Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sun in Pisces/Moon in Aquarius

Sun in Pisces/Moon in Aquarius
Lilting spirit out of body
dance of purified energy
merged into music
outside law or obligation.
Reinstate time of bright lights in darkness,
of flagrant song, buoyant laughter,
twirling theme of ecstasy beyond reason or ration.
Reinstate the quiet sunrise
smell of pine and wild roses,
of limitless sky entertaining majestic formations of earth,
unbridled passion encompassing silent reflection,
all orchestrated in bold tones, exquisite complexity
and simple truth.
Take me there. Let me fly
forever undisturbed by a need to touch down.

1 comment:

Paddy Russell said...

Cool man Locked by the city ground
dreaming of your limitless sky
Love is life, cold as night
shimmer bites at my knees
the fractal bliss that I don't need
But we are and thats free
could it be that you are watching me.