Monday, July 14, 2008

Gemini Candles 2008


Serpents and Eagles
terrorists and slaves
Enforcement through symbols
deciding who behaves
according to rules,
what is taught in schools,
which way the rivers flow,
the truth of what we know.
Mirror, mirror in the sky
tell me who; don't tell me why.
The winds of change are calling,
blowing storm clouds
into wild array.
"Awry" I say -- the whole world's
silly with it.
Newfangled weapons
of biblical proportion
"Zap it up, boys -- avoid the sins
of abortion and forbidden
love -- make War!
on every deviancy from the code."
Sleep safe and warm
absolved from all harm
by the goods you've been sold.
Re-selling a story of secondhand
glory, of the Man up above
who kills out of love
and how you most honor
His Name.
Squander your birthright for
a handful of shame.
Or, take back your soul.
Create your own meaning.

(c) June 16, 2008

Changlings Channel on Solstice Week

Of effervescent Mercury's directing
Charming trickster,
playing upon winds of change -- Quicksilver surfing
Exchanging old air for new
Inhale and whoosh
under the sea-change brewing.
Sentimental, far from gentle,
whirlwinds gasp lifelong ambitions.
Expected conditions,
wavering memory
catch and fly the breeze.
Blown out to undulating ocean,
forgotten gills respond --
mer-mind awakens.

(c) June 16, 2008 Laurie Corzett/libramoon

critical passage

A poem should tell a story
but better
straight out
no fluff or frills
Eyes locked to eyes
tongue to tongue
so there is no mistake

Drifting within concrete walls
Loving in isolate fantasy
Striving against phantoms,
wisps of ancestral winds
Neighbors scream
Rotting stench permeates
I find a safe crystalline village
Spin tales by the roadside
for change
Waiting for a chance to
exchange realities
Time was I slipped through the gate
fell upon hard ice
lost my bearing
Now I bare all,
howling into windstorms
waiting to fall again
and find myself home

(c) May 30, 2008 Laurie Corzett/libramoon


So pretty the crescent moon
fading into dark.
Quiet of night
merges with memory
I can not face,
can not see.
Soul tired, beyond aching bones
beyond any place called home.
Not a child of misery,
no one to blame, none to profit.
Flying after dreams,
treetop to treetop
laughing at clouds
in their droll
picture play.
It takes a toll, years in.
Naysayers saying "We reject
you, not of the body."
Injecting powerful medications
to prove their point,
their divinity.
Blissfilled moments
carry me hither and yon
upon some apocalyptic
Far short of any paradise, I surrender.
Soul tired, yearning for the Moon.

(c) June 8, 2008 Laurie Corzett/libramoon

Finding My Religion

Mind-burning drivel
filtered through raw, red eyes
filters through tears,
degrading emotion.
Flowers bloom in
secret sanctuary
bright purples and golds
keeping faith in beauty
self-evident and pure.
Moonlight, pale upon your face
gives me hope of salvation.

(c) June 6, 2008 Laurie Corzett/libramoon


Pearls from the Sun
Diamonds from the Moon
Gold-dusted silks from
exotic worlds
Valued in danger, adventure
from there to here.
Fine old wood
mellowed with wisdom
tasting of Earth essence
silently regales with tales
old and pure.

Young Percival took knighthood seriously. To protect and to serve King and country.
The old King sickening, perhaps dying, soul sickness they said.
Crops failed. Floods and droughts, inopportune times. The peasants too sickened,
died, lived in dreadful poverty and despair.
In a dream, the young knight was shown the Grail -- shiny jewels upon a golden cup
self-generating elixir of immortality.
On awakening, he took off in the direction of adventure. He left the dying kingdom
to its own devices, in search of a promised land of magical curative power. He was
not thinking of King or country, but of a delicious ecstatic pounding he knew to be
his own heart.

Where do you ride, fair Percival?
Off to find the dreamer's Grail?
Learn your song and tell your tale.
Become a son of Sky and Earth
and rain
to return with all you gain
some wondrous day.
Break the spell.
Release the kingdom's pain.

He learned the ways of seers, demons, subtle sorceries and charms. Growing ever
stronger with healthy exercise and happy purpose, he made his way. Trial by
treacherous trial, he ever more closely approaches his prize.
These trials are the key. They test mettle while bestowing grace, confidence,
skill acquisition, glimmerings of wisdom. The prize glitters, shines, glows
brilliantly in the distance to maintain focus, a clear point, fixed star to contemplate
through twisting, turning, misty mythic pathways.
Sometimes the brick is yellow. Some paths are more intuitive, steps in the dark,
brambly forest.
Percival knows what a hero does. A hero perseveres. A hero scales the tower to free
the enchanted maiden, goes where others dare not because fear is a solid companion.
Daring, fighting, sometimes dazed, momentarily forgetting his cause, he perseveres.
He need but think to look to see his Grail shining, calling him forward.
Of course, he reaches the Grail, discovers the codes, incantations, disarms dragons,
ensorcels giants, generally blazes through to capture his dream.
Returning triumphant, he fixes the kingdom, drop-kicks the curse, cures the old King
of his soul malady, takes the throne to wisely guide into times of prosperity.
So the story goes.

