Sunday, July 31, 2011

July a deux (raos)

I bow in awe
spritely step upon the stage
pirouette, send applause exploding
into rafters
and after
weep into a borrowed liminality
Enjoying a celestial fling of word-scaped imagery -- must be my release of atmospheric anxiety day
With the vast and expanding pool of information far beyond what individual minds can (or ought to) hold, we are much better for having easily accessible online data stores and effective methods for retrieval.
been there
but what about the restless hum
Summer below early dawn
prescient blood prowls almost silent
mere placeholders for ideas which cordon space,
objects, mirrors may amaze
or capture gaze or serve as sharing media
(interface amygdala)
Contoured as art exhibits,
break inhibition
entertain observing brains aware
Happiness is like a butterfly capturing your mind through gleaming eye; feel free flight exhilarate
the source condition that surrounds us,
the essence of all space in, around, between.
the Creator's plan, Eden's blueprint, paradise here and hereafter,
Christ's salvation, Buddha's enlightenment, Mohammed's dream,
Zarathustra's revelation,
the holy secret Great Goddess whispers
in cradling lullaby.
All consciousness is an option
to open eternally
into full awareness of bliss.
Breathe in the healing.
Breathe out the stale pain.
Laugh in the chilling rain,
yes, even as the tsunami hits,
the Earth quakes,
erupting ash burns.
A universe of bliss is yours
for the accepting.
It costs nothing but your sins,
your misconceptions,
your resistance to true unfettered life,
your immortal soul.
If the above and below, the in and the out, the left and the right, the sad and the scared intertwine long legs sharing Summer idolatry, where can we go to be alone?
We only have the right to so much of an artist -- what they freely give. Her destiny is her own.
Nothing new under the Sun?  What a sad belief. Perhaps, in Solomon's day when "news" did not travel well, and society was fairly stable, he might think that. In the 21st Century change is evident all the time. However, even if somehow we were aware of all that could ever be, we each, unique combinations of experience and self, bring our own interpretations.
The bias of tv news is neither left nor right but banality.
Form follows function free within sound structure.  Dance outside the lines; the lines are still implied.
Darling little crumbs dribble from your swollen lips.
my heart fills, bursts, broken, searches these grey wastelands for a seed
Quizzical, amicable, yet ready to dive inside
swim waves of mind
on a glorious Summer reverie
The healthy course would be to stretch, and enjoy the excitement of movement, discovery, self-challenging. Learning to view others as competitors only invites paranoia.
The job creators are those who buy the goods and services thereby encouraging more to be made and sold. Generally speaking, no one hires for pay unless they have good reason to believe they will make more from that hire than they will spend. Businesses are not in the business of creating jobs, but of making profits. Taxation does not impede the desire for profit. When private spending does not provide enough incentive for businesses to grow and thus need more employees, government spending can help to create jobs.
The job destroying GOP likes to conflate and conquer
A lot of the problem is with context and definitions. Somehow people seem to conceptualize "government" as some monolithic structure outside of themselves. Having this concept allows those who know how to get benefit from manipulation to dissipate what might have been individual's useful energy into working against individual and thus societal best interests.
We seem to prefer the warrior attitude of blasting our ills with chemical warfare, no matter that it is counterproductive.
What is this fascination with the gay? Where we need to look is at relationships -- in all their glorious variety.
The affirmed goal of the right is to deseat the US President, and possibly to bring down the government altogether. The thing is, if the American people don't take their Obama-bashing as good clean fun or gospel fact revealed, if we, you know, act like reasonable people, they lose. Meanwhile, they've had their fun at our expense.
I have been thinking that an underlying problem of this whole debt mania is a difficulty in dealing with large numbers. Sure the debt is in the trillions, but if you look at a world population in the billions, and trade transactions in numbers we don't even want to think about, a few trillion is actually not very much.
Orphans, widows, people too ill to work, and old folks without issue to take care of them when they are too old to take care of themselves and others -- where will they go when they can't pay the rent?
A thing people don't seem to get about President Obama, aside from him being a confirmed centrist, is that he seems to see his mission as bringing the country together along a middle path. I believe his concern is actually more with bringing about compromise, the sides working together for the common good.
Life has no meaning; that is up to us.

When by inaction or lack of outrage we allow free floating anxiety to project into attacks on "Mexicans," "Gays," "Degenerates," or any other label, we in essence allow our culture to devolve into "the war of all against all".
Rights require responsibilities -- they are not just freely wafting through the air for all to partake. The right is not to healthcare per se, but to do what we will or must to maintain health. The wrong is not in healthcare providers requiring to be paid for their work, but in the healthcare insurance industry and the healthcare industry working to make it harder for people to access the care they need. We would be ever so much better as a society to make health information more generally accessible, and to train a great deal more healthcare professionals so they become a more common commodity.

If we insist on waiting for "the government" with all the insane drama and "important" pork not much useful gets done in a timely manner. People who use, supply, and care about medical care really need to get together community by community and develop free care options that work.

Listening to the utter madness of the House members discussing the demise of this country they have been given stewardship of (????); reading sad commentary on working poor lives, poor lives ground down to fine dust beneath the well-shod feet of their "betters"; I have been musing along the moldering allies of desolation that "social darwinist" "christians" who think they are in charge must believe it best that the masses who take up too much room and resource for their liking would be better left to rot and die, to leave all the best, all the real estate and wealth for them and their chosen servants.
Politicians in a curmudgeon imply no obligation to pay debts. Who would want to lend to us without a much bigger rate of return to offset the risk? Meanwhile, we have people dependent on getting what was promised from the government. We could get better deals for our dollars. That has nothing to do with the debt already incurred, and the need to continue borrowing to meet obligations already committed.
We have economic crisis, so Congress wastes our time and resources on a worthless show. If you can't give the people bread, give 'em a circus?
There is no saving ourselves out of deficit/debt. New industries with excitement and job growth are on their way every day. The route is not shared pain, but shared endeavor, to be educated and open to the new.
If anyone in DC were serious about deficit reduction, they would insist on funding alternative energy research, start-ups and education.
Lives and funds could be improved if prison time were confined to those who have acted violently. Nonviolent crimes: actual payment -- cash, service, or other methods.
Social Security is not causing economic problems, in fact ameliorates many of them.
Medicaid and Medicare are part of the problem of skyrocketing medical costs. What is being proposed to solve the actual problem?
The real fix on revenue would be a streamlined, clear, concise, user friendly instructions for giving our social structure its cut. Not a job that can be done in a hurry, though.

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