Friday, February 11, 2011

11/02/2011 Day of Hope

Fascinating to see the astrology of revolution we have been foretelling playing out before our eyes. 11/02/2011
While not specifically an expression of personal sovereignty, this kind of crisis, of break-out activity, can certainly turn minds otherwise engaged in habitual behaviors to become aware of such conflicts and concepts.  The myth is not just for the future.  Reality is being remade.
Government is an unwieldy structure, not meant to be change. Humans are adaptable and able to reason, communicate, take action and inspire.
Democracy at its inception was seen as an experiment. Hopefully, we are still experimenting.
The march of human history seems to be moving toward greater individual liberty within a more empowered collectivity.
This is a time of crisis from which events will flow. Thus, it is a time when labels matter. If we come at this from a place of differentiation (nation, religion, political agenda, demonization of any kind), we will be building distrust and opportunity for despotism. If we come at this from a place of the people of the world striving for common freedoms, it could be a real revolution into an age of Man. (with perhaps less hyperbole, I suppose)
These revolutionary objectives are and have been about human desires for freedom, self-determination, and opportunity. They become twisted into religious-affiliation camps when they are so defined by some colonial-era hangover paradigm that needs to lose its false eminence.
We don't need to help the fundamentalists by playing into their propaganda. We need to show our ability to reason, and to relate to the aspirations of seekers of freedom -- not our irascible idiocies of paranoid prejudice and siding with entrenched authorities, certainly not our cynical kneejerk hatred.
I am becoming sickened by the seeming disturbing lack of respect for the Egyptian people, and by implication all people working for self-determination, by so many who speak worryingly as though their partisan interests were what is of real importance rather than the interests of those who will be Egypt's (and the world's) future.

Perhaps it is not so much that we ought to temper "bad temper" but turning it to creative energy rather than destructive.
The US attitude toward Iran helped to legitimize the influence of radical Islamic fundamentalist propaganda.
blah-blah-blah Sharia Law blah-blah- Israel - blah - blah - security - blah - blah - US interests - blah
Get your head out of the blahs.

The Muslim Brotherhood is a hot button soundbite to give us the cold rush down our spines and demand US intervention. Whether these people as such (and not just extremists as in any group) mean to somehow take over Egypt from the internet savvy, educated without jobs, economically disadvantaged young Egypt, they are unlikely to end up more than a minority voice.

It's not about the Koran or Islam. It's about a people's reaction to the devastations of colonialism and its turbulent aftermath -- realpolitik, not religion.

If we want a Middle East to hate, to ratchet up anger and bloodshed, to take on the worst attributes of our phobic fears, we will act as if this is about religion. If we want a more democratic, fair and peaceful world, we will honor the Egyptian cause, the cause of any people who want that world for themselves.
The US must advocate for US interests. Our interests, of course, change with the fluidity of world situations. Looking toward future best interests, we do well to encourage better democratic institution in the Middle East. The world is moving out of the shadows of the era of colonization and its aftermath in that region. The populations are mostly young, and motivated to greater self-empowerment. We do well to forge bonds of friendship for mutual social and economic benefit.

Of course allowing public dialog to be overwhelmed by hatefulness does nothing to usefully address common problems or improve politics. No need to give up distrust, just keep the priorities about finding solutions, not spitting bile.
Gnats, fleas, mosquitoes, biting, buzzing
can inflict disease beyond their size
or intellect.  Best to discover and cover with repellant
to quell their appetite for terrorizing we they see
as tempting treats of invigorated blood.

I do think spiritual living begins with a conscious movement toward impeccability of word and action.

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