Thursday, January 17, 2013

wars and attitudes of war

Personally, I don't care whether people own guns or high heels or silly putty. You stay out of my way; I'll stay out of yours. What really irks me is all the unexamined talking points and escalated ire. It ought to be simple enough to understand that people are not likely to respond well to the prospect of stupid assholes with deadly weapons.

I feel like I am watching a debate between the "get a gun" and the "get a law" crowds of revealed lore. As humans I guess weapons and laws as weapons (words as weapons) come to us easily. What if we stopped attempting to beat each other with our weapons of choice and moved through into a discussion about how to better get along? Maybe we can each have our weapons to work on practice, to feel safer, while looking beyond those defenses to some shared vision of useful interaction, civil dialog?

it dishonors real suffering to subsume this victimizing of innocent bystanders, this destruction of nonconsenting, noncombatants casually as collateral to silly arguments of power, to subsume these insane tragedies to some political preference for causes of outrage. If you are concerned about outrageous outcomes of violence, what are you doing to calm, uplift, soothe, lighten, make peace?

I have been thinking about the link between peevish self-entitlement attitudes and capitalism. Certainly such attitudes could surface in a variety of cultural environments; but the capital investment economy social structure seems to be based more on this kind of attitude than most. The idea of taking risk for profit, the idea of encouraging greater production for lower wages from the great majority of the people -- individuals subsumed to their economic role in creating wealth for the risk-takers -- the underlying incentives people are raised on to believe if they fail it was because they did not work hard enough, do not seem to improve our general attitudes toward ourselves or each other.


all is interconnected
each is territorial
life, death, re-emergence in changed form, a nightmare tarantella
a wiggly microbe dance re-imaged into macro by degrees of the eternal
This culture obfuscates the basics of sex and death -- binds them up in moral outrage
and damnation for the masses to feed upon in maenad frenzy
We expect subterfuge to fuel salvation when all we need saving from is the resultant confusion.

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