Monday, November 28, 2011

unrespect hostility

put on some grooving music, and fall into dance
success is no prophylactic against despair

the "Tea Party" as we tend to think of it was not the outpouring of actual "on the ground" concerns, but a creature of the media

We laud our diversity, our innovative spirit, our American know-how based on freedom -- yet, many so ignorantly persist in decrying what we all know is the basis of what has made us great. No wonder the US seems to be devolving into a second-rate country.
Dysfunction is not the price that the species pays. It is the price the individual is made to pay by social convention against the exceptional.
We don't pay and respect cops to bash/tase/torture/frame the nonviolent, noncriminal among us.   Why do the police think disrespect of the protesters is expected of them? If police are meant to be public servants, perhaps the public needs to better oversee their service.
Why are our service folk not better trained in individual integrity?
People have children for a variety of reasons from simple failure of birth control to having a desire to mold a creature to their specifications, to having a legacy, to enjoying the company of the young and the new wonder they can bring, to ... The mere act of procreation is not parenthood. There are a great many children who need better role models than their parents can offer. What can you offer them?

Republicans do it. Democrats do it. Independents do it. Let's take all the outrage and send it where it belongs -- your right to freely swing your dong or hands ends where my personal space begins.
The problem with President Obama is that he is too much of a centrist in extreme times, thus appearing less bold and innovative than we thought we were led to expect from his campaign. However, he does present as a calm, thoughtful, intelligent leader, which extreme times certainly can use.

As it becomes more widely obvious that the lot of the returning vet is not honor but disrespect and lack of opportunity, how many will volunteer to keep the military going forward?

It is in the nature of humanity that when people aggregate there are disputes,
leading to a perceived need of systems to adjudicate disputes,
which is the essence of law, which is the basis of government.

Ideally, government is the mechanism by which solutions are negotiated for widespread concerns not adequately addressed by the private sector

We don't go bankrupt from having debt.  We go bankrupt from not having the wherewithal to pay it.  Right now, in the sense of "buy low/sell high" is a great time to invest in our country, take on the necessary additional debt, so that we can build back up into a thriving economy -- at which point it will be much easier to pay off said debt.

The problem with capitalism is Wall Street.  When private business goes public and the primary responsibility becomes to the shareholders, the consumer in the private market loses standing and power.  The locus of value devolves from the business product to the game of trade in valuation of the business.  The map overwhelms the territory.  The symbol destroys the real.

If what I do annoys you, don't follow me.  I have no need to lead.  I have no need of people who tear me down rather than turn their energy to what they perceive as better.
Kids are not encouraged to run and play energetically, to dance and prance and skip and jump, but rather to sit in front of a screen or teacher.  We need to get back into our bodies, to feel the grace and joy of movement.  We need to not only acquiesce, but take delight in being physical beings, rather than letting our bodies seem separate from ourselves.

Though most of us may not conceptualize it, the most universal desire of our kind is to feel comfortable within ourselves.  If we love who we are, we can more truly be happy, and more truly love each other.

trauma, tragedy -- the stuff nightmares are made of

strength through diversity, individual responsibility, technological and system innovation -- the future is now
Thank you for traversing my world without hostility
Go, fare you well, in peace

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