Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Evil was unleashed upon the American people. Subprime Primer
Demons of Greed created an illusion made of paper and hypnosis in the guise of home ownership for the underclass.

In the way of legends, karma replied. These demon spawn illusions came in the light of reality to show their toxicity. Clever and desperate minions now exclaim these toxic investments must now be bought by the American people to avoid some kind of vague CRISIS!!! that will destroy us all!!!

It seems to my more reasoning mind (turned from the distracting smoke and mirrors) that the real problem belongs not to "Wall Street" and those whose game of choice is trading in what they like to call a "free market" but to the neighborhoods of "Main Street" losing credit and credibility to empty, unmaintained properties foreclosed upon in a frenzy of insanity.

These properties are of course, "real" estate. They are real. They have value. Not so high as the bubble tried to make us believe, but real value. They especially have value to those who thought of them as "home." A real life cure for what ails US economy would be the encouragement of the profit motive along with the encouragement of sanity to enlist investors (looking desperately for somewhere to put the money they have taken out of the karmically challenged investment banks) to buy these properties at true market value, work out mortgage or rental arrangements with those who want to live in and maintain these properties, by-pass the whole evil episode and get back to real market trade based on real values that can be easily understood by Main Street and learned through the true educator of experience by Wall Street.

The Wall Street Model: Unintelligent Design

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