Sunday, October 16, 2011

October Knights (raos)

Because we gather as society to co-create better possible lives for each by developing underlying structure to improve the lives of all, it is important to keep the communication flowing to maintain balance between rigidity and chaos.
Power rules by the consent of the people. We can change the power we consent to.
Success means getting to the other end of: "I want ______."
There is more to energy than fossil fuel destruction.
Cain seems to present an affable, just folks, easy solutions from entrepreneurial experience affect.  For those without the time or inclination to actually listen and understand the implications of his "ideas" he may well seem credible.
Perhaps, while we are doing away with the current system, we could develop a national sales tax, with basic need items and services tax free, while including tax on "financial instruments" and "trading".
Work for pay does not have to follow the employment model.  If we were to sensibly develop not so much a safety net as living net to adequately distribute needed goods and services regardless of direct payment, and to encourage and educate for individual entrepreneurial ventures and worker owned businesses, we could leave behind the confines of "ism" defined economy.
It might help if instead of being concerned about "psychosis" we developed social attitudes of actual concern about people who are becoming unglued for whatever reason, and offer appropriate care and feedback.
Some treat science like a religion. Some treat religion like a science. Perhaps we would do better to admit what we don't know, and develop educational models to open possible options.
There was a story on the news about pharmaceutical speculators who buy up medication to sell to hospitals and patients at highly inflated prices -- drugs these people have become medically dependent upon to survive. Then, of course, in other news those drug gangs are dangerously violent against those who threaten their ability to maintain their huge profits. The problem is not in our relationship to drugs, but our relationship to money.
If the Republicans were really serious about their priority of making Obama a one-term President, they would stop with the obfuscatory tactics and actually create policy that improves the national economy.

For making a joke out of what ought to have been useful legislation, the blame goes directly to Congress.
How to deal with bullies in the small or large arena: Unite against them
The protests are of course not the solution, they are part of the process toward bringing possible solutions to light.

To improve, to progress, to discover and learn how to create a life better than a struggle for survival, first we must imagine.  Our grapplings with our imaginings is art.

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