Saturday, December 20, 2008

Joyous Solstice

December Wine

Decant December wine
best saved for end
of the year
held in joy of anticipation
Traveling the hills on sleigh rides
of old
Reliving the thrills over
fine age and spirit
a day we hold dear
it is worth far more than gold
I see a star pale and strong
hear a wind
made of song
holy choirs singing
There is nothing wrong with desire
Wonders of will, of intensity
wild like the sweet breath
of winter
the joy of being alive

(c) December 2008 Laurie Corzett/libramoon

Faery Dance on Mistletoe

Spinning through heavenly ether,
secured on Mother Earth
chiaroscuro, traversing our
holy star of warmth and light.
Meanwhile, Ma and Pa
nestled under sugarplum faery flight
taking respite from endless cares
may take a chance,
become re-aware
for a shining moment.
Swirling stars of heaven
beating Earthly cadence
call for dancing
fueled by faery dust
bright starhaze shine
guiding us
into the romance

Sweet white flakes in flight
Cold, clear-air insight
Beautiful season
Deeply felt reason
to celebrate
of delight
of candy-cane smiles,
St. Nicholas drums
songs of remembrance
and what we hope comes
as dreams coalesce
seeming to bless
like tinselly stars in the night

Sparkly lights
on greenery, crossing above
bright city streets
Bakery spicey
savory and sweet
That holiday feeling
like snow ready to fall
filling us all with
thrilled anticipation
a magical time
to mend all separation
Peace and good will my friends
Smiling through still, my friends
Sparkly and bright
Let it enthrall

Sag. rants before the Solstice

intent on laying about
saying out loud
nasty syllabic diatribe
have taken hold
on the empty tides
of frozen dismay
remind me
is it today?

The universe is the totality of existence. As such it can neither be created nor destroyed, only changed.

There was never a "before the universe" though there may well have been many previous configurations of the universe vastly different from what we think of it as.

There is never a start or an end -- there is always change. Our own lives are continuations of the line of life and continue on as energy working its way through the universe in a multitude of guises.

What logic says there is always a start and a finish? Logic says the universe has always been and will always be. I don't think many people quite understand what the word "universe" refers to. The universe itself is all that is eternally. I do understand that it is not part of the frame we in this culture tend to fall into to understand eternity, the unending, the unbeginning. Yet that is what is said of "God." The thing is we tend to think of "God" as a supernatural man. "God" is not a name or title; it is the word we have decided upon as English speakers for the our concept of the consciousness of the universe.

Science is merely a method of categorizing experience. What those who worship it can't explain, or don't have a clue about but try to explain, that is legion.

It makes me uncomfortable to think of people in psychic pain due to traumatic experiences or misunderstandings about the realities of their situations being given drugs, made to see their plight in a medical model that in effect blames them (you are abnormal). Of course if they are distressed and the drug can calm them in the immediate there is no wrong in relieving the distress. However, often these drugs do no such thing, but may add to the confusion. We know how each patient is an experimental subject to the vagaries of individual chemical interaction. I would like a common model in which we speak truth to each other. I would like people in distress to be given a wider frame in which to see their possibilities for self-empowerment, for real relief based on not a model of sickness but one of inclusion. We all have misunderstandings, misinterpretations, miscommunications. We all struggle at times with feelings, thoughts, irrational behaviors. It's not because we are sick. It is because we are human.

I remember the holiday season as sad, miserable, lonely. It can be a very hard time of year. We put so much stress on ourselves and each other to pretend to be happy.

"Sanity" is not normalcy. It is health.

If you take out the expectation of continued profit from the equation, it is truly a no-brainer to put our efforts into clean renewables.

I expect businesses to produce out of a profit motive. I even expect businesses that have made a profit through their business model to continue that model and cry for unfair opportunity to continue making profit even though that model is not good for we the consumers. However, if we really want to do what is best for all, we will tell the cry-babies that profit is not an entitlement.

I keep saying there are so many projects that would greatly enhance our lives and prosperity that don't get done because no one is organizing the people to work and get paid.

I keep being made aware that this time of economic "crisis" offers wonderful opportunities to people who have a well thought out idea, some entrepreneurial spirit, and a gift for salesmanship (which can simply be an ability to share your exuberant confidence). I expect to see great products and services out there.

Who is creating the conditions for terrorism here? Those who have no idea of the true meaning of "homeland security" and create problems where there was no need.

The controversy here comes from a misconception. You are talking religion v. no religion on the public square as if that were a negative thing. The public square is exactly the traditional place for citizens to voice our differing opinions, to get an idea of the diversity of the polity.

There is no Devil but us. God is ALL -- not some daddy figure in the sky, but ALL, all that is, eternally. We break it down, as you say here by culture but in all the ways we find to break it down. Our brains are like that. They categorize. But it takes a bent toward hatred to make those categories about hierarchies.

Atheists, Deists, Christians, Muslims, Jews, all of you: you are fighting over made-up distinctions, words that do not convey to you what they self-evidently say; you just don't get it. There is not Yahweh or Allah or Jehovah, one great sky father sending edicts and laws. There is All, every bit of existence, the universe, the multiverse, all of us including those we never even are aware of. Read the words in this light. Understand. We are all and each our manifestation of the All. The real way to heaven through Jesus is to love each other.

Goddesses, grace and wisdom
plain as a rosy face
giving little gifts of
color and light

IF (and this is not a religious argument, but a philosophic one) we are indeed spiritual beings living in physical bodies, our physical being will naturally respond to the wisdom/karmic needs of the spirit. The spirit is without gender. We are naturally attracted to those with whom we have that kind of spirit connection, regardless of extrinsic form.

IF we are physical beings in a physical universe, spirit being some kind of metaphor for the inner workings of cognition, we are physically attracted based on chemical signals. These signals are different for different people -- thus we are not all hopelessly attracted to the same small subset of people. These attractions can be gender specific or gender neutral, depending on the individual physiologies.

In either case, homosexuality is in every way as "normal" as heterosexuality, the true norm being not one or the other but a continuum of levels of bisexuality.

What I see in the Proposition 8 controversy, is not a problem of differing bases of morality, or values. What I see is democracy at work. The reason for a rule-based democratic form of government is to allow for the needs, desires and beliefs of the people to be equitably debated and worked out.

The biblical exhortation against man on man sex is of course part of the whole paradigm of sex as meant only for procreation. This was seen as wise policy at a time when the lifespan was generally short, a great many children died, pestilence and plague were always ready to cut down the population, and war was considered an important industry for both defense and land acquisition thus making it important to breed as many warriors as possible. No doubt these are the reasons we can not condone masturbation, birth control, gay sex, or marriage without procreation.

Boys with toys
competing over trivia
drinks, women
thinking they are boss
or big man with brass
When the moon
is new and pure
like fine brandy
distilled twilight
think Russia
cold like thought
warm with feeling
Man child,
drink in that world

an image from a recent dream. I understand my dream offers no authority: I had apparently been the victim of a violent crime and was arguing with the police detective that it was not right that I be denied a role in finding and dealing with my attacker. I passionately argued for the rights of the victims, supposedly those we are meant to be working for in efforts at criminal justice, to be empowered by being an integral part of that process. Yet I was being treated as a bystander in my own life.

I have read persuasive argument and evidence that the basics of good mental health are:

1) having a passion, a project, work you can fully engage with, activity that is its own reward

2) honest relationship -- most especially with yourself; when we can give and take of our joys and fears with others we can help to bind each other's wounds

I am so sick of the "class warfare" argument surrounding the auto bailout. We all know that no matter what the outcome for the "big 3" the workers are going to be screwed. What the Congress should be doing, if they insist upon taking on the role of Banker in Chief, is give the money appropriated for cleaner fueled cars to the start-ups that are ready, willing and able to make those cars and hire those workers needed to do so. I am also so sick of the meme "too big to fail." If something has become so inflated, fat and turgid, it has to be allowed to fail to make room for the lean and clean to take its stand.

The last bail-out has only served to make matters worse. Maybe, just you know think about this: we were told there would be oversight to keep the banks in line. If we can't get them to lend the money from the bail-out as was meant to be their part of the deal, take the money back and give it to the local banks who agree to take over and work out the toxic mortgages. Fix the problem at the source. Meanwhile, there are plenty of people with plenty of money to invest if they can be convinced their investment will be safe. Would you want to invest in GM or Chrysler? Why would you want us collectively to invest in them?

Why would the failure of particular companies cause our heavy industry to fade out of existence anywhere if the will is there to have those industries? I am not talking of foreign carmakers in the US, but US carmakers (or any other industry) who are not "too big to fail" but rather right sized for their market share.

This debate has been to a large extent based on the left/right bias of class warfare. My point is that no matter how it turns out for the "big 3" they will need to restructure to survive, and the workers will get the shaft. The whole economic paradigm this country has been currently failing on is about trickle down from the top. It doesn't work. It is the workers, the actual producers of products and services, who need to have the kinds of wages and governmental protection that will give them the discretionary income to keep a healthy economy afloat. Giving our tax money to dinosaurs who will wreak destruction upon the working class is counter-productive. If tax money needs to be spent to right the upside down world counter-productive policies have wrought, it needs to go to the bottom so it can grow upward.

Do you honestly believe that the allegiance of the "big 3" is to America? Not to their investors (often non-American) and profits? Do you honestly believe that only the "big 3" can make American cars in America with American parts and workers?

