Sunday, March 24, 2013

pray for violence

Pray for Violence

The God of Abraham
enjoys His Master tricks.
Calls Chosen men to violent
revenge against all fancied slights.
“They’re wicked – Smite!
Pillage their villages.
Rape their disgusting whores.
Make their acres yours in My sight,
in My glory. Give blood lust, My rightful
gory sacrifice. Pride is My reward
when your sons fight in My Name.
Pride can pay the price, replace shame.
I am no pansy, no prancing debutante
at Papa’s ball. I am no Mama’s man,
no Fate’s enthralled. I am the First, the
Prime, the All.”

Soldiers, persons of honor, heroes of
common cause, deserve our worship on the throne
of myth. No longer men or women alone, adrift,
seeking meaning, solace for their losses,
receivers for their gifts. Sins and virtues
washed in wars’ conflicting visions, no longer fit
collective debt. Don’t crimes against our mirrors
deserve refection? Does the command of worship
demand recursive lies, impossibility of true
repentance, vicious alibis, endless falling into

March 24, 2013

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