Tuesday, November 25, 2008

neon elephant's dream

Neon Elephant's Dream

The bubble bursts
throwing us into wakening
Neon elephant, released,
trumpets: abandon hope,
all ye, all ye
Cast upon cold, raging seas
Melting ice
jagged, threatening
drown or be pierced through
Damn that trumpeting
loud and out of tune
Neon elephant slurps floating
ice cap tasting of
polar bear and cool jazz
Muffled notes of alarm
deny the dream,
long abandoned to
holding out hopeful arms
crying for salvation
Shiny soap bubbles
slippery laughter
treasure and sad, sad lives
slipping under
Neon tons
pierced by hungry ice shards
brief angry red screams
call mindless sharks to frenzy
Top of the food chain to ya.
Sleep -- the world spins out
from under
Awake, crashing through chaos
Neon elephant trumpets,
plays the blues

(c) Laurie Corzett/libramoon 10/20/08

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