I watched the hearings on C-SPAN where there were actual representatives of actual start-ups saying they were ready, willing, able, just needed the seed money they had every expectation of getting from the fund for that purpose. They, along with several seemingly knowledgeable experts, exhorted the Congressional Committee to let the "big 3" find their own way, possibly through bankruptcy -- and btw, Ford is no longer asking for bail-out funds.

Bankruptcy is not allowing them to go down the tubes. It is allowing them to restructure if they are willing to make the effort, or get bought up if their assets are worth it and they can't make it work.

If Chrysler is such a good bet, why can't they find investors who are so starved for someplace to put their cash they are buying government bills with negative interest rates?

The reasons I am against the bail-out: It is bad economy, bad philosophy, sends a terrible message and is probably unconstitutional. (I don't remember where in the Constitution is says Congress should act as a bank.) In regard to the "they gave those bail-outs to Wall Street; what about Detroit mainstreet?" plea to entitlement, just because they started down a dangerous road is not a sensible reason to continue.

It's only a LOAN if they pay it back. We have in this country a structure meant to help companies pull together and reorganize. It is called bankruptcy. It is not a boogeyman to be warded off out of hand.

Giving money to failing big business is not anything like an appropriate solution. We need real jobs that people can be proud to do and give real value. If we have to do a government funded public works program to make that happen, that is where the money should go.

Why aren't people taking over these foreclosed houses and renting them out legitimately. Home prices are down, rentals up because so many people who lost their homes now have to rent. Where are the real capitalists?

To my mind Chris Hedges is one of the best journalistic writers in the business. His poetic prose is always thought-provoking and inspiring. That said, I must question his placement of President-elect Obama as an elitist because of his "ivy league" education. Barack Obama, as I understand his biography, had a quite unique education of life experiences from an early, formative age that was about equality of opportunity. He chose to go to Harvard and give himself the advantages of those contacts in elite circles after experiencing the frustration of working at the grass roots level with desperately oppressed people. He seems to me not the type to take on the deeply held beliefs of his elite peers, but rather to keenly use what he learns of the workings of power in the service of equality. He is a practical idealist, not a neocon nor ivy league ideologue.

Of this world, not
available to close relation
within it
Float above, drown below
caught in waves of merland's
meticulously unaware
of the call from rescuers

"Races" are merely overly generalized groupings. There are such vast differentiations among people of the same "race" as to make that distinction useless, except perhaps as a general description of a set of agreed upon physical traits. Yet another set of traits could as easily differentiate. By now genetics are pretty well mixed up except for the most remote of tribes, if any still exist.

Each life is a thread being sewn, helping to create the ever-in-creation tapestry.

We all know that repetitive rhythm and physical release of energy are basic destressors.

Any life, no matter how seemingly limited by circumstances, can be lived to ITS fullest. We are all quite limited, in ways we understand and in ways we have no ability to understand. We each make choices every moment, consciously and unconsciously, about our authenticity. Often we do find need for disguises. The point is to be authentic to ourselves and live accordingly.

I walk by the river
watch my reflection
ripple into the season
of change

The old King was ill, poisoned by his own despair, infecting the Kingdom. Death inexorably worked through the King's system, the King's land, taking over what had been a fertile, lively, prosperous society.

In another land, the Queen despaired over the loss of her only daughter. The child, who the Queen felt to be her life, had been abducted by her King's family in a fit of entitlement.

Despair was moving throughout the lands and kingdoms as old Kings and Queens lost their way, lost interest in keeping their people safe and happy, lost their minds and souls and creative sparks.

Without wise and caring rulers, the people fell into inept forays of fighting, neglecting the fields, their families, their health.

Somewhere there is a hero's tale to be told which will salve the fear and desperation in the hearts and minds of people with no stable system within which to prosper. It is the tale of Percival and Persephone, fine brave souls learning to become strong and wise on their journeys through worlds and trials and treasures. Let us listen to their adventures, taking on their faces and forms in a reality play. Let us learn to usurp the sickened royals and become a people healthy, graceful, brave, energized by the creative fire.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Scorpio Candles

Support Our Troops

What if they gave a war
and nobody came?
Marching orders
unstable chemical treaties
break down
crushing frightened innocents
into dust.
We meant to serve our country.
We meant to save lives, shore up
threatened resources,
bulwarks against disaster.
We meant to follow the dreams of
our fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers
for a good life:
family, God, country
and a wholesome recompense of fun.
We didn't ask for horror so intense
as to reverberate through what's left
of our lives.
How is this service? Who is served?
Who left in pieces that never heal?
God is on the battle field
Not as general or mascot,
as witness
and gentle minister
of last rites
to shattered souls.

(c) November 16, 2008 Laurie Corzett/libramoon

Old King's Cold/Grail King

And the old King dies.
Sends out his mortal ghost
to dance on Olympian plains.
I am the mighty he;
ruled wisely while I was allowed;
sold my soul to please the crowd;
withered on the vine divine.
There is no more of me.
Drink from the golden Grail,
Oh New Found King.
You are triumphant.
A bright dawn upon the kingdom
offers sparkling hope,
new dreams aborning.
Don't despair old peasant folk,
though you think despair all you
can cling to.
The Fisher King has returned
from his desert adventures.
He brings the tides to
slake the thirst
of this arid land.
I beg you yet again
to take a stand.
Take harness, plow your pastures.
Believe that the seed will take hold.
Listen to the heralds
shouting lines in the sand.
They know a flood is coming
after many a hard rain --
but don't despair!
It is a flood of fertility,
a harbinger promising carpets of grain
and lush vegetation.
All this is promised if you
do your part.
The old King, so long dying of his
festering wounds, has poisoned you
with ill-fated rule.
Cast out the poison from your hearts.
Tend your fields with a will
and a song.
Never forget you are free.
Never forget that responsibility.

(c) November 16, 2008 Laurie Corzett/libramoon

Enjoin the Music

Leaves like falling stars
twinkling through windy twilight.
Captured bubbles of dreams,
prickling memories,
thickly scented reverie,
solidity melting into private sea

Filigreed trills
Resolute beat
"This you can believe in
creatures upon this Earth"
ethereal ringing choir
breaks into dance
pouring out

Leaves twinkle falling
Stars across twilight
The song in my heart hears
their siren call sweetly
Broken against primeval rock formations
Washed by anguished storm
to awaken
to new landscape

(c) November 8, 2008 libramoon

Why We Worship Cats

Unlike the elephant of the blind,
I touch fur, claws, tail at once
thus made aware
of living being
on its own terms

(c) November 8, 2008 libramoon

not brave flying wing
I am conscious inner eye
scanning the landscape

Merlyn Enchanted

In secret unlit chambers
guided by wizardry
all eternity his(Hers) to see
in crystal, unable to penetrate
What we do for love; allowing
liens upon a will of magic
Endless night, he(She) stirs wonders,
ancient and sublime,
catches fluid rhythms in catechisms,
spells out vivid adventure
to dance before his(Her) avid mind
My life, it is beauty sculptured
pure, decanted enchantment
I drink deeply to ecstasy
commingling with frolicking merry sprites
conjured from fumes
of bittersweet elixir

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

sharing and revealing

Why aren't people taking over these foreclosed houses and renting them out legitimately. Home prices are down, rentals up because so many people who lost their homes now have to rent. Where are the real capitalists?

I was just musing about this to-square and saw the Saturn in Libra energy as grounding the Uranus in Aries electrical outthrust, each a reaction to the Pluto in Capricorn shifting of the foundations. Saturn exalted in Libra could provide the kind of just social framework to pull the shift together for the kind of positive outcome you seem to envision.

Nader, Ron Paul and other idealistic candidates know they are providing a serious public service using the opportunity of candidacy to put forth arguments and ideas not addressed by those who need to keep a large constituency to actually win the office. They are providing more of a balance to the overall body politic who tend to wing out in competitive rhetoric and lose sight of the very basis of democracy as diverse groups working out common policies to keep us all moving in a useful direction as a nation.

I agree there is a rift between those who want authority to keep everyone in line and those who want the greatest possible liberty. Saturn v. Uranus. The reality is that we need a good mix of both to have needed changes and maintain a backbone of structure within which to usefully employ innovation.

To get away from early election coverage, I was watching a July book event with George Lakoff on C-Span2 this afternoon. He brought up a point I have been thinking about since. The reason we really like a candidate is not about their positions on issues. It is because of the mirror neurons that cause us unconsciously to feel empathy. He said when we see Obama we feel the calm and self-assurance he feels within ourselves. That is why we feel good about him and what he says.

I was just watching Nova (PBS) telling me about how the Bible was
created. It was just a bunch of folks trying to become a people.
We're folks too. We can figure out how to be a better people.

It's not the drinks or the guns that do the stupid stuff. There is no way to keep monkeys from playing with the dangerous stuff. But, you know what works with monkeys? Peer pressure. And ridicule. And, of course, getting burnt when they play too close to fire.

I find the best way to edit is to get far enough away from the piece so as to be reading it as an objective audience. You know what works when you read it.

Money itself is a fraud.

My understanding is that Bush could do a wholesale pardon against criminal prosecution within US courts, but that international war criminal charges may still apply, as well as civil actions. However, I could be wrong: don't quote me on this. In fact, if you have better info., let me know.

I get totally obsessed with a character, learn all I can about them, live with them as a parallel reality until they are like true old friends. As I have a strong background in astrology, I create astrological charts for them which helps me to keep in mind exactly who they are.

The American electorate were exhorted by the candidate whom they voted in as President Elect to take back our country. A President is not a God. He is a leader of a country full of people who must all be part of the change if it is to happen and be a change for good.

