Wednesday, October 22, 2008

balancing act

meditating on
imaginal nature plays
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I am considering starting a campaign (or finding one to join) of "Vote for Anyone But the Incumbent" if our so-called representatives sell us out to Wall Street.

I checked out my state info. and found out who I can vote for instead of the ingrates who voted for the "bail-out" despite my letters of warning and thousands of others.

What I don't see pointed out is that during the Clinton years the agencies were working. The economy was thriving. A bubble got out of hand when it should have been reigned in, but that doesn't mean the policies weren't useful in their time. It was this most recent administration that were asleep at the wheel who allowed this crash.

It was about 35 minutes into the debate. McCain was obliquely
responding to Obama's budgetary prioritization in light of the
devastation of the bail-out debacle. One of those priorities for
Obama was his healthcare plan to help most Americans to afford health
insurance regardless of their employers' policies. McCain ignored
the main question of budgetary restraint in this instance (he
addressed it earlier by condemning "earmarks"). Instead he attacked
Obama's healthcare plan (which has nothing to do with a
governmentally controlled oversight of services) and insisted
families and physicians have control over healthcare decisions
without interference from the federal government. Thus, I
interpreted his sentiment as agreeing with the pro-choice position.
*facetious comment*

if we accept the label of "maverick" as generally used, it only means one who follows one's own path in contraindication to the herd. It has nothing to do with reform or even doing anything better than the herd. In the case of Senator McCain, I believe it is a reference to his belligerent nature -- not the kind of temperament to rule wisely, justly, or even sanely.

I get so sick of people saying we are against the "bailout" because
we don't understand. I understand perfectly well that this was an
ill-thought-out plan rushed into legislation which does not address
the issues that caused or could cure the situation. I will not be
voting to reinstall my representatives who so clearly ignored my
pleas for a more measured understanding of the situation.

The stated problems supposedly addressed by this bill could be solved much more cheaply and surely mostly with powers already held by the Fed. I heard (though haven't checked out officially) that even that raise in FDIC could have been accomplished without Congressional intervention. I think this mess is being given to Congress because it is known they don't have the financial expertise and will vote to what they see as their political advantages. Get them scared enough that they will be on the line if the economy goes nuclear and they'll find a way to do as bidden by the finance guys. This way when this half-assed plan fails, the blame can be spread around, while the toxic assets get to be passed from the gamblers who created them into the responsibility of the rest of us.

We all have to have a fair stake in the commonwealth to make an economic-social system that works.

To my simplistic mind it seems as though we went through a long season of Saturn opp. Neptune in which reality slipped through a bubble. Now as Saturn moves opposite to Uranus, we get the rude awakening.

I see no good reason not to take people as they are, to accept the truth they offer, without needing to label them as symptomatic. If someone is suffering due to a dysfunctional imbalance between their perceptions of what is and the norm, it seems to me that is an area where education and communication can be useful.

I often wonder what draws some people toward clinical practice. As you indicate, often the so-called professional is not so well-hinged themselves.

Does anyone remember in the robust, halcyon 50s when the world was wonderful and the great Republican General Eisenhower was in charge, what the highest taxation rate was in the US?

the insurance industry is actually making our lives and property less safe.

I have no reason to believe that any religion is more correct than any other. My argument is with the poor practitioners who attempt to use their religion or religious differences as an excuse for violent conflict, often in direct contradiction to the original precepts of their code.

It is elitist, to my mind, to put down someone who is trying to do a good job because they do not fit the image you want to impose.

I see nothing wrong with labeling fascist or socialist or communist style politics. This is no more an insult than using the terms conservative or liberal, which are so often used contrary to actual meaning.

Much worse than people who worked to right wrongs and may have gone too far out of frustration, people who cynically invoke words like "patriotism" and "terrorism" to promote their own ambitions.

GIGO has a corollary of self-selecting information based on one's own precepts and predilections. It happens with any form of media, in all historic instances. People complain about the dumbing down properties of tv when we watch "reality" and hype. Yet, we can choose to watch programming which is enlightening. Even more so with internet derived information.

keep moving and wear layers. Long underwear and wool socks are so wonderful. Even keeping the heat at a lower level cuts down, or closing off the rooms not being used, insulating windows, floors, walls with fabric, rugs. Flannel sheets do make a big difference

it is not only the devil that remakes scripture to fit his taste. I wish the fundamentalists would really read their books and get back to the fundamentals of true religious teachings, not about petty fashion statements but about how best to be human.

According to what I understand about Jesus' message (peace, love, brotherhood, throwing the money changers out of the Temple, you know the drill) a great many people who profess to be Christian haven't got a clue as to what that means.

so much unknown, unsaid, uncomprehended
essential atmosphere surrounds
allowing breath of life
automatic, unnoted expression

The problem with guilt by association? 6 degrees of separation and common dna links us all.

