Saturday, January 7, 2012

Janus faces (raos)

I prophesize by reading wine dregs, which first necessitates the ritual in which the wine is drunk by me, and I am drunk by the wine.

If psychology and religion are not doing it for you, there are a great many more philosophies.
I'm tending to the belief that the universe we live is a creation of advanced gamers.
I have been wondering about people so concerned as to kill for their narrow interpretation of a right to life, people who vehemently side with the fetus against mom.
You know, gold is not that much more useful than paper (and much heavier). In the digital age we really ought to be able to figure out trade based on trade.
I like to break down perceived wants to their actual source:  I think I want that object; what I really want is the feeling I believe will come with that object.  Then, the object of the exercise becomes not "what do I want?" but "what do I want to feel?"
Sexual abuse is just another form of abuse. Children, who generally are not well experienced, do need defenses against all forms of abuse. One of the best is actual self-love/confidence and the ability to understand and express "NO!" in any form necessary. The corollary is of course people who the child can trust to act in their interest.

We focus on disease, and wonder why we feel so ill. We focus on our differences and never learn to heal.
For those claiming adherence to the Protestant Ethic, the predestination of wealth to the worthy, gospel has yet again been perverted by privilege.  The intent of their God to smile with fortune upon certain of the flock was to encourage the amassing of control over resources not to benefit the individual, but to give stewardship for the building of structures and institutions to benefit the community.  There was a concept, even a covenant, of "noblesse oblige" -- the Obligation of those blessed to share out that blessing.  The poor, far from being a burden or subjects meant for ridicule or denigration, are a resource to the nobles, for labor and also for spiritual engagement -- by sharing wealth and uplifting those below those of fortune may aspire to spiritual wealth.  -- Disclaimer:  I am not of the Christian faith, but a lifelong student of religions.
The problem is not in the President for being an imperfect human being.  The problem is that we waste our energies infighting rather than figuring out how to rearrange Our government to fit our needs. 
The President is out there doing the sensible thing, while the opposition party candidates cavort and whine like privileged babies. Why do the Republicans want the rest of the world to think we are fools?

I've never been a politician, nor a doctor; but I have attended Libertarian meetings and published newsletters (though not Libertarian newsletters). Libertarians come with a wide variety of prejudices, predilections, and issues (like most groups). When opening a publication to opinion and harangues, the Libertarian way is to promote freedom of expression, not censorship. As that obvious redneck Louis Brandeis opined during his work as a Supreme Court Justice -- the remedy for bad speech is more speech, not no speech.

The issue is not government or no government.  People will always form societal structures.  The issue is what values go into those structures, and are preserved by them.
We all know that money is going into politics, buying politicians to work for special interests.  Where is the money going, though -- who benefits from this massive transfer of wealth?

When the smoke of apocalypse clears
what consciousness remains
will lack or benefit based upon
perceptions created now.
Peace to you all in this Year of Prophecies (may all your world ends hook up to better worlds beginning)

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