Sunday, October 10, 2010

forest lore (for 10/10/10)


simple fare, not denied 
to self-organization 
we call life. 

We come alive in narrative. 

Structured tales 
tether history, 
scientific discovery: 
We saw, surmised, tested, 
told for you to see. 
All of artistry suspends in story, 

society, politics, religion, 
myths of tribes and 
nations; war and tribulations, 
arguments for peace, for justice, 
philosophers' laboratories, 
suggestions, syntheses 
Grey matter cogitates, spins 
memory far beyond 
sense perception, 
evolving interaction within 
an eco-sphere. 

A tree may speak of self 
within its frame 

But feels no need to form 
fantasies of ancient trees, 
explain the lore of forest

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