Friday, December 5, 2008

Scorpio Candles

Support Our Troops

What if they gave a war
and nobody came?
Marching orders
unstable chemical treaties
break down
crushing frightened innocents
into dust.
We meant to serve our country.
We meant to save lives, shore up
threatened resources,
bulwarks against disaster.
We meant to follow the dreams of
our fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers
for a good life:
family, God, country
and a wholesome recompense of fun.
We didn't ask for horror so intense
as to reverberate through what's left
of our lives.
How is this service? Who is served?
Who left in pieces that never heal?
God is on the battle field
Not as general or mascot,
as witness
and gentle minister
of last rites
to shattered souls.

(c) November 16, 2008 Laurie Corzett/libramoon

Old King's Cold/Grail King

And the old King dies.
Sends out his mortal ghost
to dance on Olympian plains.
I am the mighty he;
ruled wisely while I was allowed;
sold my soul to please the crowd;
withered on the vine divine.
There is no more of me.
Drink from the golden Grail,
Oh New Found King.
You are triumphant.
A bright dawn upon the kingdom
offers sparkling hope,
new dreams aborning.
Don't despair old peasant folk,
though you think despair all you
can cling to.
The Fisher King has returned
from his desert adventures.
He brings the tides to
slake the thirst
of this arid land.
I beg you yet again
to take a stand.
Take harness, plow your pastures.
Believe that the seed will take hold.
Listen to the heralds
shouting lines in the sand.
They know a flood is coming
after many a hard rain --
but don't despair!
It is a flood of fertility,
a harbinger promising carpets of grain
and lush vegetation.
All this is promised if you
do your part.
The old King, so long dying of his
festering wounds, has poisoned you
with ill-fated rule.
Cast out the poison from your hearts.
Tend your fields with a will
and a song.
Never forget you are free.
Never forget that responsibility.

(c) November 16, 2008 Laurie Corzett/libramoon

Enjoin the Music

Leaves like falling stars
twinkling through windy twilight.
Captured bubbles of dreams,
prickling memories,
thickly scented reverie,
solidity melting into private sea

Filigreed trills
Resolute beat
"This you can believe in
creatures upon this Earth"
ethereal ringing choir
breaks into dance
pouring out

Leaves twinkle falling
Stars across twilight
The song in my heart hears
their siren call sweetly
Broken against primeval rock formations
Washed by anguished storm
to awaken
to new landscape

(c) November 8, 2008 libramoon

Why We Worship Cats

Unlike the elephant of the blind,
I touch fur, claws, tail at once
thus made aware
of living being
on its own terms

(c) November 8, 2008 libramoon

not brave flying wing
I am conscious inner eye
scanning the landscape

Merlyn Enchanted

In secret unlit chambers
guided by wizardry
all eternity his(Hers) to see
in crystal, unable to penetrate
What we do for love; allowing
liens upon a will of magic
Endless night, he(She) stirs wonders,
ancient and sublime,
catches fluid rhythms in catechisms,
spells out vivid adventure
to dance before his(Her) avid mind
My life, it is beauty sculptured
pure, decanted enchantment
I drink deeply to ecstasy
commingling with frolicking merry sprites
conjured from fumes
of bittersweet elixir

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