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May Days (raos)

Don't undervalue opportunities to be inclusive.
The Gods do muck about in my life -- for which, when I am in my sane mind, I am ebulliently grateful. Mucking about, they turn all that shit into fertile soil.
Almost like a Lao Tzu tautology
We demarcate community to commerce
In the promised land
we breathe oxygenated cycles
care and are cared for
create, learn, communicate
to mutual delight
Yet here,
where we must lie and lay and
worship by fiat
the cries arise
demand healing
denigrate health
The fact that the giving feels good ascertains its goodness. It is a confusion to believe that pain or self-sacrifice through taking on pain is a good.
Jesus died for somebody's sins, but not mine Jesus cried, and somebody grinned -- don't whine Jesus smiled his love on the least, scattered his manna that the lowly might feast All you remember is that slavering Beast so remind me why you find less than fine daring to share a peace of mind more about kindness than Divine
People see Jonestown and such as flukes or charlatan hypnotics. Really, so many people are so over/under/whelmed with their lives, they welcome mass suicide. Many religions are all about a true life only after death. One would think (if one were a thinking being) that all this energy, angst and propheteering might be better spent on better living on this plane.
It's not depression that causes pain, but pain that cause depression. Docs getting this simple situation wrong (probably because they don't know what is causing the pain) exacerbate the whole painful process.
Yeah, yeah, the masses are up in arms over very low possibility nonlethal reactions to a much maligned medicine while people DIE everyday from the sanctioned use of prescription pharms.
If you want a better life for all, for you and yours,
put an end to bullying in all its vile forms
 It seems to me that what are labeled "mental" or "emotional" illnesses are really educational issues. Due to stresses, confusions, social agreements about "reality" and other influences, people mislearn how to behave appropriately. Resultant behaviors considered inappropriate to mainstream society leads to labeling, bullying, and generally exacerbating the situation.
Why speak of blame -- genetic or otherwise? Infants, young children, older children, are learning to be who they are by interacting with the environment in which they find themselves. That some are more resilient, more self-dependent or self-aware than others is part of the continuum. Perhaps if we stopped blaming and placed our concentration on respect for individual differences, we could all find ourselves in a more nurturing environment.
Do people honestly think that calling an opponent awful names will somehow move them toward the name caller's way of thinking? In my world we call that paranoid schizophrenia.
The only thing necessary for idiots to take over our world is sensible people saying nothing.
It is all very well for business lobbyists and capitalist sympathizers to market their narrative against government intervention in their business.  The thing is, there is no free marketplace in the US, largely because business lobbyists and the general government/industrial complex initiate and maintain policies of government regulation, financing (corporate welfare), spending and other government market activities, that skew the field to benefit entrenched interests.
You want a solution?
Develop an education system (underground if  necessary) to promote individual skill proficiencies and cooperative efforts to address community (any way to be defined) needs and desires.  Break out of the corporate mindset, the predefinitions, and labels.  Figure out what you can do; and do it.
When will the scaredoftheirownshadows pols figure out that what the people really want is someone who is strong enough to stick to their convictions, practical enough to explain those convictions clearly, and experienced enough to show how it can be done.
We decry government programs; but those who traditionally took care of those areas of public concern outside of government don't. Everyone wants someone to take care of them as they want to be taken care of; they just don't want their money to take care of anyone else. Voodoo economics indeed.
The GDP is well above any reasonable valuation of gold.  Value is not based on gold, or currency, but transactions -- goods and services traded.  With modern tech, it ought not be difficult to arrange a monetary system based directly on trade.  Thus, we would be dealing in fiscal reality and not some ponzi scheme or other scam to enhance the wealth of a few financiers and keep the system fractured.
The budget doesn't need fixing. It needs to be actually, seriously, gone through, made clear, concise, open to public debate, and then worked out by accountants behind closed doors to be voted up or down. Then, next year, it needs to be done again, in light of what has been learned (which there will be people watching, analyzing, and reporting upon).
When will the blooming catastrophizers stop insisting: "We NEED these humiliating, unhealthy, combative measures to be SAFE from the nasty TERRORIST incompetent plane bombers."
Obviously it is too late for Texas to give back their land to Mexico. However, I do think it is churlish and bad form for Texans to deny Mexicans who do live on these lands full status.
I think we ought not be putting our health into anyone's hands. What is needed is doc/patient alliances rather than hierarchies.
We don't need MORE regulation.  We need better -- clearer, conciser, rational, focused, minimal and enforceable -- regulation.
A truly useful and engaging project would be do have a system for going through all the laws and regulations that have accumulated over centuries and pare them down based on utility and actual national values.
With the ever more available data and information organizing capabilities of our internet age, it does seem more possible to develop better methods of cooperative project accommodation. Simplifying and Sun Setting legislation is a project that needs to be taken on.
I would hope the goal is, not government coercion and intrusion into private life, but abortion as a rare procedure used primarily when a pregnancy endangers the mother -- because no other reasons exist.
Considering the current manic anti-abortion laws, all of our adolescent women need to be on birth control in case of rape.
Yes, denying the reality of sexuality is bound to make us all act better, right??

The world is in flux. The rules are changing. I say: be the change you want to see
All empires are not doomed to failure. They just all do fail because they don't properly learn the lessons of history, and psychology

The problem with this canard about college education being the path to better jobs is that the small bit of truth it is based upon is now outdated.
a college degree is no guarantee of a job, just of huge debt
You want a job? Learn to do something useful well -- no college necessary for most useful skills.
Children are done no favor when they are treated as pets or princes only to get a reality sock in the mouth for which they were never prepared. Learning useful skills to be able to take care of themselves is what childhood is meant to be about.
I hear people say (as if, of course) that parents ought not be their children's friends (as opposed, I suppose to authority figures). This to me seems to misunderstand true friendship. Of course we ought be true friends to those we love.
you speak to me without even being aware that I speak -- perhaps to you

eyes opening ever more deeply water from your touch

The memory of emotions The crystal lens, holding deep visions for tomorrows
Clouds converse with Earth
loud, tinkly, somber, lilting
Grass grows so high to see
Gives sanctuary
itchy temporary skin flexes to readiness for birth
airy, unfettered, ready to fly
tip toe out of chrysalis what a marvelous day to die
My heart is full with tears
crystal gaze of starlight
incandescent waves
carried over timeless glories
to shine
Dance! The exercise that acts like fun.

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JUNE 2011

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The global war on drugs has failed, with
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