it ok to defend against with deadly force in any interaction.
But what is there to do?
How can it be the responsibility of the shunned to make an atmosphere comfortable
for the shunners to engage in dialog, accept commonality in humanity?
Of course it cannot be the perceived lesser’s responsibility --
how could they convince those who deny their equality?
And those shunners have no impetus to make an effort
toward engagement.

no need for measurement,
I succeed by being, feeling, thinking, perceiving
enjoying the ride

pre-Wesak Moon

walking, aimlessly, open to serendipity, feeling in place in the moving air and scenery, this is where the truth you seek reveals

having no goal, how can I succeed?