Friday, July 3, 2015

meandering around June 2015

Love bequeathed from when that passion,
that energy
defined me.

Dark urban streets
Yes, lamplight
Garish commercial lights
Traffic lights, head, tail,
mechanical commands.
But here, outside clear designation,
lightless, solitary, unnoticed.
Brave circuitous walk, forward
in quest of inspiration or fantastic
Fun as sparkly spirit, chaotic amusement
within any mystery,
forbidden challenge.
Subways, bridges, city bones upon which
to drum, to explore
rhythm and blues.
Magic shimmers dimension upon dimension
without pause for delineation – so our eyes
must compensate, strain for context to ears’
No flowers border soft frames of
child reminiscence.
Birds of prey, strong of eyes and claws,
fly in battle formation.
Damp birth at sunrise,
smell of fog, haze of summer.
Glass breaks, cuts, shouts
awareness.  Sand endures,
silently aware.

Clear, imprecise imagery
Surreal in context, part
of a grander scenario.


Our physical dependencies require
interaction with our environment --
no option to survive inert, alone.

We can profoundly love
creatures of other species;
hate and vilify creatures of our own
divisive minds.


truth is not narrow
it is infinite
the narrow way
is fear's, or merely a tunnel
on the way to truth

Turning together
attention spun
whole of cloth woven in
pretty patterns we approve,
jump in like rainbow puddles.
Humanity is cruelty.
Enforcing God's Grand Plan.
Which God demands?
Such brutal sacrifice
to prove to continue, to
command.  Mechanized paradise.
Steps locked in painful numbing.
Dance rather than flail or
be damned.


merry meet, merry relation as query of council.
shamanic revelry dance into clarity, ecstasy of
dazzle, delight, derive concordance
within, all through, waves and particular memes,
oracular voices sift dreams, demands, most valued wishes.
drunk, spirit soused, sodden with song’s soar and dive,
ever reviving,
all-ways finds thriving a reach to release.
soft warm rays, rain of lotus petal purity enriches
fragrant earth.
notice, dustmote whispers, sleek new leaves, scents sublime.
there is more fortune than fear, more leisure than pain.
breath of gaiety, pleasure’s refrain lifts eyes, minds, hands.
Listen.  Hear our sound measures.  Reverberate serene eternal
Touch grace
Crave and Be Blessed
Crave and wander, invoking hallow’s spell


Obdurate iteration blinks
light to dark; dark to light.
Well past numb regard; far too familiar
(overplayed) to take seriously.
Explore the joke, jocular exercise of mind
and heart within aghast backdrop.

Ever eternally, some elegant precipice
just at the edge of view

Purposeless circumstance
wears and weakens
eclipse’s focus


to self-explain.
No, not War of all within all.
Not blind crawl for tactile sight.
Rising, tentative, toward expected
light, bit of coded color by breeze
of odor, by siren sound, pain to distract,
puzzles to attract,
thunder to scatter.
Self-explain raindrop rainbows,
magical shine surrounds,
persistence of promise to
Ignorant destiny, porous well
absorbs atmospheric poisons to seep,
leech, become sacred secrets hidden
tunneling sand.  Revered through ages,
weaknesses disguised as imperatives
to succeed.

We hate those we learn to disrespect
every day.

When the pain of others gives you too much
suffering to enjoy.

That simple feral core.
Is it yours as well?
Called id, shadow, hell
or more than fearful mortal coil,
Sensual essence, what is.
Cellmates teach by example, survive
tricks of trade, consensual filing down.
Grasp fair gossip – useful lies, sly advice;
naught to trust but all contribute truth.
So much to persuade this tide of youth,
that stealthy commerce, dependent on
confidant guesses, crafting assurance.

Religion is made of givens – science of mights.

How say this feeling?
Unreality, hypnosis memory,
numb tingle not of body nor mind.
Descending on breeze of dark dissolve,
no thing dependable
for consciousness to cling.
Always wandering fantasies outside
my window frame, awed in transit,
without resistance,
sans value.  Blind air open
to interpretation, to shady willow,
gargoyle gate.