You are always being exactly who you are. It takes a lifetime to learn your life.

I have been more irritated than usual lately by that tactic of stating some mess of words as if obvious incontrovertible fact. Then, when one thinks a second and quite reasonably asks what they mean by that, or if they have considered some alternative point the response is an emotional "blat!" somewhere between exasperation and hatred.

You are resentful of being treated like "white" instead of like you. Replace you with person of your choice, replace white with characteristic of your choice.

Obviously the safe haven idea is very badly needed. So many kids get thrown away, living as best they can on the streets, usually by prostitution. For whatever reason, and they may be well justified, there are parents who can't care for their children. A caring society would have places where these kids could be safe.

Anyone can be a racist. But why would you want to?

The point of separating Church and State (or as earlier expressed by a certain pre-Christian that of God's and that of Caesar's) was instituted in our Constitution to protect religion from state, to demand that there be no official mandated religion.

Do you believe in the ways of the wicca? There is nothing bad or wrong with such beliefs. Do you believe in the Christian faith? Whose Christian faith? For that matter, whose Wicca ways? Look into yourself. What do YOU believe? "And ye harm none, do what ye will."

It came out so clearly in the arguments around this week's election that here in the US we have been doing a terrible job of teaching our young people what they need to know to be good citizens. I do believe that was the argument for public schooling in the new republic.

If these silly Americans would learn English and American History they would not need to be so afraid of words and political concepts. We really do have to improve American education.

It is hardly a weakness to explore new ways of expression. It is a strength of mind and character. There are a great many religious traditions in the world. It can be fascinating to learn about them. There is no need to take on any traditional faith. You can (you do, you know) believe what YOU believe.

Maybe, if we're good, after all the hoopla and divisive angry exclamations we will eventually realize that we are not enemies, that it is not about one way or another, but that to be successful we need the whole country, each of us working in our own genre. We need the breakthrough new ideas and the old tried and true, a secure structure within which innovation can be usefully developed. Remember, you can't fly with just one wing. To get anywhere we want to go, we need the balance, the whole bird.

What to do with your life? Live it. Life is what happens while we're making plans which often never come to fruition.

"Why all the petty bickerings and mean spirits? Is it that people think we are owed treasure we do not create together?"

from Persephone's journal

Notice how they want every woman to pay for her sexual activity by forced pregnancy to term, but complain bitterly about the irresponsibility of people who have kids they can't afford to support.

Words like "conservative" and "liberal" have been so twisted by interest groups as to have derived meanings totally disparate with their original intent. It's no wonder we seem to be so often speaking at cross purposes.

What about that great socialist President (General) Eisenhower? Do you have any idea what the top tax rate was in the conservative's paradisiacal 50s?

not brave flying wing
I am conscious inner eye
scanning the landscape

neon elephant's dream

Neon Elephant's Dream

The bubble bursts
throwing us into wakening
Neon elephant, released,
trumpets: abandon hope,
all ye, all ye
Cast upon cold, raging seas
Melting ice
jagged, threatening
drown or be pierced through
Damn that trumpeting
loud and out of tune
Neon elephant slurps floating
ice cap tasting of
polar bear and cool jazz
Muffled notes of alarm
deny the dream,
long abandoned to
holding out hopeful arms
crying for salvation
Shiny soap bubbles
slippery laughter
treasure and sad, sad lives
slipping under
Neon tons
pierced by hungry ice shards
brief angry red screams
call mindless sharks to frenzy
Top of the food chain to ya.
Sleep -- the world spins out
from under
Awake, crashing through chaos
Neon elephant trumpets,
plays the blues

(c) Laurie Corzett/libramoon 10/20/08

Friday, November 7, 2008

Libra Candles


A very straight and narrow
humming, running,
in elegant alacrity
The rest is fringe land
gloriously free
Jumble, tumble play
Exuberant celebration
Ungrounded rambling
Flights of fantastic splendor
Played to the limits of
melting in the center of
structured performance
Dancing outward for a spell
until drowsy and spent
gently crawling back to center
nesting in sensible routine
Touchstone, relay continuation
Stimulation and reflection and
their progeny
Here, on the vast open fringe
we don't stand on ceremony
We dance each to our own drum
Sweet interweaving rhythm

Just a vision
Cast out of stagnant time
translated by a mime
intent on derision
Yet entranced
by sights sublime
caught beyond expectation
outside rifts of generation
tasting of sea, earth and sky
Just a vision echoing by
cleansed through dye-clearing tears
glistens, then disappears
as they dry

In word work
the hard part
isn't the writing
It's the figuring out
what to say
out of the vast variety
of what could be said
Out of the ether, the ethos
(where invisible black holes
suck out time, space, memory)
words adhere to musings, to
blocks of conversation,
combining imagination with
voices externally real
Caught in the interstitial web
coherent sequences
vowels and consonants
subject, adjectives, verbs
cut from the endless stream
pasted on the printed page

(c) Laurie Corzett/libramoon 9/27/08

Raising Hell

Not true sacred magick.
Cynical sleight of hand
turns sweat and dreams,
lives of desperation
into neat bundles of greed.
But the pain burns through
not content to be twisted
into fast cars, high-stakes games,
brilliant careers in glad-handing.
It wants its payment.
False wizards of arrogant charm
play with chthonic forces
more angry and deadly than flame.
Unaware of the cursed seeds
they cultivate,
now strangling life force from below.
Unsupervised children
playing with matches,
grizzled and gray as some may appear,
laughing at the bright spectacle
as homes burn.
The balance is always paid.
Magick is never free.
Will the lesson ever sink in?
Be careful what you conjure.

(c) October 2, 2008 Laurie Corzett/libramoon


The question is of
the moment.
Playing out narrative
serial stories strung
fully in tune with the moment,
resonating with immediate energies
into a layered frame.
There is no future.
Past is but prologue.
We are spinning wheels and looms.
Each processing growing into
the next, never completed.
Within the sacred crystal
of the moment
question and answer merge,
synthesize eternity.

I hold a ball of fire
in my palm
behind my eyes
consuming me
engulfed in flaming pain
crackling frame-dissolving
into ember
into sparks
igniting hair and lashes
Yet out of ash
always renewed
ready to burn again
I can't sleep for the light
find respite from agony
I am consumed
atom by atom
then realigned to play again
at disintegration
Towers fall carrying
their servant's blood
and sinew stripped from angry life,
terror, torture.
Imagine burning stars
fire sprites twisting, evolving,
given form and awareness
low-wage jobs, small talk;
they woo and reproduce,
fall into regulated line.
Over millennia memories lose shape;
days lose their charm, become mundane.
Consumption means something different
from disease or connection.
Embers rearrange, form scary bits
of insight, inspiration,
pinpoint bright,
urgently burning.

Sorrow, numbing ice, inconsolate
pain too profound to acknowledge.
Vultures circle, maggots feast.
Blood-sucking parasites
imbibe sacrificial delight,
leering, sneering, snarling, slavering.
Your servants so eager for your favor
fatten themselves for slaughter.

(c) October 7, 2008 Laurie Corzett/libramoon


Let's talk about this.
Exactly what are we afraid of?
Different skins, different thoughts?
"These people are not like us."
Nor we like them.
Legends say we fear
and fight the barbarians.
A receding panorama
of battle upon battle.
Millennia of genocide
proudly proclaimed.
We must be strong warriors,
rough, sharp, explosive,
valiantly a barricade barrage
protecting Our valued and values
from Their predation.
Lines must be drawn clearly.
Womanly, childish fuzzy vulnerability
cast far behind, confined to
defended shelters
kept at bay with bitter laughter,
raucous play.
These patterns built up over
generations serve us well,
minimizing weakening contamination.

(c) October 10, 2008 Laurie Corzett/libramoon

brought to you by

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

balancing act

meditating on
imaginal nature plays
swept into current

I am considering starting a campaign (or finding one to join) of "Vote for Anyone But the Incumbent" if our so-called representatives sell us out to Wall Street.

I checked out my state info. and found out who I can vote for instead of the ingrates who voted for the "bail-out" despite my letters of warning and thousands of others.

What I don't see pointed out is that during the Clinton years the agencies were working. The economy was thriving. A bubble got out of hand when it should have been reigned in, but that doesn't mean the policies weren't useful in their time. It was this most recent administration that were asleep at the wheel who allowed this crash.

It was about 35 minutes into the debate. McCain was obliquely
responding to Obama's budgetary prioritization in light of the
devastation of the bail-out debacle. One of those priorities for
Obama was his healthcare plan to help most Americans to afford health
insurance regardless of their employers' policies. McCain ignored
the main question of budgetary restraint in this instance (he
addressed it earlier by condemning "earmarks"). Instead he attacked
Obama's healthcare plan (which has nothing to do with a
governmentally controlled oversight of services) and insisted
families and physicians have control over healthcare decisions
without interference from the federal government. Thus, I
interpreted his sentiment as agreeing with the pro-choice position.
*facetious comment*

if we accept the label of "maverick" as generally used, it only means one who follows one's own path in contraindication to the herd. It has nothing to do with reform or even doing anything better than the herd. In the case of Senator McCain, I believe it is a reference to his belligerent nature -- not the kind of temperament to rule wisely, justly, or even sanely.

I get so sick of people saying we are against the "bailout" because
we don't understand. I understand perfectly well that this was an
ill-thought-out plan rushed into legislation which does not address
the issues that caused or could cure the situation. I will not be
voting to reinstall my representatives who so clearly ignored my
pleas for a more measured understanding of the situation.