Isn't it wonderful how agents of the Grand Old Party keep hitting the opposition with the brush of their own wrongs. It's better than Doublespeak. Just listen to what they are ranting on about the other side's bad acts to know where to look for their own miscreant tactics.

I had heard a great deal about ACORN's good works years ago, so was quite surprised that they were suddenly being portrayed as more or less agents of evil. Amazing how complicated situations get broken down into vilifying soundbites.

I checked on Acorn at Wikipedia (including the commentary). This is a hot air storm in a tiny cup of tea.

This nonissue about nonpeople getting registered to in no way be able to vote because they don't actually exist, is being misused to ramp up actual denial of voting rights to legitimate voters through a variety of barriers in predominately Democratic communities. There is always method to their madness.

It's so painfully sick and sad. At a time when we need to pull together, we have people who work to their own ends by picking us apart. I feel like these people are living back in the '60s trying to erase the counter-culture gains in freedom and diversity. They subvert all the messages of love and community to divide and conquer with a message of aggressive hate.

You people make me so tired. You can't do anything helpful. You just want to promote hate.

Cute and cuddly small-town gal
But strident, with something to say:
"You will listen and obey! For my God
is an awesome God who has given
you such a winsome Leader."
A businesswoman and a breeder
packaged and priced to sell.

I just saw Obama on tv, from some fundraiser, admitting he was not born in the US, or even on Earth. He is an illegal alien from some planet called Krypton.

ok, let's go over this one more time. A "liberal" is one who agrees with the classic philosophical position that the rights and freedoms of the individual trump the interests of the state when these are in conflict. The United States of America was created by liberals to be a liberal state. Those who blanketly talk trash about someone being "liberal" is either ignorant or anti-freedom. This is not putting such folks down, but merely stating the literal truth.

This is underscoring the reason why the abortion issue is so divisive. If one truly believes the life of the unborn innocent is more important than the health of the mother who would presumably be responsible to care for said innocent once it is born, one is in effect promoting the bare fact of birth as the hallmark of life. The "right to life" is very narrowly defined. The right is to get dumped into the world to live or die or suffer horribly until dying, not what we "liberals" understand to be life.

The US Constitution says absolutely nothing about abortion, which is as it should be. Such medical decisions have no place being regulated by government at all. The 4th Amendment "Right to Privacy" theory is what the Supreme Court based its decision in Roe v. Wade on. However, many say that this was a flawed decision, not because it affirmed a right to choose, but because the legal arguments are not well laid out. Again, this is no province for government. The correct Supreme Court decision for this case, in my opinion, would be to state that very clearly. It's about being able to make our own decisions about our own bodies -- not privacy as such, but personal integrity. It is very dangerous to legislate in these areas. For instance, look at the drug laws which have been used to lock up those perceived as social misfits, which is apparently a vast percentage of our society according to the numbers of prisoners who have had their rights abrogated for nonviolent personal choices.

No one is saying anyone should be killed or not be born. This is about expectant mothers' choices in their special circumstances, whatever those may be.

It continues to amaze me that the so-called party of fiscal conservatism and individual freedom so incredibly stomps on their stated core values. Abortion choice is not about birth control or killing, but about having control over, and therefore responsibility for, our own lives and choices. You want to make abortion less likely, make not only birth control, but general control for women over our lives and bodies and availability of the means to well provide for our children more likely.

"Love with us, sister,
take our tales into your soul."
A strong breath of sea air
carries me onward
into the chill of life.

I gave up on the NYT as any kind of reliable reportage when they went along with the whole we need to invade Iraq insanity.

Totally expected this nervousness at starting something new. Do you meditate? Deep breaths, yes, very important, and maybe some soothing music if available (even from memory); take yourself to a quiet peaceful place in your mind and teach yourself the warrior wisdom of moving effortlessly through the jungle.

Finding that balance, that place where the income/outgo works not so much financially or socially but internally emotionally, that is a special kind of wealth.

Breathe in the music
Air to the soul

Fantasy dinner party guests:

Doctor Who - look at the stories he has to tell!

Valentine Michael Smith (from Heinlein's "Stranger in a Strange Land") - to get an offworld perspective, and apparently he was quite hot.

Tom Robbins - my favorite fiction author; I would love to get into a deep conversation with him about his philosophical views and how he makes his words do that

Sappho - talk about your marvelously talented maverick! We could all get into quite a philosophical/metaphysical discussion

Amy Goodman (from Democracy Now) - the best interviewer I have seen. She could definitely get a lot more from my guests than I to really open up the conversation

Michelle Obama - a truly refreshing, intelligent, modern view from a woman of vast experience in living through these millennial times

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