Monday, August 10, 2009

my summer transformation

vision dream

Yes, cold
sweetly biting snow
invigorating mounting
rising through long still,
awaiting challenge
Climbing toward thrilling
toward feeling
I am the child of adventure

cubicle woman

The moments go by if you forget they're there. Sucking in sweetness, hot sugared coffee, aroma into memory.
It might be a warm, clammy late summer afternoon. Hints of autumn like blackberry spicing the air.
The people here are decent. They smile to make conversation a pleasant bit of business.
They want me to feel safe, cared for. It doesn't matter that we are never more than strangers,
passing faces, smiling. They bring me coffee with sugar and plastic sticks for stirring.
In this moment all of the world turns so skillfully I move along without pause for acknowledgement,
stealthily aware.

august 10, 2009

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