Wednesday, November 23, 2011

deep '11 (raos)

Why channel the people's energies into combative divisions rather than promote effective response to common concerns?
It would be better for all concerned if we could develop an attitude of all humans in this project together, rather than seething over unspoken/unmet expectations or divisive labeling.

What do the Occupiers want? It's no mystery. We of good will want peace and prosperity available for all.
We obviously need the labor the lower wage workers, yet insist on keeping them down through classist stereotyping.  A much healthier attitude for a well-functioning society would be blatant honoring of work, of good citizenship, of civil interaction, and of the people who exemplify these.
1) Every time someone gets upset about something they think there ought to be a law, rather than deal with interpersonal communication and negotiation -- and they often can drum up support
2) Most laws don't come with expiration dates
With the budgetary need to lower law enforcement resources, destroy jobs of law enforcement personnel, and the higher crime associated with greater pervasive poverty, how can using so many police-hours in quelling peaceful First Amendment speech and assembly be justified?
In keeping with the aesthetics of the movement, rather than set up an either/or combative paradigm, wouldn't it be more effective to bring the police in -- through individual dialogs, broadcast of group ethic, and other strategies?
I am wondering if the government workers conspiring against the protesters' First Amendment speech and assembly could be convicted of criminal conspiracy?
If the bottom line is job creation, why not tax for not creating jobs -- or rather, generously allow the cost of job creation to offset taxation?

The dream isn't lost -- it's just morphed into a nightmare
We seem to be vying for the bottom, city under the garbage heap, rather than “shining city upon a hill”

Considering that the Christmas Tree was taken from pagan traditions, not Christian (see any pines in Jerusalem?), it ought to be the Solstice Tree; so, Holiday Tree ought to be good enough of a compromise.

Perhaps the not so hidden truth all along has been that people create religions to permit violence against other people?
The fundamentalist view of Judgment and reward in the afterlife preclude the kind of urgency that would promote better use of our time and resources in this life.
"Bad" things don't happen as punishment. Things happen. We interpret them as "bad".
Evil is a concept of moral failure, not brain anomalies. The human brain continues to grow for some time after birth. The way in which it grows is to a large extent based, not on predetermined genetic disposition, on early experience. Teach a brain-damaged "psychopath" to behave appropriately; forget about labeling them "evil".

The death penalty is barbaric -- it encourages the worst in us
The death penalty is unfair -- executions are based on rigid attitudes about issues other than justice
The death penalty is dangerous -- it has been proven that innocent people have been killed due to faulty evidence or even outright manipulation of evidence
The death penalty encourages an attitude of justifiable murder, that a solution to social problems is to eliminate those involved rather than look at real solutions
The death penalty is too easy for those we truly want to punish -- in fact it punishes any surviving people who cared about the state-murdered, while the condemned criminal is no longer suffering from their conscience or the attitudes of others toward them or imprisonment
The death penalty denies the possibility of redemption or actual payment for crimes
and so forth
 If you kill yourself, the bullies win. If you are so desperate as to contemplate acting as their jury and executioner, you might better turn that emotion to self-defense.
People often say they would do or would want to act or speak out about issues or values that they are afraid would open them to violent reactions from others with greater power or influence or uncontrollable violent tendencies. Could we have more honest interchange, more meaningful expression, better communication, with a service to provide back-up as necessary against bullies or other such adversaries?
-- unrespect hostility

Perhaps instead of cutting back on Medicare we might better promote useful health education for all.
In many ways our culture divorces us from our bodies, from our feelings and sensations, from being active in our own well-being.
Healthy egos would be ablaze in magnificent conversation.  These are wounded.  Warning:  These are dangerous -- angry and scared, pain to panic dismissing reason, always, only, needing to strike at any who come near. 
Arrogantly ignorant, aggressively entitled to expectations that they be served.
Puritanical morays
striking with venomous rage
out of the cold, murky water
of the American collective unconscious

The problem is that though many human beings are reasonable and decent, there are always many who see life as a game in which only a few can win, and they aim to be on the top by kicking everyone else down.
Words of value are bound in well thought-out phrases, titled and presented for review.

just another theory -- not some devil's brew or destructive bomb

Dishonor can be worn as a badge.  But of what use are badges?  Better, perhaps, a bag of clear water, a charm against danger, a salve for irritation, a text of inspiration, baubles and beads valued by the local tribe.

Is it a gift if unwelcome, different from what is sought?

It's an art project!
Thanks for performing
your roles so well
Carry on.  Enjoy your evening.
Now, don't we all feel better?

The movement is the message. Spread the movement: spread the message
Model the behavior you want to see.
Blue skies
No mourning
No tethers or lines,
valence or gravity
Opening key dangles
Skein untangles
free * * *

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