Song of Sun and Earth
Driving beat of nature’s grand


fine, be a "hawk"
go to war with the other hawks
in a hawk war stadium
kill each other off
to cheering crowds
all the blood and glory you so
badly crave


people who like fear can find plenty to amuse them
people who like hate can find plenty to amuse them
fear and hate are not issues, merely distracting amusements
Make Peace The Issue
find your way

do we?
live like undead slaves?
do we only move as directed,
never dance freely in a whirling wind
never touch finger to foreign finger for
a thrill of acceptance?
never sing from music assimilated within
from all the painful days swirled among
excitement of release?
do we not breathe and inhale odors
strange and calling to arcane desire?
do we not express, even if in catechized
do we not wander, unsure but willing to
be amazed?
do we not wonder if a chance not taken
would return and ask again if we are ready
or wonder if we can become that well
of wishes swimming merrily, bubbling up
to burst, disperse, revise, make us wiser
in our ascent?


How does one act an age?
Expressive movement seed to tree
old tree creaking in midnight wind
mountain craggy and abiding
stars in transition -- novitiation.
Or soliloquy, interweaving dialog between
montage of generations?
Maybe we act out one age or another
Daughter  Sister  Mother  in relation.
Or still against a whirl of dust and cloud
act not aloud; feel internally ebb/flow eternity
act of evocation


Justification for application of pain
Clamor for humiliation

Images that stay.  Music that accompanies
a day’s melange of duties.
Reminisced fragrance of roses,
variegated reds, outside, below,
some neighbor’s garden.

Abundant hate for all,
exceptions few, on occasion,
who amuse for the moment,
or over and over.

People exhausted – too much,
everyday never stops
no time to feel ... real.
Apocalypse, final judgment,
let it arrive, may none survive
to uncleanse the earth, death of
procreation, provocation to inflict
No sin, no power of remorse.
No predetermined course.
Responsibility a form of guilt.
And the guilty must pay, retribution.
Ruined life to ruined life until generations
Couldn’t we be friendlier, reach out in peace?
And risk ridicule, rejection, painful oppression
under gun, stealthy eyes.


As in unprotected wild, darling of parasites,
insidious predators within.
Siphoning lifeforce for a livelihood.
Eating pitilessly, weakening, diseased so no
noble foe dare deign to coup de grace.
Spat upon as spoiled goods despite
or because of inability to self-defend,
ignorance of innocence.
Slut without inebriance of sin.
Send from us, condemn harlots of fate.
Hate starts here
-- fear of contagion.

Poetry is part of the pattern of who I am.

And the sky.
And the breeze
wrinkling the trees.
And the red-pink-blue of sunset, so late
these endless evenings.  Spring, they say.
Dreams of younger days.
Terrified because no safe world awaits,
gives continuity.
A girl reminiscent of lilacs.
Sweet, subtle, succulent,
velvet and blue like secret sky scape.
Her awed adoration feels true.  A symbol
of innocence strutting so valiant, so brave.
Never to know or be known a moment more.
Awakening forever such sweet sorrow.
From what might have been if dreams could be covers
for transposition, doorways that might be forever closed
from that opening path beyond.
Apprehended by vision so vivid.
Breath and bone hold séance, decide how to align.
The background sounds, worries stuffed down to allow
flights of sanity to perform.
Ground to stand when ephemeral wings fail,
dissolve to clay.
“Who are you?” the stranger peers with glassy eye.
Hurry on, heedless of direction.  Bemused feet waver,
push off, rise.
And the sky.

Serene pool, mountain clear.
Seated on sun-warmed, age-smoothed stone,
pure in replete wonder.
Seeking silence, purposeful wander through sacred
woodland allowed within civilized structured plan.
Moving consciously alone, to find quiet refuge.
Hidden, beyond foliage thicket, ambrosial vision,
blithe flowing river.
Immerse, swim, be --

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