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elevated education

Somehow very clear language becomes nebulous confusion when speaking of the eternal. I am not talking about any kind of "God" as being, certainly not a "creator" or father confessor. God is not separate, because God is not a being, not a noun, but a verb. We "god" in all that we are, do, conceive, perceive, et al. Not just we humans or "conscious entities" or spirits, but ALL, the infinite eternal becoming: that is "God." There are those we may call "gods" on the spiritual plane, beings we can interact with, co-create with, even surrender to. These are not the concept I am telling you is the meaning of "God." These are individuals of a different nature from the biological with other kinds of knowledge/wisdom/experience from which we each, if we so chose, can learn to understand beyond what we might on our own.

no need for Illuminati. People don't want to know. They want to feel taken care of and justified in their hatreds, illusions and separations.

Of course it is not everybody that does not want to know. Those who choose to perceive reality as within the realm of personal influence get to will a greater affluence of possibilities to use and spread. Thus are the "Illuminati" dissipated into the greater array of light.

No one can have authority over you without your permission. Authority is a contractual arrangement. Others can have power over you whether you participate or not. However, when you live in your own place of personal power, their power has a much harder time getting through and is easier to shrug off.

Of course we can't keep growing forever, yet, of course we can, if we
make the appropriate definitions. Perhaps the inconvenient truth to
humanity is that by giving no regard to the good of the planet on
which we depend we limit our own ability to survive.

Gratitude implies that we are dependent on powers outside of ourselves which we must supplicate for favor. I find it much more useful to meditate on grace and the power I can find within to share.

dancing into the words/thoughts/realities, may we come alive in shared consciousness

I understand that most people do not understand the meaning
of "magic" in the way that most people do not really delve into
meanings. I understand that the usual interpretation of "magic" is
such that the pursuit is as you describe. Actual magic is more of
the kind Arthur C. Clarke spoke of when opining that "any
sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."
It is about a being deeply in touch with will and the chaos of

It's not about emotions -- "good" or "bad" -- but about inculcating a
true understanding of enlightened self-interest. That is audacious,
and a hope worth pursuing.

Everyone seems to be missing the point here. It's not the Israelis
or the Palestinians or the US who is "responsible" for all the
violence. It is the culture of violence. It is the cultural norm
that says better to kill than survive peacefully; hate is what keeps
us together.

Because of the nature of man (and woman) to often be quite territorial, unrelenting, suspicious, angry, unreasonable, peace cannot be about fluffy clouds and happy feelings. Peace requires work, thought, dedication, serious declaration as both an underlying and overarching value. Peace does not mean no conflict or even no violence, but that conflict and violence be faced with controlling oversight such that it does not escalate beyond an immediate emotional outburst. It fundamentally requires commitment and education and open opportunity for those who feel abused in any sense to air their wounding and be given tools far outside the realm of violence with which to heal.

I think it's like "being in the world but not of it" -- taking heed
of the physical reality to find opportunities for our own projects,
learning from the lumps along the way as well as the successes.
Then, I have that Capricorn Sun/Mercury/Venus thing.

Saturn went retro on my SN, Uranus moving towards my NN, Mars on my Mercury:

Got really angry about some stupid exchange online. Oh, Mars is on my Mercury, so no wonder. Hmm what might Mars (or Uranus or Neptune perhaps) be doing to my "opponent" in this exchange who so angered me with thoughtless disregard? Stricken with this astrological compassion, I go way past the impasse of anger into some kind of spirit reverie.

I am very comfortable, even enthusiastic, about online identities, or
any playing with the ideas of identity. We all have many, don't we?
Why not have different names to designate our different identities?
Certainly I have hours of fun and self-education role-playing my
chart. Of course, I have Neptune conj. MC; though I may interpret
that public role of poet/dreamer, I have noticed reason to believe
that my identity as seen is not at all my identity as experienced.

Diversity is about differing backgrounds/experiences/self-identitification leading to differing worldviews and normatives of behavior, not about clinging to false
identities in an effort toward the security of group. Diversity must be honored, celebrated, publicly and privately. The important point is to show the lie that different from the norm is by definition sickness or disability. It will be much less difficult for those who have obvious differences if differences are seen as the wealth to society that they truly are rather than a problem to be cured or eliminated.

What could be more Neptunian than a message of hope to embrace the nation. When the fog clears we will have the data and be able to articulate a rational response. Meanwhile, why not enjoy, bask in the glow, rest our weary outrage.

I am impressed by the proposed economic bailout which seems to have a high pricetag, but takes in a multitude of campaign promised goods. It is time for a Green Economy rising from the ashes of outmoded economic paradigms.

