Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Walpurgis Knocked

We born other than imperial, torn into what we are told is real
without power to protect ourselves from venal brothers of the order
spreading hatred like any venereal disease
We no longer need to meet you cowering on our knees
Karma's a hot potent bitch unschooled in mercy
Witches reclaiming noble heritage, reframing herstories will prevail
Though born and forced to serve in our master's jail,
lost and lonely midst the masses, masked to fit expected forms
but it's just for a while, while we learn, become what we were from the start
each a creature alive to the beat of our own-reasoned heart
Ever After
Pan, old ugly friend
screams "You're alive!"
And what say I?
Retreat into tribal fairytales.
Witch Waif Warrior
Who emerges from the
cold dark water?
Disgusting wounds ignite,
command presence.
Making every pretense to appear
normal, sincere
(not veering on the edge)
(not dangerously explosive)
"Don't mistake my weakness
for that loathsome foe
we daren't name."
overwhelms homeostasis
Crawling, mewling on unswept floor
Unable to gain equilibrium enough
to walk away
Lock the door; hide behind barricades
made from
blood guts gore
human remains after they are
vermified, defiled
My core cries
"One sweet kiss. A taste,
sense memory
stasis of desire."
I leap whole
into eternal fire
beyond pain; burning sensation.
Pan smiles

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