Friday, July 31, 2009

human nurture

If life could be seen as everpresent celebrations
enjoying all the ride, not just the sweet charms of Spring
even loving the eventuality of ending this incarnation
when the echoes of our voice no longer sing
can be the key, the ever sought for cure for pain
so dance, my love, in wild celebration, every season a special party
accompany the flowers, snow, and rain, every day alive in ecstasy

I suggest a two-tiered economy. Those who like to play with their funny money, gambling or showing off shiny toys, can have their playworld. We who want to trade in actual useful goods and services can have our more substantially based world.

we created money. It was an experiment that got out of
hand. Now people think this creation of the human mind has real value.

Making money is not making anything. Those who merely trade pieces of paper
with no goods or services behind them are playing some kind of worthless
game. I have heard (and have no reason to doubt) that making money is easy.
All you have to do is have single-minded devotion, keep your nose clean and
your eyes on the glittery prize. Buy low, sell high. Start at whatever
level you find yourself, and keep working upward. Not very creative. Yes,
there are all those creative financing techniques, and creative schemes,
cons, manipulations. Still, nothing is really being created but more
innings in a game.

Now, working to end poverty could be a very creative pursuit. How about
creating a way to recreate our understanding of money, finance, economics,
resource distribution, work, profit, the whole lexicon. These words too can
have simple meanings other than the pet definitions we have learned to love.

It is rather sweet that we may these days find our business network through "personal" relating. This brings to my mind a concept of business based on actual trade of goods/services/ideas/inspirations et al of what we each have/desire.

I don't go to bookstores as such. I ride the web with a few well chosen words thrown into the Google oracular maw.

If fishes were wishes
and swimming magical dance
with the ocean waves
we would never need ask
such questions
as touch or untouched imply
It is the world of make believe
Believe I can make you take me
where you would never willingly go
Believe you never swim nor dance
nor wish nor touch
without express permission
Believe that agony befalls
only fallen angels
cast out of heaven's golden
out of the haven of fantasy
out of the ocean's deep reverence
because you dared, naked,
stand open to adventure
before understanding
the price

It is evil, imho, to create children as trophies or altars upon which to worship your own pro-creative ability, or because it is what is naturally expected.

The opposite of hate would not be love, but something more like indifference. Love is, for we complex creatures anyway, made up more of anti-fear than anti-hate. We look to love relationships for security. We love to engage in activities that make us feel empowered, or take us out of our ordinary fear-filled lives.

Hate is not non-love or anti-love. We may hate someone whom we once loved after rejection, but that may well be more about a variety of possible fears: of being unlovable; of being played for a fool (indicating that the loved person has power you do not); of having given that loved person power of you when you were open to vulnerability out of love; etc.

Hate is a violent emotion, directing toward elimination of the hated object. Hate may be a subset of fear, or it may have other origins. Certainly one can develop hate through anger and outrage that is not fear (or love) based, but based on anguish over trampled ideals, frustration with obstacles to what one is working toward, or feeling dishonored, disrespected, ignored. This is not about lack of love, but more on the order of lack of position or power.

Science does not claim anything. Science is a method of creating order out of chaos created by humans for our benefit. It has nothing to do with spirituality or even Truth. It is about figuring out how stuff happens so we can make the stuff happen we like and block the stuff we don't. It is also about finding stuff out that we can get paid for by those who think our discoveries/inventions can be useful to them. I don't understand why there is the appearance of a problem of separating out science and spirituality. These are very different areas of human concern.

We have desires to tell us in which direction to move

Suffering is there to tell us that something is wrong

The ego is our saviour, martyred to our cause

The ego is an organizing principal and figurehead. It doesn't drive anything. Desires are emotional attachments. Emotions (e - motion) want to move us in the direction that makes them more comfortable. Suffering is a signal. It tells us we are out of balance. The point of suffering is not punishment but warning that you need to get your balance back.

Suffering may be eternal, but it is not the meaning of life. And out of it can come empathy, fellow feeling, deep connections of friendship. It doesn't go away; but it can transform.

Much as I understand the efficacy a well-appointed single payer plan, I also can understand some of the concerns of the more fiscally conservative and those who fear a one size (which never) fits all government-sponsored health insurance maybe without the kinds of restrictions we loathe from the private insurers, but with an aura of "health police." I have been advocating (for decades) a nonprofit sector solution. The strongly positive element I foresee in health coops is that they can be customized for the individual group, creating what we like to call multi-solution experimentation.

It occurs to me that a big part of where we went wrong with healthcare was in not sufficiently optimizing our corps of primary care physicians.

I (as a thinking person) would think (if that were allowed) that if the insurance companies actually wanted to be old school capitalists, providing goods and services in return for profits by working better than the competition, they would use all that money to pay for the healthcare of their customer base (we, the people). It's not about capitalism v. socialism. It's about idiocy (or was that "the definition of insanity) v. trying to figure out a system that provides healthcare for American bodies.