The stated problems supposedly addressed by this bill could be solved much more cheaply and surely mostly with powers already held by the Fed. I heard (though haven't checked out officially) that even that raise in FDIC could have been accomplished without Congressional intervention. I think this mess is being given to Congress because it is known they don't have the financial expertise and will vote to what they see as their political advantages. Get them scared enough that they will be on the line if the economy goes nuclear and they'll find a way to do as bidden by the finance guys. This way when this half-assed plan fails, the blame can be spread around, while the toxic assets get to be passed from the gamblers who created them into the responsibility of the rest of us.

We all have to have a fair stake in the commonwealth to make an economic-social system that works.

To my simplistic mind it seems as though we went through a long season of Saturn opp. Neptune in which reality slipped through a bubble. Now as Saturn moves opposite to Uranus, we get the rude awakening.

I see no good reason not to take people as they are, to accept the truth they offer, without needing to label them as symptomatic. If someone is suffering due to a dysfunctional imbalance between their perceptions of what is and the norm, it seems to me that is an area where education and communication can be useful.

I often wonder what draws some people toward clinical practice. As you indicate, often the so-called professional is not so well-hinged themselves.

Does anyone remember in the robust, halcyon 50s when the world was wonderful and the great Republican General Eisenhower was in charge, what the highest taxation rate was in the US?

the insurance industry is actually making our lives and property less safe.

I have no reason to believe that any religion is more correct than any other. My argument is with the poor practitioners who attempt to use their religion or religious differences as an excuse for violent conflict, often in direct contradiction to the original precepts of their code.

It is elitist, to my mind, to put down someone who is trying to do a good job because they do not fit the image you want to impose.

I see nothing wrong with labeling fascist or socialist or communist style politics. This is no more an insult than using the terms conservative or liberal, which are so often used contrary to actual meaning.

Much worse than people who worked to right wrongs and may have gone too far out of frustration, people who cynically invoke words like "patriotism" and "terrorism" to promote their own ambitions.

GIGO has a corollary of self-selecting information based on one's own precepts and predilections. It happens with any form of media, in all historic instances. People complain about the dumbing down properties of tv when we watch "reality" and hype. Yet, we can choose to watch programming which is enlightening. Even more so with internet derived information.

keep moving and wear layers. Long underwear and wool socks are so wonderful. Even keeping the heat at a lower level cuts down, or closing off the rooms not being used, insulating windows, floors, walls with fabric, rugs. Flannel sheets do make a big difference

it is not only the devil that remakes scripture to fit his taste. I wish the fundamentalists would really read their books and get back to the fundamentals of true religious teachings, not about petty fashion statements but about how best to be human.

According to what I understand about Jesus' message (peace, love, brotherhood, throwing the money changers out of the Temple, you know the drill) a great many people who profess to be Christian haven't got a clue as to what that means.

so much unknown, unsaid, uncomprehended
essential atmosphere surrounds
allowing breath of life
automatic, unnoted expression

The problem with guilt by association? 6 degrees of separation and common dna links us all.

Isn't it wonderful how agents of the Grand Old Party keep hitting the opposition with the brush of their own wrongs. It's better than Doublespeak. Just listen to what they are ranting on about the other side's bad acts to know where to look for their own miscreant tactics.

I had heard a great deal about ACORN's good works years ago, so was quite surprised that they were suddenly being portrayed as more or less agents of evil. Amazing how complicated situations get broken down into vilifying soundbites.

I checked on Acorn at Wikipedia (including the commentary). This is a hot air storm in a tiny cup of tea.

This nonissue about nonpeople getting registered to in no way be able to vote because they don't actually exist, is being misused to ramp up actual denial of voting rights to legitimate voters through a variety of barriers in predominately Democratic communities. There is always method to their madness.

It's so painfully sick and sad. At a time when we need to pull together, we have people who work to their own ends by picking us apart. I feel like these people are living back in the '60s trying to erase the counter-culture gains in freedom and diversity. They subvert all the messages of love and community to divide and conquer with a message of aggressive hate.

You people make me so tired. You can't do anything helpful. You just want to promote hate.

Cute and cuddly small-town gal
But strident, with something to say:
"You will listen and obey! For my God
is an awesome God who has given
you such a winsome Leader."
A businesswoman and a breeder
packaged and priced to sell.

I just saw Obama on tv, from some fundraiser, admitting he was not born in the US, or even on Earth. He is an illegal alien from some planet called Krypton.

ok, let's go over this one more time. A "liberal" is one who agrees with the classic philosophical position that the rights and freedoms of the individual trump the interests of the state when these are in conflict. The United States of America was created by liberals to be a liberal state. Those who blanketly talk trash about someone being "liberal" is either ignorant or anti-freedom. This is not putting such folks down, but merely stating the literal truth.

This is underscoring the reason why the abortion issue is so divisive. If one truly believes the life of the unborn innocent is more important than the health of the mother who would presumably be responsible to care for said innocent once it is born, one is in effect promoting the bare fact of birth as the hallmark of life. The "right to life" is very narrowly defined. The right is to get dumped into the world to live or die or suffer horribly until dying, not what we "liberals" understand to be life.

The US Constitution says absolutely nothing about abortion, which is as it should be. Such medical decisions have no place being regulated by government at all. The 4th Amendment "Right to Privacy" theory is what the Supreme Court based its decision in Roe v. Wade on. However, many say that this was a flawed decision, not because it affirmed a right to choose, but because the legal arguments are not well laid out. Again, this is no province for government. The correct Supreme Court decision for this case, in my opinion, would be to state that very clearly. It's about being able to make our own decisions about our own bodies -- not privacy as such, but personal integrity. It is very dangerous to legislate in these areas. For instance, look at the drug laws which have been used to lock up those perceived as social misfits, which is apparently a vast percentage of our society according to the numbers of prisoners who have had their rights abrogated for nonviolent personal choices.

No one is saying anyone should be killed or not be born. This is about expectant mothers' choices in their special circumstances, whatever those may be.

It continues to amaze me that the so-called party of fiscal conservatism and individual freedom so incredibly stomps on their stated core values. Abortion choice is not about birth control or killing, but about having control over, and therefore responsibility for, our own lives and choices. You want to make abortion less likely, make not only birth control, but general control for women over our lives and bodies and availability of the means to well provide for our children more likely.

"Love with us, sister,
take our tales into your soul."
A strong breath of sea air
carries me onward
into the chill of life.

I gave up on the NYT as any kind of reliable reportage when they went along with the whole we need to invade Iraq insanity.

Totally expected this nervousness at starting something new. Do you meditate? Deep breaths, yes, very important, and maybe some soothing music if available (even from memory); take yourself to a quiet peaceful place in your mind and teach yourself the warrior wisdom of moving effortlessly through the jungle.

Finding that balance, that place where the income/outgo works not so much financially or socially but internally emotionally, that is a special kind of wealth.

Breathe in the music
Air to the soul

Fantasy dinner party guests:

Doctor Who - look at the stories he has to tell!

Valentine Michael Smith (from Heinlein's "Stranger in a Strange Land") - to get an offworld perspective, and apparently he was quite hot.

Tom Robbins - my favorite fiction author; I would love to get into a deep conversation with him about his philosophical views and how he makes his words do that

Sappho - talk about your marvelously talented maverick! We could all get into quite a philosophical/metaphysical discussion

Amy Goodman (from Democracy Now) - the best interviewer I have seen. She could definitely get a lot more from my guests than I to really open up the conversation

Michelle Obama - a truly refreshing, intelligent, modern view from a woman of vast experience in living through these millennial times

a contemplative muse
just write for dreaming
scheming to create a dance
of syllables and fancy

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Raising Hell

Not true sacred magick.
Cynical sleight of hand
turns sweat and dreams,
lives of desperation
into neat bundles of greed.
But the pain burns through
not content to be twisted
into fast cars, high-stakes games,
brilliant careers in glad-handing.
It wants its payment.
False wizards of arrogant charm
play with chthonic forces
more angry and deadly than flame.
Unaware of the cursed seeds
they cultivate,
now strangling life force from below.
Unsupervised children
playing with matches,
grizzled and gray as some may appear,
laughing at the bright spectacle
as homes burn.
The balance is always paid.
Magick is never free.
Will the lesson ever sink in?
Be careful what you conjure.

(c) October 2, 2008 Laurie Corzett/libramoon

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

say "NO!" to bail-out mania

I don't get why they are pointing fingers as if not passing this ridiculous bill were a bad thing. Those who voted against it should be shouting their victory as representatives of the massive voice of the people who have been calling and writing to demand this nonsense be defeated.

It's nothing but panic. That's the way gamblers work all too often. But look, the corrections are happening. Investors are investing in what they perceive to be the safer courses. Trade goes up and down as it is meant to. I think these people who talk about capitalism often don't know what that word means.

This is not anything but manufactured panic and consequent reactions. Stocks and other securities are still being traded. For all the money lost, money is being made. Companies with assets are buying companies with debits at a bargain. Housing prices are way down. Oil prices are dropping. If you can remain calm while all about you are running around like headless chickens come home to roost, this is not a crisis but an opportunity. For all of us on the low end of the economic scale, it has been bad and will no doubt get worse before it gets better. Now is the time to get out of the mainstream mindset of panic and find creative ways to make our lives work better individually, in our homes and in our communities.

