Monday, October 10, 2011

late harvest (raos)

The Horses
sweep with neighing grace
I am made happier for their nagging
escape from intent
into art
Those without the vision to create often turn their passion to destruction.  In the consequent misery they claim:  see, it is broken.
Magic is a frame. We sensate beings, born with an urgency to make structured sense of chaos, create neuro-realities based upon and subsequently ordering our experience. When we create a magic frame, we are ordering our interface with the realities thus that accepted acts/beliefs externalize for us in expected depiction.
To speak of recovery begs the question: what is being recovered? Much of "mental illness" is a product of a lifetime of layering interpretation and reaction and interpretation and reaction and so forth to perceived experience. Unlike a disease of parasitic or organic origin, it is a way of being. In fact, the label of "illness" is inappropriate. It is more of a pattern of recognition. What is usefully cured is the same as for those who self-righteously attack those so labeled for being "different". What is usefully uncovered is a self-awareness apart from labels which is understood as growing, moving, living, able to become more adept and social in personal action and interaction.
A case could be made that the artist is self-medicating with creative projects -- or perhaps that madness is a creative outlet.
People don't "give" jobs.  They offer structured employment for structured labor.  No amount of freebies or kneeling to the moneyed creates jobs.  Jobs are created by the demand for the work to be done.
Jeffersonian style patriots, gathering together in the public streets to co-create 21st century democracy
There is no wealth fueling this movement.  It is people, expressing their protestation.  They are coming together, seeing their numbers, creating their voice.
Capitalism became what it is through the interaction of theory and practice.  There is no need to have our thoughts about rational wealth creation and distribution tethered to the "capitalist" brand.  Rather, we can come to understand that any map to be useful must follow the territory, not the other way around.

Apparently the so-called fiscal conservatives are not as good at business thinking as they try to pretend.

It is a war because it is sold as a war. The media is the message, is the accepted definer. It is a war because life is war of all against all. It is war because war is the accepted exception to thou shalt not kill.

What gets nothing done is doing nothing. Protesters sending out communication of the legitimacy and necessity of protest can create more protest, can create legitimate actions, can lead to change.

apparently "Hitler" has become a generic term for "political leader we don't like".

people are so bored they have nothing better to do than police other people's sex lives? we need better tv.
The way we create our realities is not by bringing experiences, but by our interpretations of the experiences life brings to us.  We create our interpretations generally based on principles of survival.  Often it is best to interpret toward a more realistic view of chances, rather than wallow in positivity.
Why not evolve into a model in which people are educated and encouraged to develop skills which they offer on an open market, businesses which they form cooperatively, nonprofit enterprises for social welfare which are seen as a good and proper function of citizenship, you know, freedom?

I don't think it is a matter of either/or, or compassion v. self-interest, or objectivism v. the collective unconscious. We come together in society to make a better life possible for each by making it possible for all. Take a long think along the imaginary journey of a life totally by and for oneself. Not much there. Even what was once abundant has been used, is being used, by a great many other individuals, who, by this frame are each by and of themselves, scurrying about to find wherewithal to survive. Is that the free and independent picture held by those who insist on each for oneself?

Today's challenge: current conditions in context
It's not about
black or white
might is right
fuel to fight
It's not about
East or West
who's the best
forget the rest
It's about
me and you,
if we so choose,
what we can do

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