Friday, June 7, 2013

Dark Moon

Astronomy Lesson
Darkening into heavier impression,
molten heat compresses.
Density increases toward
event horizon.
on the apocalyptic battlefield.
Inside the box
are we dying
or transforming?
Starlight peeks in.
Do we suckle cosmic energy,
grow strong and wise?
Or demand incineration?
Phoenix or dove, or cawing raven
beating mortal wings
against the emerging stars.
June 8, 2006
Dark Moon
So pretty the crescent moon
fading into dark.
Quiet of night
merges with memory.
I can not face,
can not see.
Soul tired, beyond aching bones,
beyond any place called home.
Not a child of misery,
no one to blame, none to profit.
Flying after fantasy,
treetop to treetop,
laughing at clouds
in their droll
picture play.
It takes a toll, years in.
Naysayers chant "We reject
you, not of the body."
Inject powerful medications
to prove their point,
their divinity.
Bliss-filled moments
carry me hither and yon
upon some apocalyptic
Far short of any paradise, I surrender.
Soul tired, yearning for the Moon.
June 8, 2008
astral vision
Mystery mists of history, holy crescent lighted sky.
Calm anticipation early pinks ascendant from eerie violets.
Thunderous Jupiter twinkles like a happy kitten;
tummy extends for adoration.
Omens, prophecy, hope for endless happy returns,
quests into/out of space/mind
(without gravity, how can we fall ... or love?)
Aching for stars, planets, eternity.
Silent assent that means all is promised.
I touch a cosmic peak,
breathless at such altitude.

June 8, 2010

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