It's not about who is to blame but about not making a bad situation much worse. People complain about how little money we have to stretch. Where do we think the $700 billion or more would come from? Does Congress have that money lying around? It would seriously devalue the dollar to give that much imaginary credit to the investment bankers. It is exactly the people who are barely making it who would fall off the edge. Then the government has a perfect excuse to get rid of social programs because there is no money for them.

I am all for anyone who will put reigns on this incredibly stupid and anti-democratic bail-out plan. It grieves me that the Democrats appear to be so much for it, but then look at how they have ignored the pleas of the people who voted them in for the change we're not getting.

It appears that most Americans want nothing to do with this "bailout." Amazingly we have the Socialists agreeing with the Conservatives that this is a very bad idea indeed. Yet, Congress seems determined to go ahead with some minor adjustments. When did Congress decide the will of the people no longer matters?

This whole economic "crisis" appears to me to be part of a last grab attempt for the outgoing Bush administration to rip off whatever they can from this country before they're gone. It continues to amaze me that the leaders of the so-called party of fiscal conservatism and individual freedom so incredibly stomps on their stated core values.

My understanding of the US financial market is that we have the Fed, which is not a governmental agency but rather a consortium of bankers, which lends money to financial institutions for them to in turn lend to businesses and others seeking financing. Then, there is the stock market in which businesses offer shares to investors in return for operating capital. I have heard on the tv network I am now defaulting to, Bloomberg, that people are investing vast sums in 0% interest Treasury Notes because they are looking for a safe place to put their money. So, what's the "crisis"? It sounds like a political soundbite to increase fear and lower rationality to me.

The only real cure for the scourge of the "too big to fail" monsters is small, local trade based on our own economic realities.

In this time when the failure of the over-the-top wealth destroyers gets all the attention and all the bailing, we people who actually do the work and keep the country going will have to help each other with our own bailing.

We the tax payers are responsible to fund every crazy scheme the governmental/financial complex can dream up. Then we get vilified as stupid, lazy, irresponsible when we can't scrape up enough to pay the outrageous prices for our more and more minimalist lifestyles.

It really burns me when I hear about needing to give all these breaks to the upper crust so they will give us poor slobs jobs. As if they give anything not absolutely required (and then find ways to get out of those). Working people are the true heroes, the true creators of wealth. Yet, we get no respect.

Turned from distracting smoke and mirrors, the real problem belongs not to "Wall Street" and those whose game of choice is trading in what they like to call a "free market" but to the neighborhoods of "Main Street" losing credit and credibility to empty, unmaintained properties foreclosed upon in a frenzy of insanity.

These properties are "real" estate. They have value. Not so high as the bubble tried to make us believe, but real value, especially to those who thought of them as "home." A real cure for what ails US economy would encourage the profit motive and sanity, enlist investors (looking desperately for somewhere to put the money they have taken out of karmically challenged investment banks) to buy these properties and work out mortgage or rental arrangements with those who want to live in and maintain them, by-pass the whole evil episode and get back to market trade based on real values that can be easily understood by Main Street and learned through experience by Wall Street.

Congress ought to demand unbundled mortgages be sold at bargain basement prices to local financial institutions and groups then required to work out equitable arrangements with homeowners/residents to keep them in those homes. This is how it should have been, mortgages held by community lenders who have a stake in keeping the community healthy and the authority to work out compromise arrangements with their customers.

What Crisis? a.k.a. Creative Destruction Is The Beating Heart of Capitalism Money as Debt

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Virgo candles

Neptune's Sky

Desperate to fly
I grow gills
dive into mystery
beyond thought or trepidation
Floating within the sea
bones of ancient mariners
cleverly collaged with living shells,
sparkling creatures,
sensual delight
Great ancestor Neptune's
flowing beard
paints heaven's landscape
coldest stars mapping constellations
transformed, animated, playful
I am flying

Folie à deux

Folie à deux
Me and you
In a world of two
Don't skip a beat
out on the street
in our nondiscreet
Folie à deux
Keep it clean
[Queen to Queen
You make a mean
Folie à deux]
I'm not fine
Sun don't shine
Unless you're mine
Folie à deux
Love that style
Hypnotic smile
Bewitched, beguiled
Folie à deux

Drunken Sailor

Getting to the source
Pumping the prime
Apprehending "Of course!"
Living outside of time
Exploring inner realms sublime
beyond question or balance
Fearing that I'm up to
the challenge
I may take this leap
wake from my sleep
break from my gilded cage
the excuse of my age
no longer strong enough
to make me behave
as society's slave

Riffs on a Theme

Watery affluence
unimpeded flow
to eventual fruitions downstream
Like stone soup
picking up valuable
bits and pieces
adhering into wealth
Casting nets for silver fish
Panning for nuggets
Leisurely sipping cool drinks
to the song of ocean waves
Open your veins unto the
ocean floor at midnight
drinking cool salty life
into your lungs
Who you ever were matters not
A creature of sea-change
swims apart

August 24, 2008 Laurie Corzett/libramoon


Night dreamer
Night weaver
Night seeker
of what's hidden by day
Burning light persuades
I am the bearer of my name
broken under debt to
masters of the law and ledger
Broken under shame
Mask of tears shining
my disgrace
Harsh daylight has ceased
to be my friend, my confidant
Lonely, searching for my
rightful end, I find
dreamers of the night,
weavers playful, out of sight
of those who would condemn
this place of magick,
their self-selected spite,
self-fulfilling need
to define what may be
can't touch the power of night


A born writer
(whether any good, another story)
I am definitely part of the clan,
of solitaries
exhibiting all the signs and symptoms,
including avoidance of any cure.
Don't cry for me.
I do it just fine, crystallized into words
My written reflections
reverberate life.

(c) August 30, 2008 Laurie Corzett/libramoon

Dark and Stormy

Night and storm
Do we dread?
engage with fantasy?
Blowing into Louisiana
dark gulf legends
hungry ghosts
licking onto shore, howling
Sea reclaims land,
seeping semen into soggy
womb, engenders
Future crises, coming change
Halflings gleaming in
moonlight, peeking through
veiling black cloud formations
Portents scream, drowned
in thunder, raging sirocco
dust of desert sand
caught up in reverberating wind

(c) August 30, 2008 Laurie Corzett/libramoon

Of an Age

Two old men
sitting under a banyan tree
talking of philosophy
their darkest nights, coldest days
Was Nietzsche right
did life amaze us
with strength and beauty?
Did we survive our trials
to be rewarded
in ways we could never find
without misfortune to guide
into a promised land?
Wondrous lovers in magical nights
of dream come true
Sons marching off to war,
a father's pride
That sickening loss and horror
when they died
Derision from socialites
on fallen streets, defeated
The dismal sight one becomes
when hope has fled
before and after
That haunting laughter
never ends
Though faith can be replaced
better friends may follow
true amends may allow
new visions to form
The nightmare, the storm
give way to rainbows once more.
Two old men,
weathered, withered, wise
Listen and learn
to the music in their eyes
to the gentle loving smile
echoing through visions
upon the cave walls
of their minds.

(c) September 8, 2008 Laurie Corzett/libramoon


Mornings come later now
permeated with scent of harvest
green and red and the bright orange
of the Harvest Moon
Morning air, heavy with moisture
seeps through my pores
into my bones
I see ships sailing in rough sea
their fortune a deity's toss of dice,
or whim
ships laden with treasure
and sailors desperately loved
On a placid pond three ships sail
a fine sunny regatta
The deep decay of harvest
carries me home


Before the Beginning
Before imagination,
sound or fury,
in a wraithlike pocket
outside of time and space
none to command
none to hinder
how does the spark ignite?
Spontaneous combustion?
Multiplicities of zeroes
encircling void
before chicken or egg or seed.
Was there a silent prophecy?
If the system is closed,
nothing created or destroyed,
where does it all come from?
How far can it expand?
If the system is open,
how far does it go?
If there is no system,
chaos endlessly realigning,
helpless to demand rule of law,
form but temporarily
delimiting substance,
no matter.
In our space and time
we play at definitions.
"In the Beginning . . .."
Words upon a screen,
over millennia.

(c) September 5, 2008 Laurie Corzett/libramoon

Of the Day

In the beginning
Before the threads unfurled
for reassignment
Basic forces vied
in the throes of creation.
Telescoping backward
Watch the magic
faery storms
vivid electric bursts
eternity singing in language
Over vast aeons
threads weave into fabric
Recognizable forms
play out destinies.
In this great game of life
infinitely recombining
take pleasure in moments
tied in gaily colored threads
for remembrance.

(c) September 14, 2008

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Evil was unleashed upon the American people. Subprime Primer
Demons of Greed created an illusion made of paper and hypnosis in the guise of home ownership for the underclass.

In the way of legends, karma replied. These demon spawn illusions came in the light of reality to show their toxicity. Clever and desperate minions now exclaim these toxic investments must now be bought by the American people to avoid some kind of vague CRISIS!!! that will destroy us all!!!

It seems to my more reasoning mind (turned from the distracting smoke and mirrors) that the real problem belongs not to "Wall Street" and those whose game of choice is trading in what they like to call a "free market" but to the neighborhoods of "Main Street" losing credit and credibility to empty, unmaintained properties foreclosed upon in a frenzy of insanity.

These properties are of course, "real" estate. They are real. They have value. Not so high as the bubble tried to make us believe, but real value. They especially have value to those who thought of them as "home." A real life cure for what ails US economy would be the encouragement of the profit motive along with the encouragement of sanity to enlist investors (looking desperately for somewhere to put the money they have taken out of the karmically challenged investment banks) to buy these properties at true market value, work out mortgage or rental arrangements with those who want to live in and maintain these properties, by-pass the whole evil episode and get back to real market trade based on real values that can be easily understood by Main Street and learned through the true educator of experience by Wall Street.

