Tuesday, November 25, 2008

sharing and revealing

Why aren't people taking over these foreclosed houses and renting them out legitimately. Home prices are down, rentals up because so many people who lost their homes now have to rent. Where are the real capitalists?

I was just musing about this to-square and saw the Saturn in Libra energy as grounding the Uranus in Aries electrical outthrust, each a reaction to the Pluto in Capricorn shifting of the foundations. Saturn exalted in Libra could provide the kind of just social framework to pull the shift together for the kind of positive outcome you seem to envision.

Nader, Ron Paul and other idealistic candidates know they are providing a serious public service using the opportunity of candidacy to put forth arguments and ideas not addressed by those who need to keep a large constituency to actually win the office. They are providing more of a balance to the overall body politic who tend to wing out in competitive rhetoric and lose sight of the very basis of democracy as diverse groups working out common policies to keep us all moving in a useful direction as a nation.

I agree there is a rift between those who want authority to keep everyone in line and those who want the greatest possible liberty. Saturn v. Uranus. The reality is that we need a good mix of both to have needed changes and maintain a backbone of structure within which to usefully employ innovation.

To get away from early election coverage, I was watching a July book event with George Lakoff on C-Span2 this afternoon. He brought up a point I have been thinking about since. The reason we really like a candidate is not about their positions on issues. It is because of the mirror neurons that cause us unconsciously to feel empathy. He said when we see Obama we feel the calm and self-assurance he feels within ourselves. That is why we feel good about him and what he says.

I was just watching Nova (PBS) telling me about how the Bible was
created. It was just a bunch of folks trying to become a people.
We're folks too. We can figure out how to be a better people.

It's not the drinks or the guns that do the stupid stuff. There is no way to keep monkeys from playing with the dangerous stuff. But, you know what works with monkeys? Peer pressure. And ridicule. And, of course, getting burnt when they play too close to fire.

I find the best way to edit is to get far enough away from the piece so as to be reading it as an objective audience. You know what works when you read it.

Money itself is a fraud.

My understanding is that Bush could do a wholesale pardon against criminal prosecution within US courts, but that international war criminal charges may still apply, as well as civil actions. However, I could be wrong: don't quote me on this. In fact, if you have better info., let me know.

I get totally obsessed with a character, learn all I can about them, live with them as a parallel reality until they are like true old friends. As I have a strong background in astrology, I create astrological charts for them which helps me to keep in mind exactly who they are.

The American electorate were exhorted by the candidate whom they voted in as President Elect to take back our country. A President is not a God. He is a leader of a country full of people who must all be part of the change if it is to happen and be a change for good.

You are always being exactly who you are. It takes a lifetime to learn your life.

I have been more irritated than usual lately by that tactic of stating some mess of words as if obvious incontrovertible fact. Then, when one thinks a second and quite reasonably asks what they mean by that, or if they have considered some alternative point the response is an emotional "blat!" somewhere between exasperation and hatred.

You are resentful of being treated like "white" instead of like you. Replace you with person of your choice, replace white with characteristic of your choice.

Obviously the safe haven idea is very badly needed. So many kids get thrown away, living as best they can on the streets, usually by prostitution. For whatever reason, and they may be well justified, there are parents who can't care for their children. A caring society would have places where these kids could be safe.

Anyone can be a racist. But why would you want to?

The point of separating Church and State (or as earlier expressed by a certain pre-Christian that of God's and that of Caesar's) was instituted in our Constitution to protect religion from state, to demand that there be no official mandated religion.

Do you believe in the ways of the wicca? There is nothing bad or wrong with such beliefs. Do you believe in the Christian faith? Whose Christian faith? For that matter, whose Wicca ways? Look into yourself. What do YOU believe? "And ye harm none, do what ye will."

It came out so clearly in the arguments around this week's election that here in the US we have been doing a terrible job of teaching our young people what they need to know to be good citizens. I do believe that was the argument for public schooling in the new republic.

If these silly Americans would learn English and American History they would not need to be so afraid of words and political concepts. We really do have to improve American education.

It is hardly a weakness to explore new ways of expression. It is a strength of mind and character. There are a great many religious traditions in the world. It can be fascinating to learn about them. There is no need to take on any traditional faith. You can (you do, you know) believe what YOU believe.

Maybe, if we're good, after all the hoopla and divisive angry exclamations we will eventually realize that we are not enemies, that it is not about one way or another, but that to be successful we need the whole country, each of us working in our own genre. We need the breakthrough new ideas and the old tried and true, a secure structure within which innovation can be usefully developed. Remember, you can't fly with just one wing. To get anywhere we want to go, we need the balance, the whole bird.

What to do with your life? Live it. Life is what happens while we're making plans which often never come to fruition.

"Why all the petty bickerings and mean spirits? Is it that people think we are owed treasure we do not create together?"

from Persephone's journal

Notice how they want every woman to pay for her sexual activity by forced pregnancy to term, but complain bitterly about the irresponsibility of people who have kids they can't afford to support.

Words like "conservative" and "liberal" have been so twisted by interest groups as to have derived meanings totally disparate with their original intent. It's no wonder we seem to be so often speaking at cross purposes.