(c) June 14, 2008 Laurie Corzett/libramoon


Underlying rights
beneath ideas like
equality under the law
rule of law
we find community
and all our masks
and stories.
Wise elders of yore
devised ritual
stomping into Earth,
in communion
with planet, land
of ancestors, sacred lore.
I see your face,
study the lines and lessons
life has given.
Do you see the scarlet
streams of suffering
so unnecessary
missed cues,
fear itself,
unexpected consequences,
collateral damage?
If life were simple
childish agonies
dispelled with dawn's
bright kiss,
we would laugh
so happy to know
cross-purposes, cross-talk
easily sorted out in counsel.
Cast into sorted cells
with little thought to empowering;
we could harness the Sun, Moon,
birth of the planets,
allowing our minds to grow.

(c) June [Friday the] 13, 2008 Laurie Corzett/libramoon [under the Libra Moon]


Magical thinking
creating room for the power
of possibilities,
nuances, shades between,
molecular emptiness
unexplored, unexploited.
The magic of synaptic awareness,
unlikelihood of consciousness,
Dreams, Visions, Reveries,
ineffable emotions
too dear to deny.
See, smell, taste
chemical reactions,
hear reverberating air.
There is no limit
but that I impose.
Strict chanting and ritual
keeps reality in line.

(c) June 2, 2008 Laurie Corzett/libramoon

morning birds are singing

Welcoming the light
creamy purples into day
so swift the change
(when it happens)
from predawn mysteries.
Trees sway gracefully.
Morning birds are singing.
Primeval emotions
inveigle my dreams
before I remember
to whom my day is promised.

(c) June 13, 2008

Mother Love

Goddess, adore us.
We all want to be loved.
Children cast upon the world
Times past, we would pack together
exploring our abilities,
safe in numbers
small enough to give us each
room to grow.
Isolated in responsibilities,
playing grown-up
so easy to smother
in over-breathed air.
Come to each me, Goddess,
in quietly desperate hours
with praise and adoration.
Tell the stories of our lives
in radiant glory.
Mother, Queen, perfect lover,
give us what we need
to grow the seed
of your love.



Deep in our ancient lives
Far from our daily chores
Hidden within our minds
With no bright line to follow
Could I be true?
Breathing, a mist so fine
sprayed from brave ocean floors
Seen in dreamlike design
shades dark and blue
Dawn's pink-purple hue
breaks through over time
while I wander in dreaming
What could be true?
Torn by my primal cry
how would you answer?

(c) May 26, 2008 Laurie Corzett/libramoon

Shortbus Response
(for JCM)

So poignant, so sweet,
fragile & human
We yearn to love
to be real in recursive
Pushing, pulling, exploding
tears & laughter
physical, immediate,
emerging from buried shadows
So simple, so hard, so basic
easier to grow from love
than loneliness
Does peace begin here?
Where we dare lower jealous arms
to embrace in full emotion?

(c) May 25, 2008 Laurie Corzett/libramoon

Thanks for sharing

Thanks for sharing
your intimate secrets
guilty despair
"How can anything matter'?
I am unacceptable -- too dark,
no fun to be with."
It is not a birthday without
cake and good wishes.
I am incurable without
a get well card,
outside courage
from caring hearts.
I have no rhyme, no rhythm,
no choir to enchant me
into soft eiderdown healing.
Smelly potions,
shocking wires,
disconnection from
harried soul
cannot weave wholeness.
Kind touch, accepting and
reveling in shared humanity
gives a loving pattern
for integration,
re-merging body and soul
healthy fulfillment.
Take a creative leap!
Multi-hued singing fountains
rejoice to new found dancing.

(c) May 22, 2008 Laurie Corzett/libramoon

* I see, know, give to any willing to receive


Wordlike fingers
touching my eyes and lips
emote my visions,
struggles for clarity,

Sights, sounds, smells
of memory
caught in endothermic
urging toward enlightenment,
musing entertainment.
We are the apes who speak
formalized syllables,
carry through centuries
in cuneiform or phonetic,
hold history in our hands.
Beyond words
we clutch or swing
brave emotion.
Caught like fireflies in a jar,
sending encoded signals
till light fades.
We hold, transmute, evolve,
learn to define.
My lips, my eyes immortalized
in metaphor, air upon ear,
tricks of the brain.

(c) June 1, 2008 Laurie Corzett/libramoon

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