Friday, June 22, 2012

untidy transition

Century @ 21

Change, hard change, swift change, too much air to breathe change
is happening
now, and surrounding now, growing beyond our
frenzied adaptations
The old stolid traditions, the way it’s always been
Myths to depend on
crumble in the quakes, the shiftings
Of course we rabidly react
dripping fear, convulsed in rage, scattered
rants and orgasmic desperation
Yes, in the burning off fog of tomorrow
we may be the better world to come
I can feel it humming,
dancing into anticipation’s view,
feel the drumbeat, the hurrahs of the tribe
Change, a jubilation, gift of beneficent deities
wisdom of ages inexorably gaining speed
once we learn to jump on board
to play
under the light of expanding space

June 23, 2012

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