Friday, December 7, 2018


Is there a word for
the beauty of well-wrought pain?
I'd rather wander a beautiful field under magnificent stars hearing soft strains of magical music, wondering
No lives matter.
After climapocalypse
waters rise, levies break,
outside humanity’s zone of comfort, bearability.
Note our coalmine canaries,
so many suicides,
leap to desire to sleep forever.
Why not coalesce into intelligent survivors?
Where is our memetic uniting
against the common enemy
we must accept is us?
Breast-beating hominid --
better dead than allowing
truth’s challenge to power.
Learn to dismiss this misshapen world,
caught up in your beautiful vision,
entangled in grace.
year of ice and fire ...


Friday, November 23, 2018

Endothermic Ideas

Endothermic Ideas

Strangely, people tend to re-act more favorably
to being included in a greater good
than to insults or vilification.

Don’t organize around “identity,”
but around issues.

All people suck
But not all the time.
We each have our occasions
-- some more than others --
or, like bipolar mood swings.

Of course we like feeling superior.
We know! – so much fun.
And it can’t be smug
when we are right.

When everyone goes negative,
we naturally side with those we see
as like us, against those we see as

Threatening people for expressing concerns
about violence
portrays the gun lobby as irresponsibly
trigger happy (so to speak) --
demonstrating an excellent argument
against a community wanting them
to have access to guns.

On the hate wagon
enjoy this wild horror ride
to the end of Earth.

Just an an inspiring thought
to be turned to action
if and when
I am ready

Respect the symptom – discover its message.

People who get you, enjoy your presence,
and you get/enjoy
-- isn’t that what it’s all about?

Mourning my memories
worlds long evolved to oblivion.
So potent.

The rule seems clear:
avoid harm to the greater number
even if that means harm must come
to the lesser, unless
that smaller group has added value
like being specifically, personally
meaningful – us versus them.

Clear, simple words to carry
ideas, ideals, mission-based communication.

For art of emotion, imagination,
more frilly metaphor,
symbols as soliloquy,
delicious juxtapositions,
jams and jugglery
employed for your enjoyment.

Bound to gods
No matter human depredation,
protected from annihilation
while I can serve.

Extrinsic traits are only that.
Social roles are only that --
fungible to change for circumstance,
not our intrinsic possibilities.


Saturday, November 17, 2018

#religion #antiwar #Earth #future

Any group if they feel attacked, will likely want to retaliate -- but then aren't most groups in some way attacked by those who disagree with their premises or actions? Look at all the wars and lesser battles that go on seemingly forever. Even within families, there are those circular battles.
So, at this time when we are all in mortal jeopardy (and isn't the old meme that we will stop our infighting and come together against a common enemy -- but what if we meet that enemy and learn it is us, we who are cynically or ignorantly or angrily destroying the planet we NEED for bare survival?)
let's just jump on the hate wagon
enjoy the wildly horrible ride
to the end of Earth
Could we, maybe, even bit by bit, find a god who truly loves us all and live in that tradition? 

Monday, November 5, 2018

plot twists

Will we want to remember this 6th
of November?
If so, with what lessons or shame?
Did you side with the effort to revive
freedom’s ember,
or take yourself out of the game?
People who delight in killing.
Brothers in violence,
Our strength is our hatred.
What frightens must die.
See!  Look!  StevenPinker everything’s better but
contrary Man to counterbalance manifests
ever more noxious, more toxic, accelerate hate
and grotesque excessiveness.
Some neuro diversity
expels belief in duality.
No black and white
No woman or man
no bi-normality.
Yin and Yang – a beautiful mandate,
separate while together – but not a
universal whole --
only a small part of the argument,
out of context.
What we are is not a conformity,
an average, a demographic map.
What we are is ever evolving to adapt,
to create new paradigmatic opportunities,
expand understanding, imagine and become
more than before.


Monday, October 29, 2018

deep defining

We all wander around enmeshed in various degrees of ptsd,
rarely aware of what we like to call reality --
which explains stupidly horrendous traits we like to call
In a democratic republic, voting is not so much a right
(which some might see as a privilege)
as a fundamental duty of citizenship.
Impeding citizens from performing their fundamental duty
is a criminality, not so much against the individual citizen
as against the nation.
The meaning for conscious life:
figure out who you are, what calls to you
Now, use your life to create your answer.
It's suicidal times -- we lemmings jumping off the edge of the world, shooting and bombing along the way to make sure we all participate, including the planet and other species.


Tuesday, October 23, 2018

something like an introduction?

something like an introduction:
(October 23, 2018)
One while at a time
Fixated, like eyes to screen
dark parking lot after the drunks and posers
have departed
dusty in cloud-hazed moonlight.
Walking, as always, for emotional ebb,
to feel more subtlely, more able to
extend phantom hands, private hugs,

binding love.  

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Me seeks We

I send out to the World Wide Internet
what I feel I have to say to find
(if there is any) resonance.
I have strong issue with the memes of
“two kinds of people”
I contend there are billions of kinds of people.
Once we conceptualize “two kinds of people”
we become us and them – and not at all who
we actually are.
We can’t change the past.
Just because we’ve done wrong
doesn’t mean we need to keep
an evil faith.
We can change, going forward.
Figuring this life thing on my own
‘cause nobody else seems to
see it that way.