Friday, December 16, 2011

forward toward apocalypse (raos)

the only plausible reasoning I can come up with for a great deal of what is happening these days is that there must be a great many people urgently desiring and working for Armageddon now
War, execution, outlandishly dangerous
chemical enforcement
Meant to be extremely rare last threat
Cynically, lazily become firsts strike against
the designated enemy
Thinking about how it works in the real world, those of wealth get there because of the great character attribute of doing whatever it takes to take what they have told themselves they are entitled to.  Those of us who believe we are meant to contribute to the larger community are thus left in their dust.
we have to stand up to the bullies or they'll assume they are right
Anger is a signal
of imbalance
a siren cry:  "Realign!"
Surging energy
proclaiming: "Danger!"
"Attend!  Perform necessary corrections!"
before falling back into complacency
to make sure you don't fall
too far.

Work becomes a dirty word when redefined into some kind of punishment one must endure in order to be considered worthy to survive, rather than just what people do.
"Hard work" is no guarantee of anything.  "Working" is functioning effectively.  How best do you do that?
Dis-incentivize ill-advised activities
The best (and maybe only) way to get money influence out of public policy is to make political fund-raising irrelevant.  People to people promotion of candidates who actually have useful ideas and strategies to implement them is the way to go.
Perhaps it would be useful for "free-market" applauders to understand that our current President (and for the most part his predecessors) became so by out-distancing the competition in the open market.
I have one criteria for my opinion about another.  It has nothing to do with color, creed, or even species.  All I judge on is how you treat me.
maybe it's time to bypass taxes and go to another method of funding our national projects -- perhaps a transaction fee on all purchases (including "financial instruments" and such)
The Israelis are quite obviously an invented people.
simplification and transparency all around would make for much better governance
perhaps we ought to rethink the outcomes we really want -- and work backwards from there
It seems like the logical outcome of the capitalist game is for those who have made it to the top to burn down the ladder.
Welcome to the New American Century in which we trade any pretense of democracy for oligarchy -- let the bad times roll
so (and this is not new to the current jobless plight) we don't do what is clearly a better overall option because itmight cost jobs? We really have to get out of the "job-creators" and even "jobs" mentality. Work is what we want to be doing, not just some organized paycheck maze. Do the work, the real work, the labor that is needed to be done to have a world in which we feel comfortable.
Picture each animated creature enlightened
Each candle warmly, brilliantly ignited
Animated faces dance with excitement
Creature comfort gifts encircle trees
Enlightened pleasures whirled in peace
"I declare world peace"

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