Tuesday, September 11, 2012

fruit trees - utopian flash fiction

We were just people who enjoy organic gardening. Yeah, we tend toward socially conscious politics, philosophy; but mostly we enjoy the doing, the growing, sharing tips online, socializing not socialism.

Still, when Tris suggested it, it just made sense. We’ve been talking about how greening, giving city space to vegetation, has so many benefits. Think of public health, cleaner air, shade, public beauty’s psychological lift, the benefits of natural time and space within the daily grind. We have been explaining to each other and other friends the benefits of fresh organically grown fruits and vegetables, how they should be a larger share of our daily diet, how we could be healthier without so much expensive medical intervention, have better energy and focus and digestion.

Why don’t we have fruit trees filling our public spaces, fresh free food for any to eat, sweet flowers lighting up spring, strong roots soaking up rain, crackly leaves to enjoy while readying for winter, and a public project to bring people together in that old fashioned, happy sharing of work made play?

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