Saturday, September 17, 2011

September '11 harvest (raos)

The entryway, the liminal, the threshold -- this is the landscape of the creative voice.
There is probably no uniting of the "left" and "right" as long as we portray public identifications in this way.  I think the point is to get beyond labels, and work on actual projects that are obviously beneficial.  My question is:  where is the leadership promoting such projects?
It just makes sense: If we are miserable at work, where we invest so much life time, we are increasing the misery of life to no useful purpose
Life is a death sentence. We might do better in our thinking to care about quality of life for all of us. As we pointed out in the Women's movement, both oppressor and oppressee are harmed by oppression. We are all kept from developing our best selves when our energy goes to combat rather than cooperation. What nobody seems to be telling those with means is that they are actually limiting their own wealth by their stranglehold. Money is not wealth. It is merely math. It is merely a placeholder, an IOU, a gambling chip. The wealth is in the actual trade, the actual value-adding of labor, the actual lives made better by goods and services. The more there is at the bottom, the more is available all the way up.
As the Christ is famously said to have differentiated, we render unto god what is god's, unto Caesar what is Caesar's. ID, identification, names, designations, serial numbers are tools of the socio-econo-political world. We use them in that context. In the context of that reality not socially defined, they have no currency.
We represent ourselves to ourselves and others based on experience with the "caesar" world. To disassociate our representation from acceptance of the real, I believe it best to understand how this representation is useful and how it is not. Total freedom (nothing left to lose?) is not necessarily what is desired or desirable. Freedom within structure may be a more comfortable and creative state. YMMV
life is not about risk and reward
life is about living breath and beat and movement
to feel every ecstasy an expanding core
Love is but a song we sing
When the harmony arises
we are blessed with bliss
The thing is, we are each our own individual bio-chemical factories. One size can not fit all.
If you start with the assumption that government is the problem, you are negating the possibility of using government sensibly as an organizing entity.   If you start with the assumption that government is the solution you tend to look at all problems as demanding laws to manage.  If you start with the assumption that government is a tool for use by the people, you can start to look at where it is useful and how, and where other tools might be more efficacious.
I am always and madly in love with wind.  Even when it lays open my frailty to the cold, it is a longingly vibrant friend.
Of course it is the fanatics who feel compelled to go out and destroy -- just look at the religious right here as well.  It is not the Islamic fanatics as such we must fear; it is the allegiance to fanaticism throughout human hearts and minds.  There is power over and power to.  Creatives use power to expand themselves and give.  Fanatics use power to destroy, contract, take from us all.  Why is that?  Why are they not happier?
We could have low taxes on everyone once we pay for the wars, if we don't waste away our resources with any others.
The so-called tea partiers ought to be ashamed of turning away from their libertarian roots from the Ron Paul 2008 bid. The rabid right ought to be ashamed of their blatant ignorance upholding tactics. The mainstream media ought to be ashamed -- well, generally speaking.
The natural outgrowth of "conservative" capitalist theory -- to the cheaters belong the spoils.
Why not just save Medicare by giving us all a buy-in option. Do away with Medicaid by giving the poor a buy-in voucher to Medicare. Streamline the whole system to make medical decisions more transparent, outcomes available for comparative best practice information, go as much as possible to outcome based payment rather than procedure based. Do more with online consultation, easy access of patients to useful information, generally better information for individuals to maintain their health. Train more medical professionals at every level and useful modality. Develop a well-functioning healthcare system rather than making the issue about health insurance payment.
Why make perfection the enemy of progress? Perhaps what we really need is a process to periodically go through current law to update, delete, and amend in light of changing understandings about what law ought to do.
Why does the NRA want to arm and incite paranoids?
The types can be reduced to one or infinite
We who are in the know, and always ignorant
Today a bright star leads eyes past the sky
wandering minds wonder, "what?" "where?" "why?"
Tales told to guide us from the past
best come with caveat:  these rules won't last

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