The Wall Street Model: Unintelligent Design

Monday, September 22, 2008

Virgo voices

By the
time we reach middle age, if we are paying attention, we usually have
a pretty good layering of experience from which to make some
hypotheses about what we are about. This is the time to stop getting
through, start enjoying the moving strands we find to play about in.
Life/virtue/work are all their own rewards. Waking up and feeling
alive is what gives life value.

I have faith in my own set of precepts, not those of the religions of "the book" which seem much too contradictory both internally and to my own life experience. When I look to my inner voice or ask the Goddesses with whom I co-create for help, it is always there. No Jesus involved at all.

Come on, people. Get over the "race" thing. We are all human; that is our race. Also, get over the fundamentalist religion thing, all the hateful divisive things that have nothing to do with working together to make a world we all have a positive stake in keeping real.

Let us find the secret land before Babel, before the gods divided us, when we were young and full of wonder.

If you feel defeated,
lost, alone without comfort
unheard, unseen, unrequited
leave this arid wasteland
that never was your home

Its the end of the world as we know it (and I feel fine?) that is predicted. The Mayans had a very sophisticated calendar/oracle system in which there were cycles within cycles that took millennia to play out. The end of the calendar foretells a new kind of cycle, previously unknowable.

If you, as I, understand a difference in the concepts of "world" and "planet" -- world being a social construct while planet is the physical Earth -- the end of our world might well be due to a new construct being formed.

liars, liars
in theaters shouting "Fire!"
dousing all desire
for what could bring us higher
not left or right
always pushing for a fight
not admitting any rights
not approved in today's soundbites
it's not a race for human good
just a bunch of rabid hoods
punishing with hype and shoulds
keeping us from what we could
be learning, doing, working well
wresting heaven from your hell
before you ring that final bell
echoing the lies you tell

Hey kids, let's all go out and vote ourselves some super-human disciples to rearrange our national perception of reality! Think of the Christian paradise they could make us all believe we see in our daily puppet lives.

It's worse than the "Choice" issue because that is just the tip of the iceberg of choices that today's power elite right want done away with. Their agenda is to entangle us all in their weird cult's definitions of reality, morality, and acceptable American lifestyle, while singing away about being the land of the free. Meanwhile, change agent Obama is working to bring back the home of the brave.

I was just thinking in regard to the pro-Hillary contingent who now say they will vote for McCain/Palin: if you do see yourself as adhering to the principles/platforms of the Democratic Party, just what is it you are so afraid Barack Obama will/won't do that Hillary would have done differently? Just what do you think McCain/Palin will/won't do that would be those actions you fear Barack Obama won't? Isn't this anti-Obama stance actually prejudice, and I don't mean racism, but sexism?

One would think even ignorant citizens would welcome more thoughtful, intelligent, responsible leadership rather than voting for a least common denominator so they could feel they are just as good as the folks in the front office. I blame the incredibly poor public education we have allowed to devolve.

McCain is not another GWB. It's worse that that. McCain is a man who has given over his principles and immortal soul to try to win favor with the Republican faithful.

Yeah, getting shot down and captured is wonderful experience to pass on to our troops. Notice how a clear definition of "victory" has not been offered for this invasion and occupation of a sovereign state which was not in any way threatening us (the most powerful nation in the world, btw with the technology and talent reduced to picking on little nations?) So, if McCain so badly wants victory in Iraq, he can just proclaim it. As it turns out, Obama's call for redeployment is apparently looking much better to everyone involved.

Yes, how dare we questions a war hero who spent so much time imprisoned (like those hapless folk at Gitmo, but with more back-up), unlike John Kerry who turned his back on the Vietnam insanity after serving valiantly? How dare we presume that getting shot down and tortured would not be the experience we need in a world leader?

5 years of torture in a foreign cell makes one eligible to be US President -- hey, all you guys at Gitmo, listen up!

This is what I keep trying to explain to the naysayers, the "Obama the Savior" cynics, the "Barack Star" or "elitist" accusers. It's not about him; it's about us. Obama is offering us the chance to take back our country from those who sold us out. It is not that he can do that himself; it is that he can give us the inspiration and the leadership to do it for ourselves.

Like people in most professions, lawyers run the gamut from purely evil to amazingly wonderful. I have known some truly dedicated humanitarians who earned law degrees to help them help others.

Regardless of political gain to the Democratic candidates, these allegations against the Bush administration really do need to be clarified, fully investigated, brought into public scrutiny, in the ways we a civilized nation do these due diligence responsibilities. Otherwise, how can we present our nation to the world as worthy of moral respect?

Bentsen definitely had it all over Quayle. However Dukakis (and I loved him as Governor) was too much the tight-wound technocrat who didn't understand connecting with the people, much like John Kerry in 2004.

And they laughed when Nader said none of them were on our side. Maybe if the press was still providing oversight? Maybe if we the people could get our act together and work in our own best interests? Maybe if politics were something other than a game?

No one who is seriously supporting Obama is doing so because "he gives a good speech." It is the content of what he says, what he does, how he approaches government and public service that are meaningful.

I suppose if you are voting based on physical attractiveness, Obama/Palin would be a good ticket. If you are voting based on years of experience, perhaps McCain/Biden would be your choice. I would be a lot more comfortable with Biden in the wings when McCain strokes out. However, if you want to vote based on who will work with us to bring our country back and move forward, please listen to those speeches and vote Obama/Biden.

People who consider themselves Democratic, believe in the general Democratic platform, and say they are voting McCain as a protest against what the big bads did to their Hillary are obviously not thinking with their own or their country's interest in mind. You want to protest, write in Hillary, vote for Nader or another third party candidate, yell scream, protest. But don't be stupid.

It's a horse race. We love to pick our team and cheer, including hate speech and dumping rotten fruit on the other side. The media pundits really egg it on. They were all saying how Obama had to go negative on McCain at the Convention to show his strength. I, apparently like you, do not see strength in metaphorically throwing rotten food or picking on little blemishes or misstatements to roar in like a rabid lion. We do seem to forget that this country is supposed to be about us. We are electing representatives to do our work, to give our face to the world, to set the agenda for our benefit. This only can work if we turn our energy, not toward negative characterizations and nasty catcalls, but toward the future we want to make our home and how to work together to get there.

I see the most important issue as being that of we the people's loss of rights and respect during the Bush Neo-con administration. In my opinion, Obama is the leader who can inspire the courage and vision needed if we are to regain our nation.

We have school choice, as much as we want, as much as we take responsibility for. I am, I admit, getting tired of everyone clamoring for government to do it for them, then complaining about big government and big taxes. We can homeschool, send our kids to private schools we can afford or with scholarships, form community alternative schools whether charter schools or collective private schools, have alternative programs to teach what we wish on nonschool hours, get active in our parent-teacher organizations and local school boards, need I go on?

I keep seeing people complaining about the either/or choice without taking the responsibility to broaden choices by voting third party, or even promoting third party candidates who may have views closer to their own. Self-fulfilling prophets much?

You want impeachment on the table:

Do the research:

find out which congressional reps are up for reelection in November

Do the outreach:

find like-minded people in each of those districts/states and tell them to write/phone/fax/email those reps insisting that no impeachment process started, we'll be voting third party

Do the organizing:

work with your like-minded others to put together protests marches, petitions, advertising, letter-writing to all the media, blogging, monkey warfare

Reapply, rinse and make your voice heard.

In a sane world we would have one life, fluidly moving from task to task within social contexts, within family community work play healthful activity meditative inactivity, the whole enchilada.

There are folks always saying the market will take care of it. Maybe yes, maybe no, but we do not (and never really did) have a free market. There are not only regulations, tax advantages and disadvantages, but also fiduciary commitments, tricks of marketing that disallow real consumer choice, and inequities in resource distribution that limit options for those most needing services. It's a mess. I remember the whole healthcare thing being much simpler. Get sick, go to the doctor, get treatment, pay the bill. If the bill is too high, work out a payment plan. For major medical have major medical insurance, which can be reasonably priced because most of the insured get by most of the time without needing the service. For the poor, free clinics, docs doing pro bono work, communities organizing services and payment through fund-raising activities, grants, philanthropy. This ain't brain surgery, even if that is sometimes the required result. With the computer number crunching/spreadsheet power it can be rather simple.

I was watching a debate on PBS about the right to health care. None of the debaters on either side came up with what I consider an underlying argument for some kind of universal healthcare -- not that people are dying without proper care, or that people are being cheated by insurance companies that don't come through when needed, or that government is inefficient and should not be in charge of healthcare, but that the healthier the general population, the healthier the nation in every way.

I remember during the Congressional hearings on credit companies a representative on the side of a banking institution spoke of having some kind of review policy for their customers who had become delinquent in their payments because they were in a coma. Does anyone else find this hilariously macabre?

People often resort to insults when too angry to think clearly and thereby engage in actual conversation. Blame after Blame is not a game that is going to clear any thought processes.

You know who the real "terrorists" are that you need to fear in the every day? They are your neighbors gone completely crazy from the stress and disdain they endure until they no longer have endurance.

I don't think you understand. These are not insects, nor off-world creatures. You are speaking of human beings as if you share none of their needs or aspirations or expectations of dignity and respect. Was your Mom bitten by a Mexican?

