Saturday, October 23, 2010


The line between politics and entertainment recedes
We have entered the 21st Century
Twist and mangle
Whine and Wheedle
Thread the needle
mend the tear
become aware
within a muse's
winsome glare
dance alone or in a pair
or as a party to the fiddle
on the edge, out from the middle
rearrange stage from chair
move in tandem
or keep it random
lines at angle
long past parallel or paradigm
Bullying takes place because bullies get away with it. Bullies will find any identifiable "difference" to designate victims. It helps them that others in the greater cohort will willingly allow such victimizing.
Do not close off your thinking to decry gay bashing. Anyone can be bashed for pretty much any trait. It's not our differences that cause the bashing, but the same sad old story of the bully making big waves with loud obnoxious pugilence. The real point is to cut off the power of the bullies by refusing to acknowledge them as anything but what they are.
How about a concept: actual supervision. Maybe we can think of ways to reward good behavior. Maybe those who are playing nicely can be given fun new toys or be led in fun games. Bullies would have to reform, play nicely, before they could join in the fun. Otherwise, they could be ignored, except in cases where they need to be isolated.
It is not that the schools or any other institution needs to protect their charges from each other. It is the true responsibility of all of us to call out the bullies as the naked emperors that they are.

These kids are made miserable by more than bullying. They are made to feel they deserve the bullying, don't deserve defending, or, at best, that though they don't deserve it, they will always be bullied.
This is nothing new. Bullies have always tried to demand respect with violence. What needs to happen is for the bullies to be treated as the fools they are, instead of respected as some kind of power or authority on who deserves bullying. That includes the bullies on the playground, in front of the classroom, in the home, in the work place, in the street, on the battlefield, in the media, everywhere.
If police are so ineffective, and the neighborhood is so dangerous, wouldn't the logical step be to get together a neighborhood watch organization? You don't need guns -- just light on the problem and concerned awareness, and a small bit of actual courage to take back our lives.
amniotic ocean for the fetal dream
feeding on effulgence infused with faith
longing fulfilled
drop by drop
until the wake descends
We tell ourselves stories, display labels, devise descriptions to make it ok to be part of the human construct world. When we leave the construct, we just are. But, why do we leave this superconstruct? Why do we want to be other than interactive cells of humanity?
It seems to me that the essence is that what people need is back-up. Not drugs, not superiors telling them what to do or how to feel; people who are in crisis need to feel there is someone who is listening, really, a safe place where they can be totally real, and real hope that they can figure it out and get to some better understanding of themselves, their goals and needs, and their abilities. But really, people need to know that they matter, that they can learn and do what is needed, and that the stories of their lives are still being written and read.
dark evocation
tension, sensual and sad
branded bold, bad, dense
and pale in waning light
food, water, air, sexual reproduction -- these rightfully ought to be celebrated as our necessity for interaction, for deep meaningful understanding of our environmental connections.  We as individuals can never exist alone.
Anyone who invests human animals with "spirit" denied to everyone else is operating on prejudicial discrimination -- not some higher power.
If Love is universal
why limit it to the living
or possibility of life
Love freely, all that inspires
love, all the companions
and comforters,
all the blessings and brightenings

As you astutely observe, it is not the drug culture, nor the influence of druggy friends that create a downturn. They are in some sense a cure, or at least a palliative, for the sweet comforts of home. On the other hand, check out biographies of the artists who truly move us and even culture. We don't get to sing the blues effectively if we haven't paid the dues.
Getting "high" needs no excuse. Easing pain and other aspects of illness that interfere with the activities that are important to us is what is to be expected when possible.
No, let's be so in awe of the boogie-boogie of "DRUGS!"* that we joyfully embrace our suffering because it shows our strength in staying away from ... what big pharma doesn't profit on.

What are/were those "progressives" thinking? It ought to be a no-brainer that prohibitions are counterproductive, counter-progressive.
I've been thinking about this narrative as essence or pseudo-essence in terms of biosemiotics. Every bit of life a construct evaluating and acting out the narratives implied by collective and continuously collated data.

