Saturday, December 3, 2011

holy daze (raos)

When all the world's a stage,
who better to be than the audience?
Capitalism is a religion for those who believe in it; there is no sacrifice too great.
The libertarians believe in the individual over the collective, but they are not the same as "right-wingers" who are largely what was once called the "moral majority" or even "compassionate conservatives".  The original liberals were promoters of liberty, the rights of Man as noble individual.  The old-line conservatives are more about hierarchical rule and the security of place in the social order, order in the everyday so we know what to expect, how to present ourselves, how to plan for prosperity.
They say that if you open to the pain, truly feel it, it loses the negative connotation and becomes simply useful sensation.
 It is practically the definition of insanity to insist on prohibiting the drugs that people insist on obtaining.
they who frame the conversation generally control it
someone brought up complaint about whiners who seem to expect jobs without wanting to work -- it made me think about artists, wondrous creatures who put in tremendous, creative, detailed, painstaking work, just to do it, just to manifest a compelling vision
The attitude of people confronting government and other institutions of power to insist on our voice being respected is one that calls for creative expansion.

The best defense against big money in political campaigns is people power
Government doesn't want anything. Unlike corporations, government is a concept, not a person.  Government is not a living entity, and has no mind.  A government is an organizational system, it is an ideational creation, a consensual organization to manage agreed upon realities.
Organization, a concept or activity, can have no concerns. What we need are the people who work within organizations to have the enlightened self-interest, collective awareness, nurtured compassion, integrated values that impel them to work for the common good.
I recently saw former Pres. Bill Clinton and current Pres. Barack Obama on C-SPAN talking about public/private projects to develop creative win/win means of financing green building retrofitting.  Clinton spoke about great things that could be done if financing could be worked out.  It seems this is true of a wide variety of possible projects to improve public/private lives and resources.

 if we appropriately taxed the fossil fuels commensurate with their actual costs to society, renewables could naturally triumph.
The true job creators are those who trade the use of their skilled time. Businesses don't create jobs. They hire workers to do what needs to be done to keep their business going. Consumers, while necessary to bring in the payment, do not create jobs. They buy the products that the jobs produce. People create jobs by figuring out how to sell their time, knowledge, creativity, and other useful attributes to employers, or directly to consumers.
pretty much everyone has some kind of health issues. Most of us have encountered some form of bullying or discrimination or other negative social commentary because of our "differences" (and by us I don't mean us here, but all of humankind).
You can turn off prejudices; but it takes time, patience, and creative nonviolent action
trading delusion for art
trading in smarts for wisdom
It's an old and multi-national tradition to celebrate the longest night and the communal prayer for the return of the Sun.

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