Saturday, March 12, 2016


No end in this living universe
only interregnum
Galaxies die and form
Tragedy Comedy Romance
in endless recombination
Fleeting, Fleeing,
detriment of attention
to floods and flames, tags and
names, wages of fame,
doses of emotions.
Nobody, everybody, somebody,
aging bodies at every stage of decay.
No man knows [multi-gendered, do remember
-- all inclusive “they” or “we”.]
Visions, dystopic dreams, waterfall sorrows.
And no, I don’t know yours or those you borrow.
Scabs of skin and memories.  Unequal, but each
full beyond capacity.
Tell me a story, your story
from that overflowing bin.
Really, I am asking – Let me in.
And you, besieged with longing for adoring
audience, as are we all,
won’t listen to my plea.
Overwhelmed in the screaming of inadequacies
or opportunities chased or denied.
so tricksey; intimate
The essence of me as we.
The opposite of fear is confidence.
Never questioned acceptance
Conditionless clear-visioned love
as foundation of self.
Hillary – don’t get me wrong – I adored her
back in the 90s.  She was that earnest idealist who fought for her beliefs.
But all the hard years toughened her, made her more calculating.
She felt mean opposition and learned to be wary (who wouldn’t?),
to fix her focus more practical, tactical toward her own reward.
Bernie, he’s one of those old lovable 60s radicals who never gave up the fight,
working each day for what could be, always believing in we the people, in what we
all could do, could be.  He lives to hold that shining possibility we want to call
America.  Why can’t we all?
Crass absurdity translated as wild-eyed pain
Humor fast escapes
What else have we to do, what more sane,
than carry through always on what most matters
to every you? (And by “you” I mean the me within our minds)
This aged heart, weathered, exhausted, no longer seeks
solace of servitude.
The history of social behaviors must be fascinating.
These are the rules we’ve searched for all our lives,
how to behave acceptably.
But (like the English language) rules come with exceptions
that also must be learned.
And there are ever more split off exceptions and special
circumstance never explicitly clear.
We’re meant to pick it up like measles (if we hadn’t been
vaccinated out of harm’s pathology), communicable
childhood infection.
Some of us seem to be immune.
Yet that’s a bad outcome.  Our own disease.
If we all removed those masks we use to pretend to be
acceptable, would we reveal such horrors so oh please,
let us not have done this bizarre experiment?
Or would we find we’re not so different, each of us different,
but fine on the whole?
If we spoke what we heard in our minds, what might we learn?
If we reached out with real intention, what would we feel?
Illusions so vital
protected at expense of unforced peril.
Experience a dream of each mind’s own,
how communicate to mutual trade in information
and intimate regard?
Private wars of shield and sword further nothing
worthwhile.  What churns us to these hurtful games?
How might we better behave, believe, perceive?
Nothing to be done
No one to await
No one to do it with
No future, nothing forward
Pain expressed into anger explodes to violence
What is the root feeling you seek
from things, people, experience
You tell yourself want, need?
Identify, encapsulate, comprehending that where
you yearn to be, how you long to feel, to find
root experience that leads directly into that where,
how ...
Tendrils tease, wave in ascendant breeze, revise mind
with higher, ephemeral tools, social local rules,
valued freedoms,
meaningful dreams
Democratic Socialism implies rules made by the people, not some
bureaucratic stale state.  If the people want a modified freedom of trade
and innovation strengthened with strong safety netting that none fall into
failed degradation, that marketplace mistakes in business plans not result
in starvation on the street – but isn’t that part of the original capitalism theory?
What the people classically desire is freedom of self-determination to be all one
can with the ability to move further, forward, not paralyzed by fear of failure
equating to game over, real death.  And of course there are social goods and
services sane people can agree are better provided outside of goads for profit. 


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