Thursday, September 1, 2011

lion meets unicorn (raos)

Think about the children
in every city, every half-assed town
on the street because nobody wants them.
Now, you tell me what a great, blessed country this is.
Humans, by virtue of our nature, create all kinds of ideas/beliefs/codes/agreements/ and so forth upon which we build our ways of being within this world, within ourselves, with each other.
Does there exist (or is there interest in creating) something like a wiki for governmental regulations?  I am thinking of a systematized site for the listing of regulations by number/name/other designations, the actual language, simplified language in common English and whatever other languages seem appropriate, basic background and arguments pro and con, a facility for comments and comment threads, a link list for places to find regulations and express opinions to regulators.
Where is the leadership to create job programs in communities -- not the government, but people who see opportunities and concerns?
Everyone should be an everyoneist -- it's not the gender, color, or other distinguishing characteristic to divide, but to intrigue
that surge of terrible beauty through the gut, the capillaries sings
Anyone too naive or willfully ignorant to understand that what you say online is never private, needs to be so advised. Of course Google, a business, does what it does primarily to create profit. That is their job. That they also provide useful service is primarily a social good. Of course we must as responsible buyers beware, make the decisions that are in our own interest.

The thing is, those with what we consider great wealth are not measuring themselves against the vast majority with much less. They measure against each other. They look for every advantage to struggle further up. There is no reason for them to look down.

share a little cosmic laughter with the universe
People who are already desperately trying to deal with serious medical conditions certainly do not need to have unnecessary legal issues compromising them as well. Recreational users deserve to be considered regular noncriminals. People who have medical conditions that can be made less onerous, though, really need immediate compassionate care.
A serious mistake that is all too common is seeing children as potential future people.  Children are people, living their lives.  The important lessons are not about reading, math, and such, but about how to live in a world of others, and how to learn.
 It's not about money or neighborhoods or ethnicities. Fundamentally, education is about relationships between teachers and students. Fundamentally, good relationships are about mutual respect. Why would anyone with any other option want to spend their time in a place where they are clearly not respected?
If you learn to learn, the rest will follow without need for "education" as such.  If you learn to engage with others in a mutually respectful desire for success, the rest can be figured out as needed.  I'm not saying we ought not learn to read and otherwise manipulate symbols -- just that these are not the most important lessons for a successful life.
Very clearly the poor do pay taxes -- usually in far excess of what might be considered a fair percentage of their net worth. Should they? Maybe the question ought to be, should they be poor?
Corporations are not "shipping jobs overseas". They are hiring and laying off based on what they see as their best profit options. Vilifying these businesses is not nearly as effective as creating our own.
If people really are having kids to get welfare money, the mathematical ability of the American citizen is much worse than anyone is saying.
Gold is only considered valuable because of historical reference. It is actually only somewhat useful, and heavy to carry around in quantity.
You know what is valuable? Skilled labor.
We only experience disasters because we expect what isn't. All these events are mere exigencies of life on a planet.
Ron Paul has more integrity and character in each white hair than Rick Perry in his whole do.
It could be that part of the limited demand has to do with products that are not accurately focused on what people do demand. There is far too much top-down thinking.
Lives and funds could be improved if prison time were confined to those who have acted violently. Nonviolent crimes: actual payment -- cash, service, or other methods.
It ought to, for those who are confined to protect others from their uncontrolled violence, be a place where rehabilitative programs flourish.
There is a reason economics is a "soft science". Just because you can put math around it, doesn't make it much more than speculation.  Economics, far from a science, is just a set of theoretical applications of group psychology.
When we as a culture promote the idea of buying a pill to solve any problem, it is ridiculous to be shocked that many become addicted.
Clever capitalists will find a way to market.
There is obviously energy enough in the public arena to gather together to oppose. Why isn't the energy, creativity, anxiety and time of the people going to local or innovative enterprises that could serve and employ without kowtowing to moneyed interests or political cynics?
The mainstream diet seems designed to kill us early. Religious groups in favor of bringing on the Apocalypse and ending the travails of Earthly life gain ever more support. Why do we hate our lives?
Since the money comes from the government anyway, why not do away with taxes altogether. Directly pay for all government programs. Then let the money trickle down to the private sector.
It's not just strangers. Danger comes often from the people we see every day. It behooves parents and others concerned with children to teach self-defense techniques and instill strong feelings of self-worth.
The problem is not climate changes as such. Climates change. Humans are meant to be adaptable. The problem is the poisoning we do without thinking, as a matter of course, everyday convenience, that leads to serious degradation of the health of humans and the destruction of vital resources.
We erect ideologies to worship because we are small and scared. We want to believe we are special, beloved, part of they who are cared for. We want the believe their are set rules of behavior and thought which will keep us safe. 

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