I don't know what idiot devised a "terrorist" list by name, as if each name is unique. I've heard the list can be bypassed by simply spelling one's name differently. Hey, terrorists, I bet you can find several possible ways of spelling or presenting your name. Meanwhile, young children, disabled people traveling for medical attention, people with common names traveling to visit dying loved ones or to find out of state jobs or for the jobs they have finally acquired or for any of the reasons we travel through our free country find out they share names with terrorists, which means they are no longer free to travel. Somehow I think this makes us less safe.

What's wrong with us is that we sincerely believe that vital resources are finite. What goes to you is taken from me. Therefore, I must do what I can to destroy you and yours that me and mine have enough.

I don't think the people "on the ground" care about formal definitions of recession or depression or improving economic outlook or whatever the academic spin. People are scared, angry, concerned, desperate because of the lousy economic outlook in their own lives.

a crisis is both a wake up call and an opportunity

Kuhn's main point was that we as human thinkers evolve through taking on greater knowledge which allows us to move into new paradigmatic boundaries that allow us to discover greater truths.

mutual admiration, respect, attraction and enjoyment, that's romance
romantic moments are made of those little remembrances, celebrations, and grand acknowledgements of these

To be able to truly love others, to have the full measure of love to give, you must first love yourself. This is actually true, not just a homily. You have to build the inner strength to be your own best friend, advocate, admirer. Sometimes a loss is an emptying of space to make room for a greater gift.

living by our own values keeps us more alive than trying to be what others want

I find it interesting that people who claim to believe in the benefits of marriage, to those involved and society in general, would rise up in disgust and divisiveness against people peacefully entering into loving commitments.

We all wear masks
because we cannot naked face
a world indifferent to our pain
a world that asks us to refrain
from asking
for true civility and grace

I have been taking up the study of the benefits of dance for several years now. You can dance right where you are, even to music in your head, without anything but your body. It's free, always available, wonderfully enjoyable, and good for mind, body, spirit and developing energy, strength, balance, grace. You get the benefits of exercise, meditation, often social interaction, and momentary vacations from stressful situations. I think school children ought to be encouraged to dance for a few moments next to their desks between lessons to keep them alert while working off the excess energy built up through sitting quietly.

There are so many wonderfully effective "alternative" therapies, yet everyone seems to be getting hooked on pharms. Is it that people are too lazy to work for their health, and would rather pop a pill? Is it that people are not adequately made aware of these more healthful therapies because big pharm advertising is so in your face ubiquitous? Is it that medical professionals don't have the time to do much more than write a prescription rather than explaining these therapies? Is it that medical insurance won't pay for them?

People are angry, seething, bitter for a variety of personal reasons, but also because these emotions are not appropriately vented. People getting tied up in overwhelming stressful lives with little time for recreation or reflection, bumping into other people fuming away on all sides, turn into crucibles of anger. I suggest large doses of expressive art therapy, time alone in nature, and joyful social interaction, wherever we can fit these in.

These monetary valuations have nothing to do with the values we claim to honor such as hard work, sacrifice, ethical behavior, love of family, loyalty, neighborliness, even good grooming. Money lives on another spectrum, the one of power. Those with monetary power get to make the rules and put us in our hierarchy. The happy secret is, we don't have to pay attention to the man behind the curtain. We can live according to the real values, thus enjoying real lives.

When people of several minds make prohibitory laws against what they want to do, it all becomes a mess. Laws are best when direct, simple, and few.

Atheism may well be a religion, for those who practice devoutly in a community of their faith. That's what religion is -- not a set of precepts or pages from a book, or the exhortations of ministers. Religion is a yoking of people into community based on openly professed beliefs and rituals. There is nothing wrong, or even not right, about that. It's when people use their beliefs as rules to judge others that the complications come in.

The fork that turned me into lead
played with the marbles in my head
left me bleeding, almost dead?
It took me.

I have no problem with Palin's gender. I have a big problem with her
ideas about "God's plan" and management of Earth's resources, as well
as her extreme "pro-life" position. Far from a feminist icon, Governor Palin proudly
represents the extreme Christian Right, especially including their
insistence on enforcing a woman's sacred primary duty to the productive
value of her womb.
Rather than be concerned with someone's
race, gender, national origin, sexual preferences or other
demographics, I am concerned about who I feel best represents the
direction I am hoping for our country to be taking. Of course, your
opinions on issues may be quite different from mine. That's why we
have elections, and not just consensus rule.

This country was created on liberal principles. I fail to understand how it is honoring the vision of the Founding Fathers to denigrate their political philosophy.

There is a vast difference between a "maverick" and a "reformer." A maverick is a creature that moves separately from the pack. A reformer is someone with powers of thoughtfulness, ability to see the big picture, and a will to change what does not work for and with the community.

It really burns me when I hear about needing to give all these breaks to the upper crust so they will give us poor slobs jobs. As if they give anything not absolutely required (and then find ways to get out of those). Working people are the true heroes, the true creators of wealth. Yet, we get no respect.

We the tax payers are responsible to fund every crazy scheme the governmental/financial complex can dream up. Then we get vilified as stupid, lazy, irresponsible when we can't scrape up enough to pay the outrageous prices for our more and more minimalist lifestyles.

Giving to the wealthy does not work. If we want a thriving economy, it has to come, like a thriving polity, from the mutual benefit of the trade on the commons. Enlightened self-interest knows that win-win is ultimately the most profitable philosophy.

Whether we consider financial markets a fine game to join in or somebody else's stupid hobby, or theft from the common wealth, we get to underwrite the whole fiasco.

If we are helping to pay to bail out these companies, doesn't that mean we are stockholders in these companies just like any investor?

We are the fodder of the neocon-corporate state. Close your eyes and repeat until you feel sufficiently enslaved.

Abortion choice is not about birth control or killing, but about having control over, and therefore responsibility for, our own lives and choices. You want to make abortion less likely, make not only birth control, but general control for women over our lives and bodies and availability of the means to well provide for our children more likely.

The word Conservative (like the word Liberal) has been co-opted by people who are not about conserving or valuable values at all. There are those living in some fascist sci fi consciousness in which America must be Super Power, with all citizens in service to the machine. There are those who think that "big government' is all that is keeping them from financial utopia, without realizing that government is bigger and stupider under recent Republican administrations. There are those who are just mean, and want to legitimize their prejudices and fake superiority. There are those who are just easily led by anyone extolling God and Country. Every little once in a while there are real Conservatives with their fairly reasonable, logical, back to basics world view. I would welcome seeing more of those.

It is crazy the way big pharm is taking over our health and lives. I watch those tv ads telling me how I need this drug to have a happy life like the actors, never mind about those possible fatal "side-effects" so I can be a little more comfortable, when there are simple exercises, nutritional supplements (or actual nutrition instead of fast foods) which could safely make me so much healthier.

It was explained to me that the oil prices going up now because of the gulf hurricanes causing gulf refineries to be shut down is temporary. But this did bring up the fallacy of drilling, since the actual limitation to more oil production is refinery capacity. It was further explained that the big oil interests don't want to build more refineries, a substantial financial investment, unless there is enough oil being drilled to assure profit. The time, energy, and other resources going into oil would so much better be spent on renewables, on creating a sane energy policy which would also be a blessing to a future US economy.

There is a vast difference between faith and religion. Those who cling to religious dogma out of a need for structure or security are allowing their lives to be dependent on said dogma, thus making rational thought more of a threat. Those who have faith in some set of underlying principles, whether spiritual, rational or other, are able to work with those principles in concert with the lessons of actual experience.

It is so incredible the way industry is allowed to poison and otherwise destroy people and our common resources. Someday maybe we the people will wake up and take back our lives. People have done before, various times and places. It could happen here.

Sarah Palin gets a great laugh line from comparing her work as mayor with Obama's community organizing. However, looking at their compared resumes, the mayor job for her would be comparative to his time representing Chicago in the Illinois State Legislature. The community service job for him would be comparative to her time as a hockey mom on the PTA.

She is a successful governor only in that her state is rich in natural resources for her to exploit. Giving everyone a hefty tax rebate because of taxation of big oil companies is bound to make anyone popular. Big oil, meanwhile, gets to make all that extra profit with only a minor kick-back to Alaska. Everybody wins. What's she going to sell out in the greater America when she has that power?

She may be a pawn/cheerleader, but she is far from insignificant. She seems to have real grit, a pugnacious spirit, and a velvet-gloved mean streak, plus wit and charm. She is energizing the right-wing base in a way McCain couldn't, because they knew he was not genuinely one of them. She knows how to play the cameras and the audience, to say just the right amount in just the right way without being specific enough to give the opposition an opening. I was earlier watching the Alaska Governor's Debate from 2006 on C-SPAN. She seemed to have a strong grip on certain issues which she stridently presented as "the" right way to go and vagued out charmingly on the issues her opponents seemed to better grasp, all the while keeping up a screen about how it was the people's right to vote as they might choose. Apparently her big claim to fame was negotiating an oil pipeline that was already well in the works. The big issue she kept harping on (I guess you have to be Alaskan to understand the implications)

If big oil were taxed appropriately, instead of enjoying their sweetheart deal with the neocons, there would be more economic incentive for all the energy entrepreneurs. If you people really believe in the market system at all, why not let it work for us for a change?

The drilling not only misses the point, it is counterproductive. Resources wasted on drilling for minimal long-range return will not be available for creating and marketing the energy solutions that will make the future oil availability moot.

It's the stupidity of the stupid economy making us all stupid. Never put lipstick on a pig. It won't change the economy; and it annoys the pig.

