Sunday, February 19, 2012

happy Pisces

Will o' the wisp in a land of dreams
Daisies, bright blooming weeds,
mellifluous, grand.
A Genie whooshing into lively form
above foam and sea
Arms wide in flight beyond fear,
absorbed by awareness -- unspoiled horizon
beyond confines of mind or eyes
or reason.
Who imagines,
and in that magic safely settles
to reside?
Women in velvet and fur, swan necks,
flamboyant tresses,
sip marvelous narcotic, sweet as fire.
Upheld mirror portraits, glowing strands
of wire and prismic hues,
vibrant perfumes call to wander,
to stray.
Will-less, free, each step,
each feather fall
a gift of mystery, of mystics' play,
cradle of bliss.
february 19, 2012

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