Wednesday, June 18, 2008

channeling change


Serpents and Eagles
terrorists and slaves
Enforcement through symbols
deciding who behaves
according to rules,
what is taught in schools,
which way the rivers flow,
the truth of what we know.
Mirror, mirror in the sky
tell me who; don't tell me why.
The winds of change are calling,
blowing storm clouds
into wild array.
"Awry" I say -- the whole world's
silly with it.
Newfangled weapons
of biblical proportion
"Zap it up, boys -- avoid the sins
of abortion and forbidden
love -- make War!
on every deviancy from the code."
Sleep safe and warm
absolved from all harm
by the goods you've been sold.
Re-selling a story of secondhand
glory, of the Man up above
who kills out of love
and how you most honor
His Name.
Squander your birthright for
a handful of shame.
Or, take back your soul.
Create your own meaning.

Changlings Channel on Solstice Week

Of effervescent Mercury's directing
Charming trickster,
playing upon winds of change -- Quicksilver surfing
Exchanging old air for new
Inhale and whoosh
under the sea-change brewing.
Sentimental, far from gentle,
whirlwinds gasp lifelong ambitions.
Expected conditions,
wavering memory
catch and fly the breeze.
Blown out to undulating ocean,
forgotten gills respond --
mer-mind awakens.

(c) June 16, 2008 Laurie Corzett/libramoon

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