The truly disgusting (and probably illegal if some really creative hotshot class action lawyer wants to do the work) part is where these companies take all these people's money on the false claim of providing payment for these clients' healthcare needs while fully actively working to deny payment any way they can.

There are a lot of systems that could work. What can't work is the mess we've got here now.

what many so-called pro-capitalists neglect to take into account is that what these insurance companies are doing is not capitalism but charlatanism.

so you folks got your widgets up your yaya over a theory -- not even as good as Evolution. Evolution is a scientific theory with years of research as yet keeping it alive. Socialism is merely an economic theory, a theory about a theory. It is a bunch of words/ideas that have been thrown about. No one is forcing anyone to socialize or share wealth which isn't even real here. We are talking, thinking, finding some manner of fixing a situation which most agree is untenable. I don't care if what we come up with is part communist theory, part capitalist theory, a whole lot of science fiction theory and more fantasy than fact as long as in the actual practice people get the healthcare they need and no one is made a pauper.

His beloved mother was murdered by (what should be considered, any good lawyers out there?) a criminal policy toward disallowing the distribution of life-saving medical care to those who need it most.

Someone suggested in conversation that we just leave Gitmo, leave whoever is still imprisoned with doors open "You are free" and let fate take its course. Perhaps Cuba would find them to be appropriate new citizens.

I have my first draft up hoping for feedback to make the second draft more reader friendly:

the parts are in reverse chronological order, thus "Out of the Woods" which appears first is the last section and so forth. The prequel at the very end is a stand alone piece. So start with the "Prologue."

What if we had a different idea of nations. What if all the sites holy to any cult could not be owned secularly at all. What is the "holy lands" in the middle east were proclaimed such and given over to spiritual tourism. People living there could offer hospitality as a business for the economic welfare of themselves and their site. Some could offer historical information. Thus all these sites would regain their stories, their holiness, their power to inspire.

I've been wanting to learn to read Arabic, so that all those beautiful squiggles will also make sense to me.

"Laugh and the world laughs with you; cry, and you cry alone."

So, let's get together a laughter parade to point and giggle at the silly hate parades.

and thus the tail turns

sending chimes of fantastic relief

peeling like onions

(don't cry)

lift up your orgasmic organization

and ecstatically whimper

I get so disappointed with the vast crass Hollywood avalanche when I know the possibility of true cinematic power and wonder exists.

They promise, PROMISE to LOVE only you, you are my every wanted dream, forever. FOR EVERy little thing you do, the way my heart sings anew only in your arms ... He woos with earnest charm, with all the preying need you can not in good heart deny. Why would he lie so horribly? Why does he demand what none could ever be in return for agony as he hits and spits and commands you must obey? How did life become this way?

Why bother with a pop psych law when you can have real magic?

It occurs to me that the real way to make money online is niche marketing. Whereas generally mass marketing is what we are familiar with in the media, the internet provides opportunities for very narrow cast reaching out to small, specific potential clientele. Though your product/service may have limited appeal in terms of percentages, those small percentages translate to large individual numbers. One dollar profit from each of say one million clients is one million dollars without anyone feeling pinched. What can you offer?

It doesn't matter if we CAUSED global warming or its consequences. What does matter is what we do about it -- not for the Earth, but for our own well-being.

strangers no more strange

than children of one mind

born of different wombs

If deep early wounding makes the prospect of more wounding from betrayals too unbearable, it makes sense to be self-protective. Loneliness is not the worst we can experience. If we allow ourselves to feel any emotional pain all the way through with loving acceptance, we can learn to move through it.

it is time to let go

create a void in which

to scry for change

Government as such is not the enemy. It's not even a soldier. Government is a creation of the people governing and governed. It's not the system that causes the rot in the system, but the ignorance of the planners. That's why we need to continually be watching, examining, criticizing, critiquing, speaking, keeping our minds alive, our eyes clear, our voices strong, and our honor honorable.

I have two cows

I milk them and make cheese

I trade some of my cheese for a share in a vineyard

My neighbors and I enjoy wine and cheese and stimulating conversation

I feel happily stimulated

The point I see here is that we do have to protect our kids by being honest, making sure they know how to defend themselves, how to scream and run for help, and that they are safe in telling their family members and friends anything. Con artists of all ilks (and those who con kids into these dangerous even life-threatening situations are still playing a con) like to find marks who do a good bit of their work for them out of insecurities, ignorance, or an inability to defend themselves.

oh, btw, not all labeled "sex offenders" are fearful or even offensive. That label can be more widely applied than the picture we may have of what it implies. On the other hand, plenty of perfectly "normal" folks from what we are aware of them do horrid things and just haven't been caught.