In deep field dreams
rustic woodfire comfort
blesses autumn morn

deadly sweet sister
howls into windy canyon
sad chants ricochet
gracious glorience
calcified webs of sparkle and synapse
Terra forms; delicate balance renders
Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindus, Neo-Pagans, Zoroastrians -- no we can't trust any of them, because people can be a nasty, dishonest lot. It's not their gods; it's their blatant idiocy.
If we were indeed an intelligent race (that's homo sap, not some divisive idea about "races"), we would honor and respect each other as a matter of "of course!"
We are not being suffocated by illegal immigrants. Most of them are here because employers are employing them to do tedious or dangerous work for low wages. We are being suffocated by our own frankly insane ways of working out our differences.
Instead of hunting for a job, it might be more productive all around to hunt for a market.
If big business is really the driver of employment, we do not need government involvement. However, do you see the millions of jobs these businesses have provided to bring us into near full employment today? I don't either.
I don't get why anyone would not be able to name the person they want as intermediary when they are too sick to speak for themselves. Often a next of kin might have very different ideas about what is to be done than the person being done to.
Nietzsche believed will is exploration
far beyond the need of expiation
I am and thus breathe in reality
breathe out subjugation
to Lords
Eternities' glow, transform, trip fantastic light
Timeless journeys cycle into life
We breathe, entangle air and Earth
perceive other stars and hearts, wishes
to believe our fates have fire
Life's song can rise and fall in tone
Encode the call we each alone
can hear and dance with
through fear, romance, death,
learning to repair, to own the tune we play
expand and jam throughout each day
maiden to crone
Creating symphony, notated memory
of how we've grown
I wonder about the mindset that makes sense of hoarding resources in the hands of any few elite. Wealth is not money or even precious jewels. Wealth is active commerce thus that resources are used to create better resources.
The thing is, kowtowing to big corp is exactly the wrong way to improve our economy. All those "regulations" businesses complain about keeping them from operating effectively are imposed by big business interests who buy themselves politicians to kill off competition. What we need for a thriving economy is small, local businesses providing for the needs and desires of customers in return for fair compensation, and so on, and so on, all around.

Women are subjugated as part of the mindset that favors ownership of the means of production for the benefit of oppressors.

I've been thinking about fear and anger. Fear is often to a large extent paralyzing. Anger is energizing.

I too prefer to vote for someone I like seeing on tv. However, being of more intellectual persuasion, I like to see them making useful arguments and explaining policy. Probably why I prefer C-SPAN to reality tv.
Serious about wanting people to vote? Get out there and promote -- offer assistance to get folks to and from the polls, to babysit, to help with whatever circumstance makes staying home seem a better option.
Blame the politicians, the parties, the President, the tea and coffee crowds, whatever. I like to blame the education system that doesn't. But, honestly, if the people who are so concerned about progressive issues would get in gear and fire up some imagination and grit, we could overwhelm all the nasty nyah nyah "right wing" trash and swing that American Dream.
so-called Republicans confuse me. They insist on doublespeak such that they're activities totally belie the tenets they traditionally claim to uphold. The party of rah-rah America sells us out quite literally. The party of limited government puts the law into our bedrooms. The party of fiscal responsibility spends on a system of voodoo economics. The party of family values gives no value to family needs. The party of Christian values angrily spits in the face of the mere idea of brotherly love. I think we get the idea -- they are institutionally insane.
Money, much like bureaucracy, effectively acts as a separator of actors. If I can give you money, I don't have to interact with as much as if I had to trade directly.
My impression of mainline Republicans is that they don't like to get too close.
It occurs to me that those who are truly "elite" in the sense of having more clearly defined ideas about social good would not, by the nature of the clarity of their ideas, be oppressive to anyone. Rather, it would behoove them to lead by example.
work and love
expression and assimilation
need for food, air, stimulation
ideation, imagination, succor
self-aware cells, each with place
and passion
busily interchanging
at market and field
combine wielding power, growing
beyond boundaries
permeable to trade, elation
creative generation
each lives to give

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