What about that great socialist President (General) Eisenhower? Do you have any idea what the top tax rate was in the conservative's paradisiacal 50s?

not brave flying wing
I am conscious inner eye
scanning the landscape

neon elephant's dream

Neon Elephant's Dream

The bubble bursts
throwing us into wakening
Neon elephant, released,
trumpets: abandon hope,
all ye, all ye
Cast upon cold, raging seas
Melting ice
jagged, threatening
drown or be pierced through
Damn that trumpeting
loud and out of tune
Neon elephant slurps floating
ice cap tasting of
polar bear and cool jazz
Muffled notes of alarm
deny the dream,
long abandoned to
holding out hopeful arms
crying for salvation
Shiny soap bubbles
slippery laughter
treasure and sad, sad lives
slipping under
Neon tons
pierced by hungry ice shards
brief angry red screams
call mindless sharks to frenzy
Top of the food chain to ya.
Sleep -- the world spins out
from under
Awake, crashing through chaos
Neon elephant trumpets,
plays the blues

(c) Laurie Corzett/libramoon 10/20/08

Friday, November 7, 2008

Libra Candles


A very straight and narrow
humming, running,
in elegant alacrity
The rest is fringe land
gloriously free
Jumble, tumble play
Exuberant celebration
Ungrounded rambling
Flights of fantastic splendor
Played to the limits of
melting in the center of
structured performance
Dancing outward for a spell
until drowsy and spent
gently crawling back to center
nesting in sensible routine
Touchstone, relay continuation
Stimulation and reflection and
their progeny
Here, on the vast open fringe
we don't stand on ceremony
We dance each to our own drum
Sweet interweaving rhythm

Just a vision
Cast out of stagnant time
translated by a mime
intent on derision
Yet entranced
by sights sublime
caught beyond expectation
outside rifts of generation
tasting of sea, earth and sky
Just a vision echoing by
cleansed through dye-clearing tears
glistens, then disappears
as they dry

In word work
the hard part
isn't the writing
It's the figuring out
what to say
out of the vast variety
of what could be said
Out of the ether, the ethos
(where invisible black holes
suck out time, space, memory)
words adhere to musings, to
blocks of conversation,
combining imagination with
voices externally real
Caught in the interstitial web
coherent sequences
vowels and consonants
subject, adjectives, verbs
cut from the endless stream
pasted on the printed page

(c) Laurie Corzett/libramoon 9/27/08

Raising Hell

Not true sacred magick.
Cynical sleight of hand
turns sweat and dreams,
lives of desperation
into neat bundles of greed.
But the pain burns through
not content to be twisted
into fast cars, high-stakes games,
brilliant careers in glad-handing.
It wants its payment.
False wizards of arrogant charm
play with chthonic forces
more angry and deadly than flame.
Unaware of the cursed seeds
they cultivate,
now strangling life force from below.
Unsupervised children
playing with matches,
grizzled and gray as some may appear,
laughing at the bright spectacle
as homes burn.
The balance is always paid.
Magick is never free.
Will the lesson ever sink in?
Be careful what you conjure.

(c) October 2, 2008 Laurie Corzett/libramoon


The question is of
the moment.
Playing out narrative
serial stories strung
fully in tune with the moment,
resonating with immediate energies
into a layered frame.
There is no future.
Past is but prologue.
We are spinning wheels and looms.
Each processing growing into
the next, never completed.
Within the sacred crystal
of the moment
question and answer merge,
synthesize eternity.

I hold a ball of fire
in my palm
behind my eyes
consuming me
engulfed in flaming pain
crackling frame-dissolving
into ember
into sparks
igniting hair and lashes
Yet out of ash
always renewed
ready to burn again
I can't sleep for the light
find respite from agony
I am consumed
atom by atom
then realigned to play again
at disintegration
Towers fall carrying
their servant's blood
and sinew stripped from angry life,
terror, torture.
Imagine burning stars
fire sprites twisting, evolving,
given form and awareness
low-wage jobs, small talk;
they woo and reproduce,
fall into regulated line.
Over millennia memories lose shape;
days lose their charm, become mundane.
Consumption means something different
from disease or connection.
Embers rearrange, form scary bits
of insight, inspiration,
pinpoint bright,
urgently burning.

Sorrow, numbing ice, inconsolate
pain too profound to acknowledge.
Vultures circle, maggots feast.
Blood-sucking parasites
imbibe sacrificial delight,
leering, sneering, snarling, slavering.
Your servants so eager for your favor
fatten themselves for slaughter.

(c) October 7, 2008 Laurie Corzett/libramoon


Let's talk about this.
Exactly what are we afraid of?
Different skins, different thoughts?
"These people are not like us."
Nor we like them.
Legends say we fear
and fight the barbarians.
A receding panorama
of battle upon battle.
Millennia of genocide
proudly proclaimed.
We must be strong warriors,
rough, sharp, explosive,
valiantly a barricade barrage
protecting Our valued and values
from Their predation.
Lines must be drawn clearly.
Womanly, childish fuzzy vulnerability
cast far behind, confined to
defended shelters
kept at bay with bitter laughter,
raucous play.
These patterns built up over
generations serve us well,
minimizing weakening contamination.

(c) October 10, 2008 Laurie Corzett/libramoon

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