Far from being a distraction from "more important" issues, this goes to the heart of the issue from which all the others fall. We the American people have allowed ourselves to be represented throughout a crazy, unstable world, many of us regrettably out and out supporting, not just illegal but reprehensible and arguably evil activities. Showing ourselves to have been duped but no longer, to be willing and able to use the law for its purpose of correction, to not only be outraged but out to make the needed changes, would go very far to healing a great many angry wounds and getting us on track to go forward in strength.

Evolution is not necessarily moving in a positive direction. Mutations are more often harmful to the organism than helpful. What is helpful for human kind is our adaptability. We are able to adapt our beliefs and behaviors to better succeed at our goals.

There are a helluva lot more than two world views. Many do not reference god at all. Those who try to fit an unruly often chaotic mass of space/time/consciousness into two can only be pitied for their obvious limitation.

serenity ghazal

Awakened from enchanted dream, a life serene

To find an out from strife into being serene

Lifted leaves reveal a world long unseen

Nature in her magic way, strongly serene

Walking wonder's garden unhardens heart

Following the footsteps of wise old serene

Opening new pathways to expressive art

Learning from life's lessons to be so serene

Nature human or including all that breathes

So many intertwinings sweetly serene

Moonchild's magic enters and gently weaves

Words and worlds of visions keeping me serene

I don't have to prove a belief. You want proof of the existence of godkind? Look to the vast bodies of literature/art/debate. All that exists is not necessarily on the material/provable plane. There are agnostics only because there are gnostics. From thesis/antithesis grows synthesis which is the basis of creation.

kids, yes even young kids, can be viciously cruel to each other even when they have no idea of what they speak. Yes, they are mouthing what they have heard elsewhere, but where did they learn it is such a wonderful trait to put down anyone you can come up with a nasty nickname for?

darkness can uncloud, so clear

letting go of sunny daylight reason

merging with that inner-landscape season

exposing secrets held close from fear

tasting possibilities of power

I like the point and laugh technique.

"Racist, Fascist, nasty, smelly gasfest! Eeuwww, get me a gas mask; that old racist windbag's back."

#1 clearly shows that the god of the Ten Commandments damn well knows there are plenty of other gods about. He is telling the slaves escaping from Egypt that they owe Him first allegiance. It's a personal issue. The rest of us can do as we please.

What is the point to anything without God? The same as the point with God -- we get to figure it out for ourselves.

Why does there seem to be no discussion, or even acknowledgement, here of the vast diversity of god(desse)s in favor of this one upstart middle eastern deity who was so insecure and jealous that he commanded the rabble of former slaves and misfits whom he helped escape from Egypt to follow a whole slew of ridiculous rules and smite his enemies in return for supposed protection? Yeah, he was a good manager, got lieutenants from his hordes to apply his laws with iron fists and other weapons. He got them all riled up and bloodthirsty and sent them out to convert the world (kind of like Hitler?). Apparently his message was to their liking. At this point he's got his folks so brainwashed that they really believe he's the only game in town. If he's so all powerful, what's this jealousy and secondhand smiting all about? He makes clear in his First Commandment that he is fully aware of the other gods, and you better not worship them, or he'll have a hissy fit.

There are plenty of people who need to be cured of their heterosexuality.

There is quite a bit I don't understand about how people operate, including some sick need to cure others of nondiseases which these sick puppies have created for more rationales to be what ought to be inhuman.

Science is not a thing, it is a method, a purposeful study. Homo sapien is sapien because we have that need to explore, learn, figure out our world at whatever level we observe it. That is science. The rest is just windowdressing for grant money.

what is the aim of education
to release old programs into consciousness
that we may see and feel, thus find impulse to creation
turning ancient fear to current search for bliss

I have been aware that what people tend to want from art is performance, entertainment. We more introverted artists I suppose are better to learn to be content with quiet acceptance and joy in our own creative activities.

Yeah, I've spent all these decades hopelessly naive. I thought: "It's just me; I am a failure. Look at all these fine successful businesses. If they can create that profit machine, oughtn't I also have that ability if I only applied myself?" Recently following a thought stream about the current economic mess, I had a realization. The game is fixed, by the winners. I mean, yeah, I had heard about this idea before, but it didn't properly feed my guilt, I guess. But, really, when I try to figure out selling my wares I first have to look at all the rules, regs, high costs in time/energy and/or money to get a legitimate business on track. For the big guys with whole departments taking care of legal, accounting, public relations, lobbying, et al, no problema. For an individual without connections, investment capital, or incredible time/energy and time/energy management skills, not so easy.

Have you noticed that amazing lack of customer consideration from purveyors of utilities, or for that matter most businesses these days. We ought not be buying their bull. Where's that bright shiny marketplace of competition so lauded by capitalist apologizers?

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