Friday, December 9, 2011

pre-holiday reframing (raos)

Unable to requite disputes,
cults of disregard
Can a more sustaining dream
be found, a different road?
Woods, snow, icy stream
Winter quiet, peace
Shouldered off the highway
Why not take care of the people's needs and interests through the private sector, and tell government spending we aren't in the market? Maybe it would be helpful to think more in terms of public/private partnerships than "government bureaucracy" and "private profit".
Wouldn't it save healthcare dollars and healthy lives to seriously dis-incentivize environmental pollution that creates passive intake of poisons?
we must make money (in politics) irrelevant
Where are those vast sums going?  We know wealthy corporations are putting fortunes into influencing elections.  Who is profiting?
I find it less than amusing, more than irritating, when Republican reps. go all out blaming the President for the outcomes of their actions and recalcitrance.
The thing with "Obamacare" (kind of like capitalism and communism) it never got a chance to work (or not). Instead we have this mess created by Congress and the insurers.
of course, the US is a radical socialist (even communist) country, as well as crony capitalist and oligarchic -- we are a melting pot after all.
people are so quick to blame the guy at the top for the problems that belong to all of us
Candidate Obama never promised to fix what is wrong. He offered to work with Americans to bring us together to find and implement solutions. Complaining about the President is not anything like a solution. Joining together on the streets to fight for change, that is something.
 Isn't it time to take back our language from the corporatists and doublespeakers?
If you allow yourself to understand, to speak the truth, that humans are capable of divine achievement, and open fully to the miracles of bliss, grace, redemption, growth beyond the physical, you will be free.
what is normality anyway? No One is Normal -- we are each unique. A norm is like an average, a mathematical fiction.
who you are is a unique human being with your own will and history
Being kind can be a moving meditation.  It doesn't have to be about giving anything up, or even making a special effort.  It can be easy, what is easy, placid, cool, nonfrictive.  It can also be courageous, heroic, when that is the called forth energy.
"Kind" is different from "nice".  Nice is conciliatory, making room by being smaller or overly overtly accommodating.  Kindness is more essential, more honest, more responsible -- making room by inclusion.
Yes, we live in a world of damage and hostility.  My best response is to turn in the direction of healing and peace.  That turning can be easy, a little dance, if it is done as an act of self-love.  First, it becomes necessary, or so it seems, to do the hard work of leaving the guilt, self-punishment, belief in misery.  That is certainly harder than one would think from a more ideal perspective.

 I think I get the "holiday" "War on Christmas" hype -- a distraction to keep us from the understanding that there is no holiday, but rather an orgy of consumption and stress.
If what is desired for positive mental health outcomes is empathy and positive regard within a safe environment, we can provide that without "psychotherapy" or years of professional education, peer-to-peer
It ought to be the norm that people get to decide business practices in their community.

Reframe government from "them" to us
Because words are imbued with meaning and power, we ought not casually dismiss them as lesser action.
What it takes for a representational democracy not to work is lack of active participation by the electorate.
the science of today seems a large part related to the science fiction these scientists read in their youth
I don't want to be told what can't be done.  I want inspiring.
Green magic (any sufficiently
advanced efficiency of
chemistry, natural
technology) exchanging poisons for
benign symbiotic ecology
(no college degree could assure
so lush a life)
So sad that we only see what we expect.
Trained to tragedy, to forget the best
that we could be.
Present of applauding audience glowing good will

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