Wednesday, May 28, 2008

community investment plan

I am working on the beginning inklings of a theory for a much more rational economic structure. Instead of the current system wherein profit is expected to be maximized due to fiduciary responsibility to investors, we could all become micro-investors in businesses that we believe would improve our communities. Thus, the person/people having the idea for solving a community need would create a business plan with all the pertinent information of exactly what, how, where, who, and how much start-up would cost. They would post their information to a web-site set up for this purpose, where people could shop for where they would like to invest very small sums. Like the online small contributions to political campaigns, small amounts each from large numbers of people would grow into useful capital. The amounts would be so small, that if the business did not make a profit, not much would be lost. If the business happily succeeds, a percentage of the profit would be distributed among the investors based on their individual investment shares. Or is this already being done? If so, please send me the link.

If not, please let me know what you think, in detail. I want to explore, expand, and work out the kinks for this.

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