"Pigasus for President: All hail the reincarnation of the fatted pig!"

Sorry, I got carried away. 911 and out

We are who we are at every point of life. Childhood is not a staging area or waiting game. Children are living their lives, everyday, just as adults, and the old. People with mental difficulties, physical challenges, social anxieties are not in some holding pattern while it gets worked out. They are living out who they are. We are not only human beings, worthy of respect, when we fit some limited idea of who we should be.

When we all live in the Tao, there is no thought of rulers.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Lion Share of Candles


I am thinking of a brick wall,
hiding dangerous imagery.
Walls upon walls.
High, low, immoderately
bearing illusory murals,
scorched out graffiti
wicked symbols
unclean, unpurified.
Trauma reverberates
messes with circuitry
irreverent irreconcilable
in cellular reproduction,
glitches and stammers
in data processing.
A wall. I am building,
brick by painful brick
cemented with blood and pus,
tall, thick, obscuring
day and night
laughter and warm embrace
secret words of consolation
hidden in humor and homilies.
The walls stand
ready for bombardment
awaiting a destiny of chaotic rubble
when reverberation reaches
critical mass.

(c) July 25, 2008 Laurie Corzett/libramoon

There Is Only One Sin

Christ died to save us
for the sin of hubris.
But you can't be forgiven
while you persist
in claiming your own definitions
as Truth,
then using this madness
as righteous excuse
to quell self-expression
that you proclaim "sin,"
persecuting lifestyles not
condoned by your kin.
Because, truth is the All
Knowing and Giving
includes multitudes as
expressions of living.
Now, you've been enlightened
to the need for amends
to people outside of
yourself and your friends.
Yes, bend down on your knees
while you open your eyes,
humbled by larger truth,
loving and wise.

July 26, 2008 Laurie Corzett/libramoon

In Memory of Harriet Jones

Dear, sweet, Harriet Jones
I am so sad at your passing.
You did all you could with
your stiff upper lip
despite ghastly confrontations,
harassed unfriendly aliens;
you stood your ground.
Was there anyone more sound to
lead your nation?
You showed courage far beyond
your station.
I must applaud your
heroic resolve to do right
no matter the cost, to die,
be forever lost
while we carry on,
your honourable example gone,
but to the few who honour you
as a shining memory.
Harriet Jones, former Prime Minister
of the Doctor Who Universe Great Britain:
we know who you are.

July 2008 libramoon

Going Home

Not one thing or the other
Streams converge, swimming
multi-layered waters.
There is the rainbow
The rain
clouds and airwaves
converging into the sea.
I feel myself running, running.
I have no destination, so
I run until
breath fails me
heart pounding a symphony
speaking tongues and rhythms
overplayed through ages.
Truth evades; it teases.
Having no one left to please, I
walk slowly
step by mesmerizing step.
One day the clouds open
cleansing rain overwhelms
I see the rainbow,
arching over the world,
speaking my secret language.
I have found my way home.
Not one place or another.
Streaming convergence of
layers upon memories
breathing free.

(c) July 30, 2008 Laurie Corzett/libramoon

Arabian Nights

Baghdad, romantic metaphor
mysterious alleyways and minarets
sheiks and viziers
princes and thieves
under Arabian moonlight.
Magic enchantment, myth and
buried under years
under rubble
under misunderstandings and
Tragedy, divine comedy,

(c) July 30, 2008 Laurie Corzett/libramoon


Fight for peace
Give our sacred honor
arrows flying
piercing armor
piercing amor, pride in
full measure
Feeling wrath, revenge,
mortal fear, coiling
bayonet strong
Toddlers at play,
unarmed, unwary
skeletally still
bared secrets slipping
from space and time
Scorching pinprick holes
in heaven's fabric
petrified souls thrust into
premature rebirth
Hellfire ripped from metaphor
rends scream-echoing
palpable texture,
daring phantoms,
death's brigade
Crying "Peace!"
-- unheeded command
because real glory
belongs to destruction

(c) August 6, 2008 Laurie Corzett/libramoon

Indie Vision

Chilly scene
Unjamming retinal replay
Fleeing through green forest
falling, obscuring
Fleet foot dashing not sinking
hyper-saturated dense
carpet leaves and loam
dead and living embraced
water and earth
sun and sky
entangled elements
create stories of
spiral strands,
chance meetings,
grasping for meaning
in old songs and dances
Bodies biologically merge
promises like prayers to wind
cut, rough surgery
moment from moment
A walk along a darkening road
pumpkin wise, scarecrow laughing
Faces shine in the darkness
grotesquely metamorphing
One silken face
encouraging change
grows arms, reaching
grows legs, entwining
grows voice, murmuring
love songs, lullabies,
twisty tunes tying
here to now through
freshly painted yesterdays
A cowering gypsy
cursed with fiery vision
dreams of fleeing through
green, falling forest,
sinking into wet, wet
earth, unbinding,
becoming the imagery,
escaping sight.

(c) August 7, 2008 Laurie Corzett/libramoon

Between Us

Too much unsaid between us
Too much blather, trying to be
clever, arrogant epithets,
migraine strong
"You," "No, you," are wrong!
Then wonder why we're lonely.
We might be sharing tales,
over drinks and laughter;
sharing our travails
with hugs and tears.
Sharing this world, these years,
could be salvation,
a joyous dance to the music
of our choir.
Bonds of truth between us
inspire warm regard.
On common ground,
safe harbor found,
releasing reticence.
There is so much
to say.

(c) August 8, 2008 Laurie Corzett/libramoon

Over the Rainbow

New edge, over the rainbow
running through iridescent swamp,
mystic desert, lush green
fantasies covered in silken
poppy-killing snow.
Who do you ever really know?
Sins and shadows
Erupting like boils, like
volcanoes dormant for years,
"Caught you! Thought I was blind?
Or a fool! Can't catch me twice, with
one eye sleeping. My fury knows
no writs nor injunctions.
Take your medicine, writhe in
agony; lose your integrity,
become a thing of poignant
beauty, limping off into bitter
No defense. No glory.
I sneak through a crack in
the world.
Here in the center, we bake bread,
forge untold treasure, sing
holy dreams into the ears of
misbegotten slaves.
Sometimes a song on the radio,
slipping through the airwaves,
tells us something true.
Sometimes I look at you,
and see a wondrous child,
rainbows shining in
wide-open dreaming eyes.

(c) August 10, 2008 Laurie Corzett/libramoon

God's Warriors

Squeezing the breath
out of my heart
Squeezing the love
out of my mind
Squeezing the life
out of my soul
in your quest to conquer,
constrain, consecrate all
to your narrow creed.
There is no room in your congealed soul
for recognition of the cruel suffering
welcomed by your prayers,
the damage of your arrogant disrespect
upon Creation.
Having built the fires of Hell
to burn your perceived enemy,
letting evil loose upon
the Earth we were meant to share
in peace and prosperity,
proving only that the Word
you claim your guide
you ignorantly ill-define,
expecting salvation
through worshipping sin.

(c) August 11, 2008 Laurie Corzett/libramoon

Fate's Calling

Chilly summer mountain night
Fateful ring around my finger
Long years stuffed into a box
of memories and dust
The songs we're singing
brightly beneath the jukebox
under breathless stars,
dreaming moon
I loved a separate way
in awe of madness
loosed from limits,
expectations a failure's game
Sweet frozen cream excites
lips smiling ready
dancing kisses whirl
jasmine, lilac
You are haunting, carrying meaning
Eclipsing now
to transmit this vital message
in private code
Hope, exhilaration
the joy of me

(c) August 15, 2008 Laurie Corzett/libramoon

Neptunian Sun

Grey sparkling polyester
veiling sunlight to tiny rainbow
projecting an eternal movieshow
Sometimes I know where
the plot goes, over rockcandy
under champagne waterfalls
between idle fantasy and
Shadows dance,
flicker like candle flame
Points hot and cool,
dappling patterns
Enhanced, processed
we are art
Left to our own itinerant vices
we are madness
a safety valve
between worlds

(c) August 17, 2008 Laurie Corzett/libramoon


In the agora
we bargain
for trinkets,
lush silk,
poignant spices,
drama and mysteries
from afar
Veiled spirits scurry
spread toxic honeysuckle,
sweet death and resurrection
Stalls of forms proliferate
Zombie, Vampire, Were Creature,
Human, Deity
Vendors calling wares
voices blending enchantments
In the agora, lost forever
choose well
how you spend your days

(c) August 16, 2008 Laurie Corzett/libramoon

A Different Voice

"Mommy, don't make me!
Don't keep me and hate me.
Your poisoned womb
tears my soul.
Please let me go."

"Child, it will be alright.
I'll give you to strangers
who have prayed for your life."

"No, Mommy. Don't you see?
I am your destiny.
Please release me. Do what you must.
In this inner voice, put your trust.
Grieving, set my spirit free.
You know this is meant to be.
We know how much you care.
This is your cross to bear."


Night dreamer
Night weaver
Night seeker
of that hidden by day
Burning light persuades
I am the bearer of my name
broken under debt to
masters of the law and ledger
Broken under shame
Mask running to tears shining
my disgrace
Harsh daylight has ceased
to be my friend, my confidant
Lonely, searching for my
rightful end, I find
dreamers of the night,
weavers playful, out of sight
of those who would condemn
this place of magick,
their self-selected spite,
self-fulfilling need
to define what may be
can't touch the power of night

(c) August 22, 2008 Laurie Corzett/libramoon