I was watching on the Science Channel a program about nuclear fusion experimentation. The nuclear physicist being followed had done a great deal of work and published his findings on creating sun-like fusion in the lab. Other physicists had much to say about the flaws they saw in his experiment. He redesigned the experiments, got the results, published again. Again others found fault. He was talking about how his self-esteem suffered, how he questioned his worth as a human being. A nuclear physicist who may or may not have accomplished a serious breakthrough in his field and certainly added significantly to scientific inquiry worries he is unworthy. Unworthy for what? What is this great standard that we measure our worth by?

The problem with the freedom of speech (or most freedoms for that matter) is that there are all kinds of people with too much to say and too little responsibility to think about the effect of their words. This is not a problem with freedom or speech, but with the general encouragement of keeping thought and compassion to a minimum.

Those who know
wrapped in contemplative glory
without calculation of
benefit or loss
may learn to understand
morality's story
immortality's divided cross
Balance throughout shifting sand
relies not on here and now
Where and when are not the answer
to eternity's sacred vow

The really silly thing is, we are part of the natural world. What is good for Earth is good for all of us that live here. What we have been doing in a millennia long fit of hubris has been fundamentally bad for us, much more so than for the Earth, which abides.

I don't understand why the leaders of the Abrahamic religions don't get together and proclaim their joint holy land a sacred space unowned and open for pilgrimage and spiritual tourism.

all too often we hear about how the evil Arabs want to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth, yet it is all part of a very old feud in which Israel is not an innocent victim but an active participant. If Israelis really wanted a peaceful coexistence with their neighbors, they would have acted very differently all along the way;
they're all a bunch of war worshippers.
Children are murdered everyday because their elders are too attached to ignorance and hate to take proper care of our home, our young, our hopeful future.

I keep saying there are so many projects that would greatly enhance our lives and prosperity that don't get done because no one is organizing the people to work and get paid.

I keep being made aware that this time of economic "crisis" offers wonderful opportunities to people who have a well thought out idea, some entrepreneurial spirit, and a gift for salesmanship (which can simply be an ability to share your exuberant confidence). I expect to see great products and services out there.

the point of evolution is adaptation to the environment -- all of the environment both of natural and manmade origin.

Health insurance made sense when we routinely paid routine medical bills and kept catastrophic hospitalization insurance for the rare occasion when we got hit by a truck or needed a triple bypass. Then the risk could be absorbed by the majority who were not in catastrophic situations. When we expect insurance to cover all of our health expenses, it is no longer appropriate to that model. What we really want, then, is a public health model in which taxes pay for appropriate medical facilities for all, or some kind of tiered system of fees for services within reasonable range for most people/free healthcare facilities for the poor/catastrophic insurance for the big stuff and good public education of ways to maintain health. Of course there could be other models as well.

That's right, make it all "God's" fault, the work of a mythical scapegoat. Unless we understand that we create our own heaven and hell or any other kind of life for ourselves and each other, there is no chance of salvation. You can not, of course, run from what is eternally everywhere. However the "hell" is all in your interpretation. There is no punishing deity.

There is no individual physical being God. It is all that is/becoming. Therefore there is no issue of gender.

The Commandments are not a listing of sins. They are merely rules. To sin is to be psychologically cut off from God.

though there are in fact very useful and in some sense miraculous pharmaceutical options for many conditions, there are also far too many people subjected to drugs that though meant to help actually harm them -- drugs they are forced to take by societal pressure. This becomes so much more ironic and tragic when we consider all those imprisoned, their lives ruined, because they self-medicated with drugs selected to be scapegoats. It's a sad, sad mess.

There are certainly alot of "Dumptyists" out there trying to remake words into their own prejudices

Loving Spirit Within
Aching to befriend
to share all
bewilderment and bounty
under her wondrous
garment of love

Old timers are always complaining. The future belongs to those who move with the times. The present belongs to those who find the special treasures sparkling in the fertile mud.

Happiness is a state of mind, a flow of hormonal goodness, easily brought by memory, art, an unexpected smile. Happiness is not dependent on actual peace and plenty in the world, just in your mind. When people wish "happy" on you, just wish it back. Sometimes wishes have power.

You know, we can't give rights, only claim them

Oh for the lazy days extending living
into grand stairways of heavenly languidity

I am fascinated by weaving, often use it as poetic metaphor. In a story I am working with, a group of people have been cast out of their society and must learn to live in primitive conditions. One of them is an artistic weaver, whose skills become useful in the new community. I would love to learn more about how this artistic weaving is done.

The sea holds so many stories
deep, flowing, in and out of dreams

Poetic sensibility, sensitivity, rhythm, flow of language -- these can be found in meditative welcoming of inspiration.

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