Thursday, September 17, 2009

Brainstorm for Healthcare


We need a theme song, easy to remember on point lyrics, catch tune, keep the protestors energized and make our point clearly.

Teach-ins at local gathering places, outside of Congressional Reps. local offices, outside insurance company offices -- medical professionals and people who have been denied coverage speeches, seminar style and lectures.

Sick-ins -- again in public areas, outside Reps and Ins. Co. offices
medical pros set up mini-clinics where people w/o insurance can get consultations

Street Theater

Impromptu rallies with really impressive artistically rendered signs, singing our theme song(s), shouting slogans, open mike

Letter/postcard flooding campaigns to elected reps, government healthcare officials, insurance lobbyists, President Obama, news media, most especially groups organized to oppose healthcare reform

Also call-in campaigns to those people

Bumper stickers, lawn signs, t-shirts

more brainstorming

Here's a suggestion someone else gave on another forum:
"We need a "slogan" to turn the tide toward a demand for health care that actually works. I suggest, that criticism of the single-payer option as "socialized medicine" should be answered by saying, "Not socialized medicine, but how about civilized medicine?"

This leaves open a discussion of what "civilized medicine" might accomplish to the end that any sane person can see that what has been in place is broken and that urgent action is needed to fix it, that a simple "more of the same" approach is not rational and will not work. Then we can start talking about what would be the civilized way to provide health care."

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